London Calling… in February

by EliasZanetti

A few reasons to visit London this February... not that ones needs to have a specific reason to visit London of course! [photo credit: Dimitry B on flickr]

If there is anyone out there who truly needs a special reason to visit London, then I would really like to meet that person; he or she is one of a kind! London does not need a special reason or any other type of excuse, regardless of the time of the year. And that's just because London is not simply just another big city. London is London! As for the big city part, let me put it bluntly: the world has way too many of those already, if taking into account the rapid growth of cities taking place mainly in China mainly, but in other Asian countries as well. Could you call those London? Well, no, you couldn't! And that is why when London's calling, you just go! Because it is London calling!

London by Night
London by Night

London is a metropolis and more than that. The city has its own identity, it bears a longstanding history and has the 'aura' that you can’t find elsewhere. London has its specificity, its smell, as well as its own clockwork rhythm. Take for instance the Olympics Summer that London hosted recently – in 2012. What is interesting and quite revealing is the simple fact that London did not need the Olympics to boost its popularity and, consequently, turn a page on the city’s history, as it happened with Barcelona twenty years ago.

As we know, it was only after the 1992 Summer Olympics that Barcelona transformed and became a popular destination, attracting nowadays millions each year. Well, with London it was different… The Summer Olympics of 2012 took place in London not in order to alter the face of a city that needed a boost, but rather due to its constant popularity and in order to celebrate London’s everlasting fame and glory as well.


And what if you hear London's calling right now … or, let's say, during February? Well, if London's calling, then you go visit! There are plentiful of advantages in store if going to London in February. One might be the fact that hotels have better deals than in the rest of the year. A cheap hotel is tempting enough and there are also plane tickets that can be booked in better prices. As for London, well … London is not quite famous for its sunshine, so going to London in February would not make quite a difference – rain-wise, that is. The rest is just as we know it: London swinging along the river Thames, ready to be explored and appreciated for the wonderful cultural life that it has to offer.

Manet: Portraying Life
Manet: Portraying Life
Schwitters in Britain
Schwitters in Britain

In case you haven't visited London’s museums already, then this should go up on your list. You can check out on the exhibition ‘Manet: Portraying Life’ at the Royal Academy of Arts. The great impressionist French painter will make quite an impression! It's guaranteed!

There is even more of that sparkling cultural life of London! If you’re in search of something more provocative and up-to-date, you could as well visit the ‘Schwitters in Britain” exhibition at Tate Britain. This is an exhibition dedicated to Kurt Schwitters, a German Dadaist artist that implemented the use of collages to create his own artistic universe.

But what if you are not really into art? Well, if you’re not really the culture vulture, then you can skip the exhibitions and go directly to the core! Leave the comforts of your hotel and go check on London’s new pride and glory: ‘The Shard’. 'The Shard' is a 95-levels high skyscraper, which makes it the second tallest building in Europe, after the ‘Mercury City Tower’ in Moscow. It was inaugurated on 5th of July 2012 and it will be opening to the public on the 1st of February. You will be right on time! Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the 360-degree view from floors 68 to 72, reaching some 255 meters up above the ground, meaning twice the height of what it used to be London’s highest viewing point so far!

And now time for some entertainment! Would a comedy musical suit you? I guess it will if I tell you that it is made by the creators of 'South Park'€™. The show is called 'The Book of Mormon' and it already conquered the hearts of the Broadway aficionados. It won nine awards during last year's Tony Awards ceremony and it is expected to make the British run wild in the rush for tickets, as it happened in New York, where the show was sold out! It sounds just like another success!


The Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon
Bloc Party
Bloc Party
Salif Keita
Salif Keita

Angus Stone - Monsters

What about some music? Are you in? London is precisely the place where every band or musician that want to make it big in the industry need to prove themselves. Salif Keita, the legendary musician from Mali, will be waiting for you at the Royal Festival Hall to prove, for yet one more time, that the world of music is one. There are no boundaries in music and Keita is good at making it obvious, as he mixes every genre, from jazz, funk, rock to the sounds and rhythms of his native Africa. For those trying to be hip, the New Yorkers 'Bloc Party'™ will perform at Earls Court. Finally, for the incurable romantics or those who just find themselves in London along with their significant other celebrating Valentine's, Angus Stone will also perform in London this February; his guitar is the guarantee of a night of acoustic pleasure.

As for all of those bars and pubs there is plenty of time for that also if you just ... run! Don't miss your encounter with London late in the winter! Search for London's cheap hotels and then... have fun!



Updated: 03/06/2013, EliasZanetti
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/24/2017

EliasZanetti, London is one of my favorite cities for all the reasons you've listed and more, such as all the different accents behind being a born Londoner.

Telesto on 11/26/2014

I admit to being somewhat biased, as I live in London, but it is my favourite city. It is expensive, but there are so many hotels being built outside of the centre now, they must be cheaper and our underground system is usually pretty good.

cmoneyspinner on 02/12/2014

My husband would never consider London for a vacation. But if I told him he might see Salif Keita perform, he might reconsider. :)

EliasZanetti on 09/21/2013

@writerartist: You definitely have to visit London :) Thanks for stopping by!

WriterArtist on 09/17/2013

As you said London is great any time of the year. I have to visit this place at least once in my life time.

EliasZanetti on 09/11/2013

@zteve: A fascinating city indeed! Thanks for the comment!

zteve on 09/09/2013

A really good attractive page about a fascinating city, great work!

EliasZanetti on 02/27/2013

Hehe... indeed, they have many top clubs, I would go for Manchester United even if they're not from London but Tottehnham is quite competitive as well! London is worth every penny indeed, I think most of us agree on this! Thanks for your comment Mira!

Mira on 02/27/2013

I've been to London only twice in my life -- not nearly enough. Manet and Schwitters look so great -- wish I could go now. The problem with London is that accommodation is so damn expensive. On the other hand, it's worth every penny. Oh, and by the way, London also has great football / soccer clubs! Saw Tottenham Hotspurs play -- it was a memorable experience; I was right there, on second raw, almost smelling the grass :).

katiem2 on 02/05/2013

I agree any opportunity to travel to London should be leaped on with all fours, I know I would. London is amazing and magical any time of year. Now you've convinced me I want to visit during every season. :)K

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