Mythical Creature Figurines

by jptanabe

Figurines of mythical creatures like the dragon, unicorn, fairy, and phoenix make the most delightful gifts.

If someone you know loves mythical creatures - dragons, unicorns, and the like - why not buy them a beautiful figurine that captures the magic of these wondrous beings? I'm a lover of these amazing creatures and nothing makes me happier than a lovely figurine of a dragon, unicorn, or pegasus. And then there's Nessie to remind me of my home in Scotland, always welcome too of course!

These work especially well for Christmas as well as birthdays, graduations, Mothers Day (I'd go for that one!), Valentines, or any special occasion for a lover of mythical creatures.

(The Nessie figurine shown above is designed by my husband and available from Etsy.)

Mystical Creatures of Legend and Mythology

I have always been fascinated by legendary creatures. They may be called "mystical" or "fabulous creatures," reflecting their supernatural nature. They appear in tales of wonder, fantasy, legends, and mythologies of all cultures. Often considered imaginary and without any real existence in our world, still these creatures provide a special something that enriches our lives in a variety of ways.

Why not celebrate and enjoy them with a collection of delightful figurines? These make the loveliest gifts for anyone who appreciates these special creatures.

Pegasus Figurines

Pegasus is the Spectacular White Flying Horse

People confuse Pegasus with unicorns, but Pegasus is the white horse that flies; he has no horn. Pegasus appears in Greek mythology helping Bellerophon in his heroic task of defeating the chimera. Horses make wonderful figurines already, so adding the wings of Pegasus just makes them even more spectacular.

Hand Blown Glass Pegasus Figurine

This delightful pegasus is hand crafted by glass blower Kevin Prochaska. Isn't he special?

He's about 4.5 inches tall and hand made. He is made of borosilicate crystal and 24k gold that is applied to the still molten glass to produce the special color effects.

The Unicorn is the single-horned horse

Unicorns are very special mythical creatures. They look like white horses with a single spiral horn. No wings - they can't fly like Pegasus! But they do have some supernatural abilities. For example, their horns have healing powers.

Unicorns are rather special in that they are always portrayed as pure and good, unlike most mythical creatures who are somewhat fearsome. Still, don't get on the wrong side of a unicorn or that beautiful spiral horn could do a lot of damage!

The Unicorn is especially elegant and delightful as a figurine.

Fairies are magical little people

Fairies are surely one of the favorite creatures of legend and mythology. They are supernatural beings, small and humanoid. There are many types of fairy, and they appear in numerous stories, legends, and of course "fairy tales"! Fairies are usually very pretty and lend themselves to the most delicate figurines.

I especially like fairy figurines based on the art of Jody Bergsma and Nene Thomas.

Dragons are special mythical creatures, famous for breathing fire and flying.

Dragons are popular mythical creatures, appearing not only in legends and tales of old but in works of art, literature and games of the contemporary era. Did they ever exist? Do they exist today in some other realm? Whatever the answer, they are inspiring creatures in many ways, powerful, almost majestic in appearance, and credited with abilities that may be supernatural. If you know a dragon lover, they will surely appreciate a gift of a dragon figurine.

Dragon figurines come in a variety of styles from the scary looking fire breathing dragon guarding his treasure to the cute newly hatched baby.

Chinese Dragons!

Oriental dragons are different from their Western counterparts - they have no wings. The Chinese dragon has a long serpentine body and an anthropomorphic face, complete with beard. They are generally regarded as powerful but benevolent, bringers of good fortune. Actually these creatures still fly despite having no wings, because they are spiritual beings not bound by the laws of the physical world.

Chinese Dragon Figurine


Since ancient times the Asian dragon was believed to transfuse courage and heroism to the beholder.

This golden dragon is holding a magical pearl in its claw - symbolizing power and prosperity.

The Phoenix

High Flying Phoenix

The Phoenix  is an immortal bird, rising for a new life from the ashes of the fire that consumed it.  

The phoenix is well-known mythological creature. In many ancient cultures it has been regarded with great awe, as a fabulous bird of good fortune. Rising from the ashes to live again and again, the phoenix represents new life, resurrection, and inspires hope in us all. 

This Phoenix figurine rises out of the flames, spreading its wings, painted in the colors of fire.


Mermaids are generally portrayed as beautiful sea creatures, with flowing long hair and enchanting voices. Artists have enjoyed the freedom to portray mermaids with beauty, elegance, and poise. They are chimeras, with the head and upper body of a human attached to the tail of a fish. Since they are part fish, they can breathe underwater and generally live in the ocean, sometimes coming out to sit on a rock where they like to sing songs. But those songs can lure unsuspecting sailors to their death - so those who see a mermaid usually don't live to tell!

This elegant glass mermaid is perched atop beautiful seashells. Isn't she wonderful!

Loch Ness Monster

The favorite Scottish Mythical Creature!

There is a long-standing debate over whether the Loch Ness monster actually exists, is merely a figment of people's imagination, or has always been just a hoax. The best known accounts of "Nessie" come from the 1930s. And the most famous, iconic photo of Nessie, the so-called "Surgeon's Photograph," also comes from that period.

Nessie Figurine

A favorite of mine, Nessie the Loch Ness Monster becomes a clever figurine.

This figurine is 3-D printed - and designed by Yuichi Tanabe, my husband.

Of course I have one on my shelf!

Nessie 1
Nessie 1
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