Love for the Mastiff

by MBC

This article focuses on the large dog breed of Mastiff. Learn facts, see photos and gifts for both the dog and the owners.

Mastiff means massive and that’s just what this dog is. He has been accurately described at a “gentle giant”. We think that this breed of dog came from either Tibet or northern India. Guarding flocks came naturally to this dog. In my opinion these are one of the cutest puppies out there! But they do not stay small for long. This dog has been used for hunting, guarding and fighting. They were used in war. The breed is believed to be over 4,000 years old - quite a bloodline. In Greek myths the Mastiff guards the entrance to Hades. In the Roman Colosseum the mastiff was put up against lions, bulls, bears and tigers as well as human gladiators. They have tons of courage and are bold dogs, but they have a very gentle side as well.

These dogs are calm and make great family pets as well as the perfect guard dog. They are also quite dignified. They are very loyal to their families and love the kids. They come in 3 coat colors of brindle, fawn, or apricot.

This is a Photo of Me Holding an 8 Week Old Mastiff Puppy Belonging to My Nephew

It gives you a sense of the size of a Mastiff even just a couple of months old. Taken several years ago just imagine what he looks like now!
Mastiff Puppy
Mastiff Puppy
Personal photo

Think Through Weather You Want Your Dog Allowed on the Furniture or Bed


You may find it cute when they are a puppy, but once fully grown getting them off of the furniture can present a BIG problem.  Don't believe it - watch this video. Forewarned is forearmed.

Have You Ever Tried to Wake a Mastiff?

The Mastiff and the Kids

This dog will be protective and reassuring.  They make great babysitters. They are very loyal and affectionate and wonderful with the children. If you raise your dog with other cats or dogs things will go smoothly.  Introducing another pet later in life may be a problem as Mastiff's are territorial critters.  They are not an attack dog but will guard the home and kids and any intruder or stranger seeing the size of this dog is likely to back off.

Exercise and Your Mastiff

Mastiffs can actually live in an apartment, but having a yard is a big advantage. Wait until your dog is 4 to 6 months old, then begin by walking only around the block.  By seven months you can increase this to several blocks.  By 8 or 9 months your dog will be ready for neutering.  Most adult Mastiffs like a LEISURELY walk as much as 2 miles daily.  The key is to increase their exertion very gradually.  If you like to run or jog - LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME to avoid any orthopedic problems.  

Mastiff's do enjoy flyball and agility training.  They are also great at pulling sleds because they fall into the working breed.

Mastiff Silver Plated Necklace

Man Owns Three Mastiffs and Breeds Them

Food for This Breed How Much? and How Often?

This dog drools, so be prepared with lots of towels readily available.  Fully grown they measure 27 to 30 inches at the shoulder and they weigh from 120 lbs. to 230 lbs.  This will require a lot of food. Think about how big your car is early before he or she reaches it's full size. They do enjoy riding in the car. 

Ask first the breeder and then the vet what the best dog food will be.  If the vet suggests something other than what the breeder fed them, wean them off of one food slowly and increase the other to transition.

These puppies will need to eat 3 to 4 times daily while they are growing until they are about 9 months old.  Do NOT allow them to eat too much!  This can lead to bone and joint problems.  Be sure not to over water them after a walk or exercise because they can suffer from gastric torsion which can be FATAL.

How Do I Groom my Mastiff?

Of course, brushing is necessary for any dog, but this short-haired coat is very easy to take care of.  You will need to trim their nails regularly.  Be sure to clean their ears and start dental care early.

Mastiff's rarely need a bath, but every dog does get dirty.  So be prepared with a suitable place to wash your dog. Use a shampoo that is made for dogs. 

What Size of Dog is Best for You?

When picking your pup remember that the female is 20 lbs lighter and 2 inches shorter than the male.

Fun Mastiff Items for the Owner

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MBC on 12/17/2015

I agree a dog this size can be a problem in small digs. But they are very lovable. Thanks for your visit and comment.

paperfacets on 12/16/2015

I think I would only want a mastiff in the puppy size. I understand they are very big dogs.

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