Lego Chima Building Sets

by Tehreem

We have got a brand new Lego series with the name of Chima, which is due to become hot favorite of the children

If your child is into LEGO games and love playing war games then he/she is not the only one with such desires. We have got some excellent Lego Chima building sets which are perfect for playing war games. While this new addition of Lego games combine subtle war tactics with the realness of lashing out at your enemy and destroying them, there is no actual violence involved- in fact the building and setting up of Leonidas and his army will initially teach your child the value of having their own team, and protecting it against all evil! This new lego series is unique and if your child is bored of playing with the ninjago series then Chima is the new trendy lego sets to buy.

LEGO Chima The Lion CHI Temple

The first lively LEGO set, we’ve chosen for you, would be the LEGO Chima 70010 The Lion CHI Temple. It features a series of items from the game; be it the gushing blue waterfall, the drawbridge trap or the canons to defeat Cragger, there’s always something here to keep this one intriguing game. Watch Crowley pitted against Cragger, and use the lion gate and any of the other weapons, to bring the evil Cragger to his downfall!

LEGO Legends Of China Eagles’ Castle

This is yet another war game that will be surely keep your child occupied for hours! With the innovative plot scheme of pitting valiant Ewald the Eagle against the pathetic and villainous Wolf Speedorz, or even the astute Worriz the Lennoz in an epic battle where only the best CHI weapons can save anyone. This is a continuation of the Lion CHI Temple series and a second game intended to keep your son or daughter amused!

LEGO Chima Cragger Command Ship

This is a very intricately designed and subtle Lego set. It may be part of the original Lion CHI Series but there’s no doubt that the way all the figures and the methods of going to war have been crafted are quite highly refined.

The mini figures come in the form of the animal war leaders, Cragger, Crawley, Leonidas and Lennox- all equipped with the standard CHI weapons, can be mounted on a very cool yet cunning looking model ship as well as detachable mini boats as well, in order to wage war on each other!

And with the model ship itself fitted with a variety of features; cockpits, and a tail and claw that can lash out at your enemies from the back, we’re certain that even you will want to play this game along with your kid!

LEGO Chima Laval Royal Fighter

A third skillfully planned war game that involves Leonidas and his friends, would be the LEGO Chima Laval Royal Fighter 70005. This Lego set involves a cool and creative Lion-headed war machine that your child can race over rubber tracks or even on the garden path when things get too monotonous inside! Help Leonidas and his friends defeat the sly Crawley who is trying to vanquish this brave league by taking all their CHI, and do so, using only the best CHI weapons; war machine and missiles that will be sure to not miss their aim!

LEGO Chima Worriz Combat Lair

This is a unique and very detailed Lego set which features Wolfie at his best; with a wolf helicopter, a wolf bike that features a claw design guaranteed to knock off any potential foes and an amazing black spinning motorcycle, the sheer modernness of this set, combined with some similar features of the earlier LEGO series, will be sure to send your kid into spirals of delight!

LEGO Chima Gorzons Gorilla Striker

This is a competitive Lego set which involves a battle between the mighty Rizzo and her enemy, the fearsome Gorzons Gorilla Striker. Both are equally matched, with the creativeness and power of Gorzon’s chest-mounted missiles or even better, his shoulder-mounted shooter, that will be sure to not miss! Rizzo’s subtle and yet still deadly weapons- the fruit catapult with an eject function for your child to press, will be sure to launch shots and hurt Gorzon where it hurts the most!

Updated: 04/01/2014, Tehreem
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