Makeup Tips – All About Primers

by Angel

Primers are an important step to your flawless look. A look at foundation, eye, and lip primers.

When you paint a room in your home do you apply a primer first? In most cases the answer is yes. It is an important step to the paint showing up correctly on your wall. It is just as important to apply a primer to your face before applying makeup.

Foundation Primer

A foundation primer will do many things. It will even out your skin tone and leave your skin ready for an all over application of foundation. The look you get after applying a primer is so much better than without. It helps to keep your foundation on for longer. It covers blemishes and can even cover up large pores. Some foundation primers have a sunscreen in them or have anti-aging properties. There are so many benefits to applying a foundation primer before your foundation. Try it and see if your foundation isn't better.

My Favorite Foundation Primers

I few of my favorite primers are listed below. I have used all of them and have a couple that are my favorites.

The Smashbox foundation primer is my favorite so far. It goes on silky and keeps my foundation from coming off during the day. It has Vitamins A and E as well as green tea and grape seed extract as anti oxidants for your skin. It reduces fine lines and pores. All these additional benefits on top of a flawless foundation application.  The only negative side to this primer is that it is very expensive.  It is worth every penny but if you are not willing to shuck out that much for Shadowbox try some of the cheaper ones below.

Prime Time is another good choice. It combats rough patches, flaky and dry skin, fine lines, and excess oil. It also reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. Great product.

Mary Kay Foundation Primer is a fairly new product for Mary Kay. It is a good primer and goes on very smooth. It does not have the anti-aging benefits like the others noted have. I figure if I am going to go this extra step I am going to get rid of some wrinkles while I am at it.


Eye Primer

This is my favorite primer of all time to use. I see such an improvement in my eye makeup after using a primer. My all time favorite is Mary Kay's Eye Primer. It goes on easy and does not cake up on your eyes. Eye Primer allows your eye makeup to stay on longer as well as keeps it from smudging and running. It brightens the color you put on your eyes too. The color is so much different with an eye primer than without. Another one you have to take time to apply.


My Favorite Eye Primers

Mary Kay's Eye Primer is by far my most favorite. However, there are a few other producs out there that I have tried and are satisfied with the results. The Mary Kay primer does such a good job of coverage and brightening my eye color. All of these have different price points and you can't go wrong with any of them.

NYX Eye Primer is a great primer and runs a close second to Mary Kay. It is available in 3 different tones for different skin tones. Available in Light, Medium, and Dark.

Two Faced Shadow Insurance is another great eye primer. It contains Vitamin E and Tocopherol for anti-aging. It can be used with all types of eye shadows including cream. A great pick.

Lip Primer

Lip Primer is a no brainer. Come on.. how many of you want your lipstick to stay on longer during the day. With lip primer it will. I have purchased the lip sticks that are for 12 hours or 24 hours. They end up drying out my lips and cracking mid way through the day. Not a good look. With lip primer you can have that look without the drying. Some lip primers also have a plumping agent in them to work on your pout. The color is brighter and it stays on longer with a lip primer. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

My Favorite Lip Primers

I have to go back to the Mary Kay for my favorite lip primer. It goes on so easy with the stick style. It is smooth and not thick at all. Keep my lip stick on forever. You have to make sure you let it dry before applying your lipstick. More so than others that I have seen.

Two Faced Lip Insurance is another great pick. It glides on easy enough and prevents your fading, bleeding, and creasing. Just what you need in a lip primer.  

Take That Extra Step

Take that extra step in applying a primer to your face, eyes, and lips before applying your makeup. You will see an immediate difference in your makeup when you do.   

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Updated: 02/10/2012, Angel
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Angel on 02/13/2012

Goddess?! LOL... You are killing me. Just a makeup obsessed freak from way back. Thanks for reading and commenting Katie.

katiem2 on 02/13/2012

Aw more makeup knowledge, thank you kind goddess! Much Appreciated.

Angel on 02/12/2012

I use the Time wise Night solution too. Just use a primer right before putting on your foundation. Use the night solution at night. In the morning do day solution, primer, then foundation. Mary Kay has a primer that is pretty good. I like the Smashbox best but not always easy to get as Mary Kay... since I keep a MK inventory..

BrendaReeves on 02/12/2012

You certainly know your makeup Angel. I use Mary Kay. I like the Timewise night solution with the vitamin E. I just might try the Smashbox.

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