Life in Gated Communities

by pateluday

Gated communities are nothing new. This real-estate concept first emerged in developed countries like the USA and spread out. This concept is not elitist but practical and modern.

Gated communities are a flourishing new-age phenomenon and the concept is widespread all over the World. Believed to be elitist and upscale the venues border on practicality and sound business principles. Most of these real estate ventures are a mix of high-end living and economical homes with shared amenities.

The style and architecture have brought in the soothing contemporary landscape with an eye on the look and feel. The architecture of these modern temples is enshrouded in grandeur and sophistication but ownership is not necessarily limited to the Maharajahs. The idea behind such estates is quite egalitarian, and you can purchase homes as per your budget. You have a choice to buy an expensive private home, a townhouse, or a condominium. The popularity of this lifestyle enriched with modernity and exclusivity is nowhere more visible in the States like New York in the US. Most of these properties are by no means living quarters for the unemployed or those with misfortune but nevertheless affordable for the middle class.

Meadowbrook Pointe Westbury NY

Premier Gated Community
Gated Community Meadow Brook Pointe NY
Gated Community Meadow Brook Pointe NY

Gated Community

Real Estate Housing Concept

The name of real estate housing is meant primarily as the residence is derived from the security provided at the entrance. The enclosed properties provide added security to the residents. The gatehouse at the entrance is manned by security staff which also doubles up for supervising the whole walled community area.   

Another important feature of these communities is that of shared amenities with the maintenance cost being divided among the residents. Once a certain number of residents step in to occupy the homes,, a committee is formed among the buyers. This community manages all the featured amenities and recurring expenses.

Although the homes, primarily the condominiums, villas, private houses, and apartments are enclosed in one large campus there is enough space for the owners. Thus ownership of a property in these guard-gated real states accords multiple benefits but not at the cost of privacy and security.  

Aesthetically laid-out gardens, water spouts, common streets, and private parking are the highlights of the gated communities.  Posh community label is provided by the people that live within these walls and by the designs and finish and the elegant features that show off the status. 

But then the price tags vary with condominiums and apartments usually priced much lower in order to increase sales and affordability. This is more of a marketing mix than charity and is a smart business strategy adopted by the builders in the US. This model is now being emulated all over the world, especially in developing countries.    

Apartments Westbury NY

Meadowbrook Pointe NY Apartments
Meadowbrook Pointe NY Apartments
Meadowbrook Pointe NY Apartments

NY Gated Community

NY Gated Community
NY Gated Community

Lifestyle and Urban Feel

From Suburban to Urban

Security and privacy are not the only reason people shift to these high-end living spaces. The affordable properties (comparatively) make it possible to live near major shopping centers and establishments. 

Small families in suburban wish to avail comforts of community living once their children move out to be independent. Daily life certainly eases up in these real estates with shared amenities. However, these are not entirely retirement villages as often referred to by the reviewers and labeled by the advertisers.  The spatial luxuriance and the sophistication of a cosmopolitan crowd attract a large number of buyers pertaining to different societal scales. This concept became popular at lightning speed in the US and spread out to Europe and now Asia.      

To be near the uptown and yet live in exclusivity can only be provided by these conclaves, some of which have become an emblem of high society living. Yes, the area and the space accorded along with the latest amenities and clubhouses are posh features of expensive enclaves. The added architectural grandeur is the hallmark, besides the design and quality of the construction.  

In posh communities, there is no room for economical fittings and components. The high-profile gadgets, expensive building components, and large green spaces accord a feel of premium living. Posh localities are thus highly valued real estate which draws not only the residents but real estate investors and realtors as well.     

The outlook for gated communities as property investment venues is very high, and the price is scaled with the passage of time and occupancy. However, maintenance and upkeep are the defining practices and badly constructed estates with worn-out appearances are sure shot losers as investment venues.  


Town House Long Island NY

Town House
Town House

MeadowBrook Ponte Real Estate

Long Island Westbury NY Properties

Posh colonies or gated communities in Nassau County specifically those established in Long Island opulence are prime examples of what upscale real estate should be like.  The gated communities in Westbury provide a living experience of suburban serenity and calm in posh localities near prime urbanity in New York Estate.

Award-winning Meadowbrook Pointe Westbury NY luxury properties comprise of condos, villas, and townhouses. The properties scale above all in elegance and modern amenities that upscale gated communities offer. Buy or sell condos apartments or townhouses you will be the winner. Although preferred by those seeking residences in NY realtors like Nancy promote the realty business here. The place offers an enviable value proposition for real estate agents in NY.  

Westbury NY Real Estate

Westbury NY Real Estate
Westbury NY Real Estate
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pateluday on 07/06/2021

Usually religious structures are not created in gated communities since it may increase cost and might attract outsiders difficult to manage. Small eateries, clubhouse and shops are commonly built alongside run on rental or by the management committee.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/06/2021

pateluday, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
Perhaps a big appeal and a major advantage of gated communities are the homogeneous standards. It means that a buyer need not worry about styles that may have individual meaning but that perhaps obstruct re-sale values.
What would be the possibility of them evolving along the lines of military bases, whereby they serve as self-contained worlds of on-site dining, education, entertainment and shopping? They perhaps wouldn't promote cultural diversity since it wouldn't be possible perhaps to provide all churches, mosques and temples.

pateluday on 07/04/2021

Yes even Rome had condos but we are discussing the modern set ups.

pateluday on 07/04/2021

Regulations are shaped by the owners and differ from one community to another. You have inform at the gate to let a guest in but this is good for you as it prevent unauthorized person from entering your home. With efficient guards you do not have to wait long.

frankbeswick on 07/04/2021

Gated communities were known in nineteenth century England.

blackspanielgallery on 07/04/2021

The price one pays for living in a gated community is there are sometimes regulations, such as the number of trees required, no stores, they cannot survive with limits to customer access, and longer wait times in emergencies, fire trucks must wait for the gate to open before gaining access. Having visitors is also more difficult, since one must send a signal to open the gate. Hearing the request during a party might be difficult, so some will have to wait unusually long for entrance.

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