Best AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

by TilenHrovatic

On this page you can find the best sites that share their advertising revenue with their users. Make money online writing articles and promoting affiliate products.

Top AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

In this article I want to share my top picks of AdSense revenue sharing sites. AdSense revenue sharing is a system when a site share a ercantage of ad revenue or impressions with its contributors and members. If you write quality content on some revenue sharing sites and someone clicks on the ads on your articles you get paid by the site this article is on or directly by Google AdSense.

There are many AdSense revenue sharing sites out there and it seems that this system of is getting quite popular these days because I see new and ew sites coming along. But how can you know which sites are worth spending time and working on? Not all of them can make you some real money online and if you're here mostly for making money you will most definitely lose a lot of time figuring out for yourself which sites are good and which are just for fun and won't get you a dollar per year.

I tested many AdSense revenue sharing sites and I really shortened my list. And in this article I want to share only the sites that make me money and are trustworthy, not scams and can help you to make some extra money online. And by working on them and investing some time and research in your work you can make a living wih these revenue sharing sites. I do :)

Top AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites

list of best sites that share AdSense revenue with their members

One of the best sites for writing articles (called lenses) and make money online.

Triond publishes user generated content on a network of websites, enabling users to reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue.


Create articles and How to guide and make money with Google AdSense and Chitika.

This site is maintained and owned by Google AdSense and it shares 100% of AdSense revenue with their members who contribute blogs, photos and videos.

Submit links, articles, photos and videos. Create quality backlinks and make some money along the way.


Excerptz is an AdSense revenue sharing article and bookmarking site, earn money for your content! Also featuring a free DoFollow website directory.

Tip Drop

You Share Your Helpful Web Tips and Articles, We Share Our Revenue. Try it!

Best Reviewer
Make money making reviews and lists with backlinks to your own sites.



Squidoo is my favorite revenue sharing site. Here you create pages (called lenses) where you can write about anything you want and interests you and promote products from Amazon, Zazzle, Cafepress, eBay and many other affiliate networks. You make money by selling products plus by making good lenses because Squidoo shares its advertising revenue based on the rank of your pages on Squidoo. Ranks are divided in three tiers and each tier receive a different payment every month. For example, a page from tier 1 gets a apporximately 35 dollars per month. If you have a lot of lenses and you're selling via Amazon and eBay you can make a lot of money on Squidoo and many lensmasters make a living creating lenses there.

I really suggest you to check out Squidoo and see for yourself.


Wizzley is an awesome revenue sharing site you're currently on! Wizzley shares 50% of advertising impressions (which is better than sharing clicks) with its members and it offers many different affiliate networks.
You can add Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, Zazzle, eBay and AllPosters affiliate program to your Wizzley pages and make money online writing articles and promoting products. When you have certain amount of quality articles published your percantage of revenue share will increase so it's a good site to keep and eye on!

Wizzley also has a great referral program that offers you to refer your friends and people from your network to Wizzley and earn 10% of their earnings after they join!

Best Reviewer

Best Reviewer is a great revenue sharing site where you get paid for making Top Lists and Recommendations. You can create a Top 3 list of a Top 20 list and you make money with AdSense ads on your top lists and reviews.

Best Reviewer is also a cool place to create high quality backlinks to your article elswhere online. This will really help you with SEO becuase Best Reviewer is PR 4 and it's quickly inexed by Google.

Check out Best Reviewer and create some top list to support your pages on Wizzley, your Squidoo lenses and other articles and sites. You will create quality backlinks, increase traffic to your sites and make some money along the way! It's really worth working on.


Triond is a great publishing platform that pays you based on your traffic and AdSense clicks. Triond has a huge network of different blogs and sites and your articles will be published on appropriate blog. It's nicely designes, it's no scam and you can use it to create good backlinks and increase traffic to your other sites as well. I use Triond to support my Squidoo lenses and it's working really well for me. And it helps me to increase my online earnings as well!

If you are considering using Google Adsense to make money online, here are some basic instructions, and information on how to set it up so that you can track your progress.

Do you make money online with revenue sharing sites?

Updated: 08/20/2011, TilenHrovatic
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manvitha on 01/14/2017

really worth reading..

Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips and it really helped me.. You are awesome!

pip photo editor on 12/01/2016

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pizap photo editor on 12/01/2016

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NFS on 02/16/2013

We do a 50% AdSense adshare with our writers over at News For Shoppers

and have a number of other benefits as well.

pop on 04/18/2012

thanks a lot for helpful,
i want share my exprience ,
Tiny URL with adsense share revenue 100%.

katiem2 on 03/27/2012

I use and enjoy it a great deal, a rock solid revenue sharing site :)

Sunforged on 03/13/2012

Best Reviewer looks like they have lost their adsense account, that doesnt bode well for its future development.

I encourage to take a look at as it is hands down the most fully featured wordpress based adsense sharing site and is rapidly gaining in the US rankings.

Admission is very selective though, I know that first hand

artisan on 03/10/2012

The mix between the forum and
social network, about advertising.

You may create your personal diary (similar
to the forum section) there, and you may place
your Google AdSense advertising code there,
and get extra profit from revenue sharing.

The most wise people may also place their
Google AdSense code into the shared diaries.

If you would invite your friends,
then you would get active links
from their diaries to your diary.

samuel on 02/16/2012

list of the best google adsense revenue sharing sites can be found here

Tamer on 02/15/2012

This is one of the best adsense revenue sharing sites espicially for mobile phone lovers and experts << also doctors will find it perfect :

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