Lladro Dragon Figurines

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The most amazing porcelain dragon figurines are created by the Lladro company from Valencia in Spain.

I love mythical creatures and the dragon is my favorite. This Lladro porcelain golden dragon is the most amazing dragon figurine I've ever seen!

This incredible oriental dragon from the Lladro porcelain company in Valencia, Spain totally amazes me! I've never seen such a glorious figurine. For anyone who loves dragons, this is truly an item to drool over. The price is really high so window shopping is all I'll be doing with this item, but I can dream! Fortunately, Lladro also makes several somewhat more affordable dragon figurines.

Image of Lladro Great Golden Dragon from Lladro website.

The Lladro Company

The Lladro company originated in Valencia, Spain. In 1953, the three Lladro brothers, Juan, Jose, and Vicente, began creating their own porcelain style, experimenting both in artistic style and in the firing techniques of their porcelain.

Lladro brothers' studio in their family home
Lladro brothers' studio in their fami...

City of Porcelain

Their small family workshop soon became too small as the special charm of their pieces captured public interest. They opened a training school to ensure that the techniques and artistic inspiration of the Lladro brothers would be passed on to future generations of artisans. In a pioneering move, they included the disabled in the workforce. In 1969 they opened the "City of Porcelain," a complex that combined their factory with other buildings providing sports and leisure facilities for their workers.

City of Porcelain
City of Porcelain
Porcelain pieces in the Lladro Museum
Porcelain pieces in the Lladro Museum

Lladro Porcelain

Lladro porcelain designs result from a laborious and meticulous process of artistic inspiration and research. The pieces themselves are created with the greatest attention to detail, creating exquisite and delicate faces, flowers, and other features which are both carved and painted with expert craftsmanship.

Their innovative firing process and painting techniques led to the crystalline appearance that has become characteristic of Lladro work.

Lladro Today

In the 1980s, the second generation of Lladros began to take responsibility: Rosa, Mamen, and Juan Vicente Lladro completed long apprenticeships to ensure their inheritance of the spirit and expertise of the Lladro company, a move which was completed in 2003 when Rosa Lladro became president.

Great Dragons

In 2008, the Great Dragon Limited Edition pieces were released, with Rosa Lladro appearing at a signing event to introduce these magnificent porcelain figurines.

These are the most amazing dragon figurines I've ever seen!

Made from the special high porcelain of the Lladro company, designed by master artist and craftsman Francisco Polope, these Limited Edition figurines have marvelous detailing in the dragon's scales, crests, whiskers and claws which are individually painted. A new mix of very bright enamels has been created to produce the special tones used in oriental art.

The magnificent oriental dragon symbolizes

power, strength, and prosperity.

Designed by Francisco Polope, the Lladro Great Dragons have a fierce stare that conveys all the power and strength of this mythological being. The Lladro artists use a new combination of bright enamels and metallic lusters to create the Great Dragon in dramatic colors. Of the various dragons in Chinese mythology, the red dragon represents summer, the heat of the battle and courage, while the blue dragon comes from water and light, symbolizing spring. The most recent dragon, the Great Golden Dragon, was issued in 2014 and is the only one not retired.


The Auspicious Dragon

The Lladro Great Red Dragon and Great Blue Dragon are now retired (although you can still buy them somewhere), and now there's the Auspicious Dragon!

This one is holding a golden ball and has gold detailing on his tail, scales and horns.

Cheaper than the Great Dragon, but absolutely gorgeous! It measures 20 in. x 23.25 in. 

The Protective Dragon

Another amazing creature!
Lladro Protective Dragon Figurine Red 01002006

Learn more about the Lladro Collection

Collecting Lladro: Identification & Price Guide

Features more than 600 color photographs and 2,000 listings. This guide features an index, organized by title and number, a chapter on "un-catalogued Lladro," frequently asked questions, and more.

More (cheaper) Lladro porcelain dragons

Fortunately for those of us who cannot afford an Auspicious Dragon, let alone a Great Dragon, Lladro also makes a series of somewhat cheaper dragon figurines.

They are smaller, but still evoke the same grandeur of the other Lladro dragon figurines.

Even smaller (and cheaper) dragons!

LLadro has one more line of porcelain dragons.

Designed and handmade in Spain to the same high standard as the other pieces, these little dragons measure 1.97 x 3.54 x 3.15 inches. Kind of cute!

More about Lladro

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