Make Money From The Art Industry

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Making money from the arts industry takes an interest and then turns your passion into a collection of income streams that could make a business doing something you love.

Making Money From The Arts Industry

Money Making In The Arts Industry

The arts is a rather broad area and there are lots of categories that Art could fall under and each one of these can be just one potential income stream and so it's up to you to be selective and choose the areas that you know well and are interested in. Because money can be made within the arts industry with a certain amount of focus that can snowball into something worthwhile as a business or a side income.

Making money through art can be creative and fun and can also be an enjoyable experience that can be quite satisfying when you are tapping into one of your lifes passions or fun filled hobby especially through your imagination.

Here are a few ideas on how you can make some extra money with your artwork and they are very simple and some need you to put the work in and it doesn't always come straight away. You have to create a plan and stick to that plan, all the while adding new income streams as you go along.

YouTube videos

If you have an interest in art, then you should set up a YouTube account and if you can draw other styles of stuff then I recommend an account for each different art that you want to create videos about. After you have built up some decent videos (And I know that you have to experiment and learn as you go along to do these videos!) you could apply to be a Partner or YouTube themselves will invite you to the Video Monetization Program which simply enables ads to your Videos through Google Adsense which you will have to apply to get an account and the main requirements to get one are to have an established presence online and of course if you are from some Countries that have been found to have a huge amount of Click fraud then you will find it harder to get an account.

If that's the case then using your videos could still work if you do reviews and then link through affiliate links as people do really want to see stuff like art equipment being demonstrated or art books being reviewed and they are more likely to purchase after reading your helpful review(s) Of course you can also provide samples of your work and try and gain commissions that way through Video as well. The possibilities are endless with video marketing you just have to optimize your videos properly.

Write Art Tutorials

You can put together written article tutorials with photos that also demonstrate how to draw the way you do. Although like the video method, people will like it and others will always hate what you do so be prepeared for negative comments and don't take them to heart as it's all about your art and at least you'll be trying to get out there online instead of being a Troll and no one likes Trolls!

Articles can also be written reviews and by adding your videos in there too you are going to increase your videos views too, so consider using your videos more to link to on related article and review content. Always place a Copyright notice and your name on all of your articles and photos and even videos, although I put one single notice on my YouTube channel page which should cover your entire video content as this helps enforce your right to Copyright claims.

Again surrounding your article/reviews you should have advertising such as Google adsense, Chitika, Bidvertiser to name a few and also Affiliate products that relate to your worded content. So naturally a combination of sales pages and useful how to content would and does work quite well if you happen to find what people want to find online. Consider having your own website or blog and then write on revenue share sites to backlink and provide additional income and credible resources to help people find what they are looking for.

Sell your art directly online or offline

Selling your art does take some time to figure out especially with sites like Ebay. You may be lucky however and start selling straight away, but for me it wasn't easy because I drew stuff at the time that was highly competitive such as tattoo art and didn't make any sales at the beginning, but once you find gaps in the market and actually learn how to make your listings stand out on ebay you'll find you are able to make more sales with little effort. In fact I have a joke with my wife when she says we need a new Sofa and I'll say right I'll work on some drawings or paintings and cash in at the end of the week because it works if you can understand what you are doing and how people are searching online for stuff.

Offline is sort of the same and you'll find that if your art sells online then it certainly will offline too. Actual real life Art Galleries like Lake Erie Artists Gallery are the local places that you should be approaching, just like a specific shop that sells items people want to find like Paintings and other Art Gifts.

Also look for Art Fairs, Car Boot sales and any other places that people go to to buy art and you'll find interested buyers. This of course means you have to get out there and if you aren't a people person then you really have to learn to be as the offline world and the online world collide frequently and are interchangeable with marketing ideas so never forget that.

Look for other websites online that you can use to sell your work such as Zazzle, Cafepress, Etsy, Redbubble, FineartAmerica, Imagekind and many more. Most of these do take a percentage out of your sales, but hey Zazzle is a great site with a high potential for making sales but again you do have to put the hours in and know and understand how and what you are doing to make more income.

This is of course the tip of the iceberg and any interest in the many categories of art you can apply the above with other income streams as you go along such as Webinars, Ebooks, Dvd's or Coaching Programs and integrate them into your online campaigns such as video and article reviews, Tutorials and Gallery pages online. Always be on the look out for new and exciting ways you can market your art whatever it is and just do it and learn from the sales that you make and study how you can make more sales and grow your income.


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