Make Money Writing Online: Two New Pay Per View Sites to Write On

by AlexandriaIngham

Are you looking for new sites to make money writing online? Writedge and Daily Two Cents could be just the ticket.

So many people want to make money writing online. It seems like the easiest thing in the world, especially when so many new websites open up with seemingly better offers than others. Two new sites opened up over the last few months, and I’ve now joined them. They are sister sites: Writedge and Daily Two Cents.

As pay per view sites, they offer a slight benefit over many other revenue share websites. You earn per view and not for ad clicks. These two sites may be worth looking into, and here is a brief overview about them.

Move on from the typewriter and make money writing online
Move on from the typewriter and make ...

Writedge for the Longer Articles

Like to write a lot? Why not tuck into Writedge?

Writedge is the first on the list. This website is for the longer articles out of the two, with a minimum word count of 400. That’s extremely easy to reach for most people, although can be daunting at first. The owners do encourage longer articles, but only say what you need to so you can get your point across.


However, you can’t put any old dribble up there. The focus is on quality, and there are requests that you focus on topics that haven’t been overdone, or find angles that nobody else has done yet. This can be difficult considering the way of the web, and the amount of information that is now available on it. This is also the case for Daily Two Cents.

Daily Two Cents as a Bubblews Competitor

Want something a little more secure than Bubblews? Daily Two Cents is one to look into.

Daily Two Cents was developed as a competitor for Bubblews. The minimum word count is just 100 words, but longer articles are accepted. In fact, I wrote one that was over 600 words yesterday because the topic needed covering like that.

Personal stories are encouraged, and it is a site to let off steam and share your opinions. The request is that your content is high in quality when it comes to writing standards. This not only shows your authority, but also helps the site’s rankings. Google penalizes for poor spelling.

Why Write on Writedge and Daily Two Cents?

It's time to look into the benefits of making money writing online with these two websites.

I broke my rule of building a portfolio on one before signing up to another site, and signed up for the two sites together. I see the potential, and there are some great aspects that just made me want to be a part of it right now.


Is it worth writing at Writedge or Daily Two Cents?
Is it worth writing at Writedge or Da...

The main one is that the sites are created by writers for writers. Danielle McGaw and Michelle Harlow have written for the likes of Squidoo and HubPages, so know how great writing sites like this can be for them and writers. However, they also understand the drawbacks. Both have also written on Bubblews and seen the major downsides to the site. They want to make sure writers are not faced with the lack of communication or a site they cannot customize to suit their own personalities.

Both sites are constantly changing. Just recently new functions were added to improve the ability to customize posts. Just before that, a Copyscape plugin was added to make sure no duplicate content is going up on the web. It is much easier than trying to keep track of every single post that is shared.


Wizzley Articles About Revenue Share Websites

Different ways to make money writing online
With so many freelance writing websites it can be easy to get your fingers burned or feel out of your depth. Not here at Wizzley though
On this page you can find the best sites that share their advertising revenue with their users. Make money online writing articles and promoting affiliate products.
There are some websites that let you publish your poetry and creative writing and earn from it. These sites are Pen Strokes and Triond.

The minimum payout is also low. At the moment it is set at $5, and the income for both sites can be joined together at the moment so you are paid in one. This can really help to reduce the PayPal fees (the only way to be paid at the moment). The minimum payout will be raised over time, but only as more writers sign up and start contributing posts.

There is the potential to make more money than on other revenue share sites. The income is pay per view, and is 0.5 cent (half a cent) per view at the moment. This is where one of the downsides comes in. One view is only counted if the person stays on for 30 seconds. This is why the longer posts are more beneficial. As a way to ensure people stay on for longer, McGaw and Harlow have added the ability to add videos easily and create polls for people to take. More engaging content is definitely the way forward.

If you don’t quite have the motivation to write, there are regular challenges. Some are financial ones, while others are more for yourself. For example, April 2014’s challenge is to write about something you have never written about before. I did this for Daily Two Cents and wrote about music. I’m working on the piece for Writedge at the moment.

Why You May Not Love the Writing Sites

It's not all good, but that is mainly because the two sites are new. The downsides are to be expected right now.

You’re not going to make a fortune overnight. These sites to make money writing online are for those who are in it for the long term, and are willing to build your portfolio over time. If you write for sites like Wizzley or HubPages, you will have experience with the marathon that is online writing.

One of the biggest downsides at the moment is how young the two sites are. While the posts are getting ranked, it takes time for them to really get noticed by Google. This is something that Wizzley noticed at first, but has quickly gained momentum. The sites will advance, but need more writers and writers who are willing to put the time and effort into them.

Like Wizzley, the two sites have a focus on high quality content. There is a three-article review process, so you’re not given self-publishing rights until you pass the quality standards with three articles. If you fail to meet standards afterwards, your self-publishing rights will be revoked.

There’s really not much else to be said about downsides. Bear in mind that these two sites are still relatively new, so it is hard to share downsides right now until I’ve tried out more posts and been there for the first potential payout (if I reach the minimum).

Facebook Support Groups and a Forum

Support all around is extremely important, whether you're struggling with payments, posting or even coming up with ideas.

For those who need help or want a forum for tips and advice, they are both available for both the sites. The Facebook groups usually see the same type of announcements, since the owners make the same changes to both. However, different questions pop up and different types of posts are shared to help with making money writing online.

The forums are very much the same in the sense of announcements made. This is expected for now until the two sites become their own entities and take on lives of their own.

For those worried about support, it is always there. The two admins are there to answer all questions quickly, and there are other members who will try their best to help. There is also a place to post the articles you write daily, which offers an extra backlink and you can show just how much you’re helping the sites grow and expand.

Get help with the Facebook support groups
Get help with the Facebook support gr...

There are also ideas posted on a regular basis in these groups. The site owners look into the popular posts and phrases at the time and updates a list available through the Facebook support groups.

If you’re looking to make money writing online, you need to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. It may be time to try out something new, and Writedge and Daily Two Cents could be for you. These are pay per view sites, and created for writers by writers.

Updated: 04/17/2014, AlexandriaIngham
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ipod supoprt on 07/10/2017

its good to see this info. it will be helpful for everyone.

Ravi Gupta on 07/08/2017

Thank you for this info and the name of the sites.

Canon Support on 07/08/2017

Content writing is such a nice profession. I already applied in some newspapers and magazines for a freelancer content writer job. In content writing, Here Most of the content writer is getting money on the basis of per words.

Best WhatsApp Status on 02/06/2017

That's nice.Writting articles can make you earn money.

CruiseReady on 11/22/2015

Hmmm... I just had a brief look at each of the two sites. They do look interesting, especially the world events categories.

AngelaJohnson on 09/16/2014

I just quit Bubblews. I'll take a look at these two sites.

AlexandriaIngham on 07/10/2014

You're welcome, Sara. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. As an update, I've found Daily Two Cents is working out much better for me, and is growing quickly. However, I'm not complaining about the WE amounts considering how much effort I have put into it.

SimplySara on 07/08/2014

Thanks for the insider tip! I'll definitely give these two a try!

Michelle on 05/25/2014

Alexandria is correct. With the exception of world news on daily two cents and personal opinion on writedge all other sections change weekly to ensure that all categories hit the front page for a week at a time. The only exceptions are categories with less than 4 posts as those don't make a section :)

AlexandriaIngham on 05/05/2014

I'm sorry to hear that. I look forward to reading an article about it. I like that the site has it's own look. It keeps it separate from other writing sites (bar its sister site of course). Not every writing site is going to be right for everyone, and we all have our own opinions. I'm not sure what you mean about not fitting the front page sections, as the front page changes on a weekly basis, so I would definitely love to read an article that covers that more.

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