Makeup Tips – How to Apply Foundation

by Angel

Foundation is the base to your look. Explore a few makeup tips to keep your face flawless.

Determining the Correct Coverage

Coverage is important when it comes to foundation selection. The purpose of foundation is to even out your skin. Not to create a mask over your face. It is best to follow these guidelines.

  • Full Coverage – Use if you have uneven skin tone and blemishes. You will want to use lightly on the blemishes as not to cake up on them.
  • Medium Coverage- This is my second favorite coverage. It is for uneven skin tone and for blemishes. I feel like it provides less of a caked up look for all skin types and provides coverage as well. If you can't find a medium coverage foundation, look for a full coverage that is advertised as airy and light. It will most likely have the same characteristics of a medium coverage.
  • Tinted Moisturizer - Use only if you have very few blemishes. This is a great product to use for dry skin since it provides moisture along with a little color.
  • Mineral Powder – This type can be used for any type of skin. It is my favorite to use because it is light but covers well. I don't think you can go wrong with a good mineral powder foundation.   
Flawless Look
Flawless Look
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Choosing a Shade of Foundation

After choosing your coverage type, choosing a shade is the next important step. I would suggest doing this in person. It is difficult to match the correct shade over the internet. You will want to either hold the bottle up to the side of your face at the bottom of your jaw bone and neck to see if the shade will blend. If you can visit a cosmetics store you will get to try on different shades to get a perfect match. You don't want the foundation to make you look lighter or darker. It should only even out your natural color.

Applying the Foundation

Make sure you have lightly applied an under eye concealer and a blemish concealer to your face. Less is better when it comes to concealer too. Put a small amount of foundation on your finger and dab it on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Use a brush to gently blend the foundation all over your face. I prefer a brush because sponges tend to leave way too much foundation on your face. If you insist on using a sponge, try using an egg shaped beauty blender. You can roll it across your face as you blend foundation. It is much better than a wedge type sponge.

Applying Powder to Set Your Foundation

It is best to use either a large rounded brush or flat makeup pad to apply powder. Never rub powder onto your face. This will give you a cakey look. This is not the look we are going for here. The brush should be large and rounded to lightly feather the powder onto your face. Pay attention to your T-zone if you have combination to oily skin. When using a pad to apply powder, lightly pat the powder on your face in your T-zone first. Then to the rest of your face. This will set your foundation in place and give you that flawless look you were looking for. Of course you don't need a powder if you use a mineral powder foundation.   

Makeup Geek on How to Avoid a Cakey Face

Optional Mist Set

Lightly spray a fine mist of a hydrating spray over your face after your blush is applied. This sets all of the makeup while your skin drinks in the moisture.


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Angel on 02/20/2012

Lissie - I don't know why I keep trying to use liquid foundation when I always come back to the mineral powder. It does blend so well. I need to remember that about the fake tan...have had skin cancer and can't really tan so I fake and bake a lot too. I love your dancing videos.. you are so elegant and pretty. I wish I could dance like that!

Lissie on 02/20/2012

I use mineral powder foundation when we dance - it works well for men as well. As I wear quite a lot of fake tan - the mineral foundation is good to be able to blend my face colour in with the rest of my body!

Angel on 02/19/2012

MAC is awesome. I love all their stuff. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

MuminBusiness on 02/19/2012

I love MAC Cosmetics. Well, I only use their foundation and powder as I find it covers my face flawlessly and sticks around all day. Great tips in your article! Thanks

Angel on 02/06/2012

Great... I am glad you liked it. Just play around with different things and you will find what works best for your eyes. There are different looks for different times of the day and for different events. You can go with a very natural look or really play it up for night... just have fun..thanks for reading and experimenting!

katiem2 on 02/05/2012

Great tips, I used your eyeliner tip today and loved it, the brushes awesome and I found some dark brown shadow which looked really black on me. I love your make up tips.

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