Leotards For Men-Bodysuits,Tights And Dance Shorts

by LPerry

Leotards for men are a type of specialized dancewear. Some people are very curious to know more about the male dancer and why he wears bodysuits, unitards, tights and dance shorts.

The world of dance fashion can be very interesting. Especially when it comes to the garments that ballet students choose to wear during practice in the studio. Because the female dancer tends to get much more attention than the male dancer, this article will focus on the dancewear that male ballet students wear.

One of the garments that can be seen in the dance studio on the men is called a full bodysuit or unitard. The unitard is simply a one-piece lycra garment that covers the body from the shoulders to the ankles. Think about what pro-wrestlers wear and you will get an idea of the unitard construction.

The unitard is very rarely seen on female dancers, although they do wear them at times. Why do these full bodysuits work well as practice apparel for dance? The one-piece stretchy construction lets the student perform jumps, spins, kicks and extensions with total freedom. It also allows the ballet instructor to make sure the student is holding the body in proper alignment according to ballet standards.

Dance Shorts For Male Ballet Students

Men's Baltog Dance ShortsDance shorts come in different styles according to the personal preference of the student and to the dress code standards of the ballet academy. In Russia, where they take ballet training to the height of perfection, young boys can be seen wearing dance shorts in the same color and style so the class has a uniform appearance.

Dance shorts are worn bare-legged with socks and ballet slippers. Most of the boy students will wear a white t-shirt with their dance shorts. These shorts can be as simple as regulation gym shorts made of cotton with an elastic waist, or can be designed in a body-hugging Lycra fabric.



Are Tights Considered Leotards For Men?

When we see a professional male dancer on stage during a performance, we will see that he wears tights. Typically, ballet tights for men are worn over thong leotards so the dancer can concentrate on movement, not a possible "ride up" with a full-bottom leo.

Although tights are part of the professional dancewear ensemble for males, they are not really leotards. They are an accessory garment.During class practice, tights are worn with a t-shirt for comfort.

Just like the female ballet dancer, the male has to keep his leg muscles warm and pliable to prevent injury. Tights are perfect for keeping the muscles warm.


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Men Wear Leotards For Many Types Of Sports

There are many, many types of professional and semi-professional sports and activities where men need to wear leotards or unitards. Wrestling, gymnastics, ice skating and other competitive outdoor sports that require freedom of movement all use some form of a leotard.

I consider leotards one of the greatest garment inventions ever. They are easy to care for and easy to toss into a gym bag or dance tote. They are comfortable and versatile. Leotards are the perfect garment for ballet dancers; male or female.


This video is a good example of the types of practice garments that men wear for dance class. Some wear uni's, some shirts and tights.

All of the Baltogs dance garments for men featured here are available at Discount Dance, a highly reputable dance wear supplier with a huge inventory for dancers. I ordered a pair of ballet slippers from them not too long ago and was very satisfied with their customer service.

I think what's so great about dance garments is how comfortable they can be if you buy the right fiber blends. Of course, cotton is amazing stuff when it comes to comfort and breath-ability. The male dancer needs exactly the same type of practically as the female dancer.



The Basic Spandex Unitard Is A Classic.

The unitard design is what I consider the best of both worlds; it combines the top portion of a tank leotard with the length and coverage of a dance short. Unitards, or biketards as they can also be called, are very versatile garments for athletes and dancers.

You get the added benefit of additional fabric around the upper legs for warmups without having to wear tights. Unitards like the one featured here are perfect for cycling, yoga, workouts, running, weight training and much more.

Image Credits: Used by permission and courtesy of www.discountdance.com.

Updated: 11/06/2017, LPerry
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