Malta - A Mediterranean all-inclusive Heaven

by MikeRobbers

Malta is by default one of the Mediterranean's jewels. Affordable all-inclusive deals mean that everyone can enjoy summer holidays in Malta...

The best thing to do in summer is to go on holidays. And where else than at the Mediterranean! On the map of all-inclusive summer holiday deals there are not only Turkey with its Riviera or the Greek islands. The summer fun has much more in store than this! There is also Malta – one of the smallest nation states in the world, comprised of the main island Malta, Gozo, Comino and Cominotto.

Megalithic Temples of Malta

Malta counts as a universe in itself, as, throughout time, it gathered on its territory – tiny as it might seem on the world's map – a myriad of cultural influences that all add up to the charms of summer holidays spent on this golden island. Having in mind that Malta is one of the earliest inhabited lands on Earth, it also hosts some of the earliest traces of civilization. The temples of Hagar Qim or Mnajdraare definitely worth a look, as they date back to 3500 BC or so. Ever since then and up until nowadays, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish, French, Brits, pirates, knights, gamblers or nobles, all left a mark on the small island bathing in the azure of the Mediterranean.

Temples of Hagar Quim
Temples of Hagar Quim
Tarxien Temples
Tarxien Temples

Malta - The Honey Island

It is being said that the island is called Malta due to its golden color that resembles that of honey, as the name stands for 'The Honey Island'. And for sure it is so! Similarly, all-inclusive summer holidays in Malta would feel just as sweet. The island has a lot to offer! Not only in terms of history and culture, but also in terms of natural beauty.

Blue Laggon of Comino

There is the Blue Lagoon, with the best crystal clear waters in the whole Mediterranean. It is for certain a must see must do in a lifetime if you haven't tried it so far. Plus, it is the location that you have dreamed of seeing with your own eyes, in case you like romantic movies, as scenes from Return to The Blue Lagoon have been shot there as well.

Blue Laggon, Malta
Blue Laggon, Malta
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
The Blue Window

You might think that better than the Blue Lagoon it could not get, but just wait and see! There is the Blue Window and The Sea Inside awaiting to be looked through, to be discovered! The Blue Window and The Sea Inside are wonders of nature that have been genuinely adopted by humans, as they express the harmony and beauty that we all like to be surrounded by. The Blue Window might be one of the most splendorous and spectacular views on the Mediterranean.

The Blue Window
The Blue Window
The Blue Window
The Blue Window

As for the Inland Sea, it stands for a place of great tranquility and peacefulness, as it is separated by the outer sea through a mountainous wall. There is a wall of wonders between the Inland Sea and that dazzling outer mediterranean space. You surely must go there and feel it for yourself – the intimate dripping silence of the inner sea in contrast to the roar and turmoil that are on the other side of the mountainous wall, as you ride the boat on the Mediterranean sea. Scenes for The Pirates of the Caribbean have been shot here and no wonder it stood for a block-buster! Part of the fascination cast on the viewers is also due to those wonderful landscapes that appear in the movies.

Inland Sea
Inland Sea
Inland Sea

Diving Attractions

Related to pirates, they have also left their traces in Malta, as this used to be one of their cribs and hiding spots. Nowadays, one of the main attractions is to explore the depths of the surrounding waters of Malta. Diving is fun in Malta and it definitely resembles a treasure search. You will find sank ships to be explored and maybe you are lucky to find your treasure too!

Fred Panza
Fred Panza
Jesus of Malta

In case you want to experience that historical flavor of nobility and knighthood in Malta, then you should book your all inclusive summer delight during the month of August, around the 8th let’s say. It is then when a big fiesta is taking place on the island. It is a celebration of Virgin Mary – much honored on Malta. There are parades with costumes from other eras and all that charm that takes you back in times of nobles and of princesses. You might also see the Maltese cross quite often, as it is the symbol of The Knights of St. John or the Hospitaller Knights, who still have their headquarters on the island!

In case you were wondering where the word 'hospitality' comes from, now you know: it comes from Malta! It is connected with the Knights of Malta. Going to Malta for summer holidays will surely give you the opportunity to find out more things about it! The island is generous in cultural treasures, in natural pleasures and in some of the best all inclusive offers as well! Enjoy!

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MikeRobbers on 09/30/2013

@Sheri_Oz: Thank you :)

MikeRobbers on 09/30/2013

Thank you Derdriu. Malta is indeed a great destination to visit and diver or not I'm pretty sure you would have a great time there!

DerdriuMarriner on 09/29/2013

MikeRobbers, Malta is such a beautiful place that is so full of culture, history, and mystery. I like the images and your words, and even though I'm not a diver your article makes me want to add that to my love for boating and swimming. Thank you for bringing such beauty to Internet-land.

Sheri_Oz on 07/03/2013

What gorgeous photos. Maybe one day . . .

MikeRobbers on 06/24/2013

Well, that makes the two of us not to mention that most likel many others wish the same thing :) We can simply try our best!
Thank you for your comment and support...

WriterArtist on 06/23/2013

The images are so beautiful that I would love to see Malta in real. My travel wish-list is growing and I really wish to see all these beautiful places on earth.

MikeRobbers on 06/09/2013

It is true that during July and AUgust and between 12:00 to 17:00 the heat is pretty much intense... The solution is to visit the beach early in the morning or in the afternoon and probably take a nap during noon...

jptanabe on 06/08/2013

Beautiful! My daughter visited Malta a couple of years ago and loved it, except for the heat. That midday sun is so strong! I'm not good in the heat so maybe I need to visit in a cooler month.

MikeRobbers on 06/05/2013

@cmoneyspinner @Tolojav

Indeed, Malta is a fascinating place even if it's less populated than Ibiza or Antalya in Turkey for example... Still, it is really beautiful...

Tolovaj on 06/05/2013

You can find many jewells in Mediterranean sea and Malta is not one of the top destinations without good reason. Everybody in doubt should just skim these beautiful photos... I want to go right now!

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