Makeup Train Cases

by betsuz

Makeup train cases are very useful for when you are traveling and need a place to store all of your cosmetics and makeup.

Fun Ways To Use Makeup Train Cases

Are you looking for ways to store your makeup, cosmetics, crafts or whatever you want to store in a new fun way? I love these makeup train cases because they are high quality and there are some really cute designs to choose from. You can use Makeup Train Cases in many ways and I have provided some really fun ways to use them.

Train Cases For Makeup

Zebra print train case
Zebra print train case

Zebra Print Makeup Train Case

SHANY Cosmetics Makeup Train Case - XL - Zebra Finish with Shoulder Strap and Lock

Great for Makeup artists, Original SHANY comes with SHANY Logo on the box and the item.


Makeup Organizers

Makeup Organizers

There Are Many Uses For Makeup Train Cases

Makeup Train cases are useful for many different things like storing your makeup. A good example would be to store your foundation, eye shadows, small makeup palettes, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascara, liners, powders and makeup brushes. Most women have a lot of makeup and cosmetics and it's important to have everything in it's place to make it easy for us while getting ready for work. We get so busy in our lives and when you are in a rush, the last thing you want to do is look around for that eye pencil that you like. If you have it in a designated place in your organizer all you have to do is open it up and it's right there and you don't have to go looking around for what you need.

I use them to store other cosmetics too like lotions, face creams, body wash, body sprays and sunscreen. When I am getting ready in the morning, I like to have all of my makeup and cosmetics in some kind of order and makeup train cases are really great for organizing these items.

Makeup Train cases can also be used for jewelry storage. I recommend when you are using them for jewelry storage to stick with your costume jewelry. Or If you want to store your fine jewelry use a cloth jewelry roll and put it inside the makeup train case.

I also love the design of these beautiful looking makeup train cases. They come in so many different colors and textures. You can pick your own style and you can display them in your vanity area, in your bathroom or you can put them in your bedroom as a beautiful decoration piece that doubles as storage.

Here are some more cool and useful ideas for using makeup train cases. You would be surprised at the many other uses for these cases. You can use them to store your craft supplies, store your children's coloring supplies, painting supplies, your son's or husband's model car supplies, use them for a sewing box or for needlepoint supplies, hair accessories, store small office supplies, or just odds and ends. There are lots of uses for these attractive little cases.

And I don't want to forget to mention that you can use them for travel too, take your case with you when you go to Vegas or the family vacation or how about your big trip to Europe! 

Makeup Train Cases

Leopard Print Cosmetic/Jewelry Train Case

We at DBROTH had fashion, organization and gift giving in mind when we designed these beautiful cosmetic/jewelry train cases. A must-have for organizing and storing all your ...

Only $13.99
Red alligator faux grain leather cosmetic/jewelry train case

We at DBROTH had fashion, organization and gift giving in mind when we designed these beautiful cosmetic/jewelry train cases. A must-have for organizing and storing all your ...

Caboodles Black Lace Cosmetic Case - 9.5''

Caboodles Black Lace Cosmetic Case is an 9.5 inches case, each compartment can be used to sort lip liners, eye liners and mascara while the larger compartments hold compacts, ...

What Goes Inside Your Makeup Train Case?

Updated: 09/11/2014, betsuz
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Tolovaj on 06/18/2012

Makeup cases help us to have things organized. I can confirm from my experience they can be used for very different small objects, not only eyeliners, lipsticks and similar stuff.
And if they look so trendy as these, presented in this article, even better!

aphrodite21 on 02/20/2012

Brilliant idea! This reminds me to get one to organize my make-up and other beauty accessories.

betsuz on 02/20/2012

Angel, Thanks a bunch! You are correct, I still get credit if you order something else through the link.

Angel on 02/20/2012

Nevermind.. I think you still get credit if I just go through your link and get something different. I will try that. :)

Angel on 02/20/2012

I really really need one of these with all of my makeup in multiple containers around the house. I tried to go in and look at the pink snake skin and a few others of your offerings but they say they are no longer available :(. I will order one through your link if you can find some that are available. Help a sister out.. I will check back soon and see if they are available. Great page... I love makeup and really need one of these.

Pinkchic18 on 02/20/2012

Wonderful idea! I wish i had enough makeup to fill up one of these cases. Unfortunately all i ever carry around is mascara, eyeliner and bronzer.

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