Mental Stamina For Writers - Part 3: The Liberating Work Environment

by Jerrico_Usher

Let's Walk Through A Description of the Work at Home Realms and Liberating Yourself From The Employment "Blues"...

What used to be a limited concept for millions is now becoming an easy choice. Many used to think of becoming a writer as meaning you had to write something then get a publishing company to notice them, or building a website required them to have skills in marketing- those skills meaning you had to work for a middle man who would take half your earnings just for making the connections between your work and those who needed it.

Today the rules are completely different. There are so many infrastructures set up now that you now have a choice of going to work at that dead end job where your not appreciated, under paid, and constantly worrying about making a mistake or if you'll get fired. You'll go from that whole all your eggs are forced into one basket theme, to choosing a completely liberating realm of work - Working at home. These days you can earn a living completely from the internet and you don't have to pay anyone to join the ranks of work at home writers, you don't have to purchase a course in how to set up your infrastructure, and you don't have to worry about all those pesky rules of a normal work environment.




The work at home concept has evolved substantially

Anyone can now earn a living at home if you just know basic computer skills (navigation). The only things you need are: Creativity, Mental Stamina, Discipline, and a Desire to succeed. Finding the work at home jobs can be a tricky business if you don't know what to do or where to go, or even how to talk to people so they will hire you. Things like offering samples of your work, having wizzles or hubs to show them and so on.


The beauty of the work at home job is the freedom, the flexibility, and of course the opportunity potential. If you love to write blogs, articles, or post in forums then you will enjoy being a writer.

You are no longer limited to writing books or having to be hired as a staff writer for a magazine. You can work for a company that essentially hires you as an independent contractor (that's professional for you work on demand and pay your own taxes, we don't own you we're contracting work out to you with certain boundaries if you accept the work) and they don't dictate where you work, when you work or even how much you work.

They essentially establish boundaries such as "you need to write professionally, you need to have good grammar, you need to write compelling "copy", your work must be original, you must spell check, you need to adhere to our clients wishes as to how the article should be written, and you need to complete the project in a certain amount of time i.e. 3 days from when you accept the work".

Often times they will not establish a "when" but let you know they want a decent turn around time. This gives you the opportunity to work fast and get credentials in their eyes as a great writer.

In this realm your work COUNTS and it becomes your resume. As you do more good work above and beyond their expectations they will undoubtedly ask you to do more work, higher paying work even, and they will spread word of mouth about you to their fellow business partners, friends, associates who also need work.

Before you know it your drowning in potential work and can pick and choose what work you WANT to do. What a refreshing change isn't it?!

In this realm you are in demand but you must present yourself professionally every time you write.

Your every article, blurb, blog, even product review is a resume that you can use to show your worth. Others will undoubtedly link their fellow associates to sites YOU’VE built or articles you wrote for them to prove your good standing, and they will in essence do the work for you in talking people into hiring you.

Unlike the other world where you have to kiss up and are rarely given a decent chance to advance or even prove yourself.

A very wise man once told me there are two things in the online business world that count besides your work, your reputation, and the contacts that you make. Contacts are made through successful work that impresses, and reputation is made through those contacts talking to each other. Many marketers are connected to a vast majority of others and this spells out a great deal of potential work.

You can often even learn how to reach greater advancements in your career such as going from a writer to the people hiring the writers who make millions in revenue from these articles they outsource!

Starting at the bottom is essential to building your contacts and reputation, and doing the best you can, writing the most compelling articles you can is essential to your bottom line and your future success. If your grammar is bad take courses, there are a lot available, if your spelling sucks, your in luck because word editors have that amazing feature called spell check!

Career evolution

The Liberation of Working for Yourself

When your contracted (independent contractor) you are now working for yourself. The connections between you and your clients, people who need writing projects, are made by you. The buck stops at you.

You control your work load, your success, and your ability to earn money. Although the “bosses” are no longer forcing you to comply to their ridiculous needs, they are also not there spoon feeding you work. The good news however is that you don’t need them, the work is easy to get. You have to put yourself out there but this is not hard.

(many of the books surrounding this article will give you deep insight into that part).

Benefits of Working for Yourself

All of a sudden you can do all those things you wished you could do at your other job, i.e. work hard for a week then take a week off for example.

If you think about it this means that nobody is demanding your time, your in full control, you can build up your money then take a week off WITHOUT ASKING ANYONE for permission!

If you get sick you simply don't get out of bed, pending you don't have any work in your "queue".

You often know when your going to get sick to some degree and you can rush through your work (maintaining quality always) then just don't accept as much just in case. Now you can go on vacation whenever you want, even take your laptop on the cruise and work at night vacation by day!

Imagine spending 6 months on a cruise liner working at night and enjoying your days! I'd say that was a paid vacation.

Now that we've established the problem and solution, we need to dive into the problematic areas of this "conversion" from offline work environment to the fully liberal work at home one and the potential potholes many run into. Next lets discuss the important factors that exist in both environments but often become ignored in the second one (work at home) that turn your newly liberating job into a disaster if you're not careful.


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