Water: the best treat for a hot summer's day

by EliasZanetti

Water in all its forms can bring relief especially in a hot summer's day.

During the last years, we have been experiencing temperatures that are rising higher and higher during the summer. More and more often, there are warnings concerning heat waves and recommendations on how to protect ourselves.The temperatures recorded recently in California are as high as to nearly reach the highest peak ever recorded by humans. The hottest day happened on the 10th of July 1913 with temperatures rising as high as 56.7 °C (134 °F) in Death Valley, California. Just at the end of last month (June 2013), there were 54°C registered in California.

High Temperatures
High Temperatures

These recent high temperatures recorded in California are nevertheless worrying, even if they do not exceed the world's highest temperature ever recorded. However, worries are justified, as these recent temperatures do set the world's highest record for the month of June and raise new questions and concerns on global warming, but also on how to manage to resist these new weather conditions.

Whenever it is cold outside, we know about few strategies that will work out just fine, such as to stay inside in warm places, wear warm clothing and even wait for Santa Claus around the Christmas Tree, if the timing happens to be right. However, when temperatures are rising high it get much tougher to resist. No one is expected to stay inside, waiting for Santa, as it happens during the cold seasons. During summertime we usually spend a lot of time outside and we are even expected to do so, which makes our experience harder to endure even socially speaking.

Hot Summer Day in New York
Hot Summer Day in New York

Also, if during wintertime we just put on some extra clothing in case we are feeling cold, during summertime we simply tend to take clothes off, keeping on only the essential. Cotton T-shirts, a pair of shirts and some flip-flops are usually all that we keep on a hot summer's day. And the hotter it gets, the tougher it is. 

Therefore, what to do in extreme situations when our body cannot simply stand the hear? Well, the answer to that is simple: go for whatever you would have gone if you were to have found yourself in the desert. Go search for water, in all ways and locations, whether it is in your fridge, in your bathroom, at the seaside or at the lake. Water is the source of life and a life saviour whenever in need of a relief in a hot summer's day.

Woman Drinking Water
Woman Drinking Water

During summer days the human body is in danger of getting dehydrated. It is actually recommended to drink more than 2 liters of water per day. It comes as a relief to have a glass of cold water when you need it the most, even though some say that drinking hot liquids (such as tea, for instance) is much more helpful in standing the heat than filling your belly with ice cold drinks. Whether you go for cold water or tea, remember to drink just enough as to keep your body hydrated. No worries – you will lose a lot of it while sweating!

When mentioning sweating, it is impossible not to mention those well-deserved showers in a hot summer's day. Sweat is not the most pleasant experience for most of us. We get smelly, clothes stick to our skin and we tend to get irritated. We simply are addicted to showers during summer days. We might very well assume that we are consuming a lot of that precious water during summer days. Therefore, it might be worth investing in one of those Mira showers that are able not only to offer the optimal shower experience, but are also able to offer relief to out finance. There are showers that were especially designed to spare all those useful resources such as water and electricity, which can only mean a less amount to pay when those bothering bills knock our pocket. It will definitely prove to be a worthwhile investment, to cherish in the hot summer days.

If taking a shower is not enough for you during the heatwave and you afford to spoil yourself even more, then it is highly recommended to book one of those tropical holidays by the sea or the ocean. To go for a swim during a hot summer day is the ideal pastime activity and also the healthiest for your body.

Since we mention health, I also have to point out on the danger of catching a cold even during the hottest day. How's that? Well, it's simple: during hot days we tend to overuse and abuse air conditioning. However, we might be in the situation of suddenly passing from a well-chilled room to a space with very high temperatures. The sudden change of temperatures affects the body and, if we are sweaty and enter a chilled room, we might get a very serious cold which might make our hot days even more unbearable. Thus, the recommendation for a hot summer's day is to focus on the water and not overreact with the air conditioning. Sometimes, nature itself provides with the cure for its very own weather condition that we are to experience. So, enjoy summertime and don't forget that living is easy, especially if you make it so for yourself!

Updated: 07/26/2013, EliasZanetti
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EliasZanetti on 10/25/2013

Thank you for sharing your personal experience Frank. It is much easier to get dehydrated especially in summer, than most people believe.

EliasZanetti on 10/25/2013

I couldn't more with you Derdriu! Thanks for such a great comment!

frankbeswick on 10/25/2013

I had an example of how dehydration moves in without your realizing it. I was working at a flower show, where I was explaining our stall to the public, when I felt suddenly tired [it was in England's blisteringly hot summer this year] I rubbed my eyes, and suddenly a visitor, who happened to be a medic, stepped over and told me that I was suffering over exposure to sun and dehydration. She advised me to get under cover immediately. I withdrew to the rest tent and recuperated with lots of water. I like to see myself as a physically sturdy person well used to outdoor living [hiking, gardening, fishing] but sturdiness is no defence against lack of water.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/24/2013

EliasZanetti, It's amazing that so many people go through the day without realizing they're dehydrated. And it's sad that this refreshing, necessary liquid, which is taken for granted, is not available or not drinkable in other parts of the world.
Thank you for hydrating Cyberland!

EliasZanetti on 09/11/2013

Totally agree Clara! Thanks for stopping by!

Natural_Skin_Care on 09/09/2013

Water is the best thing for staying hydrated. Nothing else compares.

EliasZanetti on 09/09/2013

@WriterArtist: Yes, water is good for our health. Thank you for stopping by!

WriterArtist on 09/09/2013

I have increased my water intake, less water hampers the functions of kidneys.

EliasZanetti on 07/28/2013

yes, treatment tablets are quite useful for anyone traveling. There are places where you cannot drink the water. Thanks for the comment!

EliasZanetti on 07/28/2013

It is life, indeed! :) Thanks for your comment.

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