Marvel Avengers Costumes

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Dress up like your favorite Avengers Super-Hero character. Find a collection of amazing Avengers outfits & accessories.

The new Avengers movie is set to release on May 4, 2012. This Halloween, dress up like the super heroes of the fantasy world and bring them to life!
The Avengers team includes, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man. One unique thing this time can be that you can round up your friends and can dress up as the Avengers Team. Other Avengers characters are the Black Widow, Hawkeye and Loki but their costumes are not yet available but will be added as soon as they arrive in market.
Lets have a look at what is new for 2012 so you can decide what you want to be this Halloween.

Captain America Halloween Costumes

One of the most loved super heroes of avengers is Captain America. He does not have any super powers but still his strength is amazing credited to the experiment which boosted his strength to the highest level the human body could endure and his vibranium shield also makes him indestructible. Captain America’s outfit is a unique one. As obvious by his name, his outfit also resembles the American flag. It has stars and stripes with red, blue and white colors.

Accessories for this costume include his unbreakable shield, the one he uses both as a weapon and as a means of defending himself. His shield is disc shaped and has a white star on a blue background and red and white stripes edged together. He also has a distinguishing blue helmet with the letter ‘A’ on it. This helmet covers his eyes and head but leaves the mouth uncovered.

Captain America never leaves home without his indestructible shield, which he uses both as a weapon and as a means of defending himself. The shield is rounded in shape, and has red and white stripes around the edges with a white star on a blue background right in the middle.

The costume itself is a blue jumpsuit with a large star on his chest and two small stars on the shoulders.

This Halloween try out dressing up as captain America as official Captain America costumes have reached the markets. These costumes are extremely convincing and range from kids costumes to adult costumes and are available for both men and women.

Avengers Masks

Avengers Mask
Only $8.75

Adult Captain America Costumes

Costumes for Men & Women

These Captain America costumes will leave you unrecognizable once you get them on! This adult costume for men on the right side has a blue jumpsuit with zipper back, attached chest and arm straps and boot covers. A utility belt and hood is also included though you will have to buy the shield separately.

Now, the ladies can also become super heroes and can show men that they are not the only ones with the strength! Daughter of captain America also gets her father’s strengths. She is pure beauty and power and her peak physical strengths allow her to accomplish as many tasks as men can accomplish. Ladies can wear this incredibly cute costume and just look stunning.

Captain America Kids Costumes

Dream Costume For Kids

Kids will love to dress up as captain america. The official kids costume comes with a muscled torso and arms in the jumpsuit. This costume is extremely comfortable to wear and it also includes a headpiece with it. Don't miss the opportunity to dress your kids as the most powerful human on planet!

Officialy Licensed Captain America Kids Costume

Captain America Toddler Muscle Costume,Toddler: 3T-4T
Only $49.99

Deluxe Captain America Costume

Child Deluxe Captain America Costume -3T-4T
Only $32.36

Thor Halloween Costumes

Thor-The Nordic Legend!

Thor is an amazing character of the Marvel Super heroes. This legendary son of god gets thrown in the modern world and then sets to save the world. Thor is a member of the avengers and will be appearing in the 2012 release of the movie. 

Thor's costume is grey in color with a red cape and is incomplete with his famous Hammer. The costume itself is a grey jumpsuit with full sleeves and embellishments on the chest. Thor is never seen without his red cape which has become his identifying feature. A unique feature of this mighty warrior is his weapon. The all powerful mighty hammer which can kill mercilessly and never misses a shot. This hammer was gifted to Thor by his father, the god Odin. Thor's winged helmet covers the sides of his face and head.

You can find Thor costumes in all sizes while a cute female version is also out there!

Thor Adult Costumes

For Men & Women
Dress up like Thor and become a mighty warrior for Halloween. Thor's official costume for men includes a full jumpsuit with sculpted chest disks attached on it. A detachable red cape and helmet also come with this product. The hammer has to be bought separately as the Thor look won't be complete without it. For creating a full delusional effect of Thor, you might want to buy the Thor Lighting Hammer. This electronic hammer creates awesome lightning and thunder sounds and flashes just like the real hammer. This would definitely make your Halloween more enjoyable.
Women can also dress up as Thor and have the same fun as men! You can become the Norse goddess of thunder by wearing the awesome Thor Dress with a red cape. Get yourself one of the lightning hammers and be ready to enjoy. A special headpiece for women is also included.

Thor's Costume For Kids

Thor's kid's costumes come with muscled torso and arms. Kids will definitely love to put on this costume and will love to act fierce. The costume is a jumpsuit with chest disks and cape. Thor headpiece is also included.

Thor Costume Accessories

Hammer & Helmet
Thor Lightning Hammer
Only $49.99
Thor Basic Helmet
Only $29.99
Thor Basic Hammer
Only $33.95

Iron Man Halloween Costumes

Tony Stark is a rich playboy with incredible technical knowledge. He is a genius when it comes to designing machines and crafts.  Iron man is born when tony gets kidnapped and is being forced to make weapons of mass destruction. When in captivity, he designs a indestructible armor suit which he uses to escape captivity. This serves as a start to his secret identity of Iron Man!

Unlike other superheroes that are born or powered by accident, Iron Man is a self created costume by Tony.  It’s a construction of huge technological magnitude which has totally changed over the years. New and advanced machinery and weapons have been added to this costume but it retains it’s identifying weapon, the repulsor rays which emit from the palms of the costume.

Some other interesting features of this costume are the jet boots which enable iron man fly and the techo helmet by which he controls his suit.

His trademark colors are gold and red. Official Iron Man costumes are available now which you can buy to share a bit of exciting life of this character on Halloween! 

Iron Man Adult Costumes

Iron man costumes will make you unrecognizable once you put them on! The costume is a full jumpsuit  with muscled torso and arms that will give you the look of a real muscled up super hero! The life like helmet and the lighting reactor arc will make the transformation even more real. 

You can go to the party as either Iron man or War Machine (Jim Rhodey). War Machine is a technical suit which Rhodey makes for himself when he observes that Tony is being burdened with all the responsibilities. He comes up with this suit and helps his friend through thick and thins of fighting.

Both suits have muscled torso and lightning arcs. The jumpsuit will easily fit you and the headpiece will leave you looking like the real Iron Man!

Iron Man Costume For Kids

Kids Iron Man Costume Comes with a full jumpsuit and helmet. The jumpsuit has padded arms and torso  which make the kids look lanky and well built and also helps to keep them warm on cold nights. The main feature of this costume is its glowing print arc reactor. This reactor lights up just like the real iron man's reactor. The helmet will complete the look. This suit is good enough to make kids go crazy and can be used for other dress up parties as well

War Machine kids costume can also be an alternative choice this year. You can dress your boys up as a team or your boy will be really excited if he and his best friend are dressing up as one team! This suit also comes with a glow reactor and is a complete jumpsuit with padded arms and torso.

The Incredible Hulk Halloween Costumes

Become the incredible hulk!

Bruce Banner is the son of a geneticist who liked to experiment on himself trying to improve his DNA. Bruce was effected by gamma radiations during an explosion which killed his mother. This and the mutant DNA of his father has changed him complexly. Bruce transforms into a vicious green monster whenever he gets angry. The green color and bulky body with a really fierce face set aside the features of Hulk.

This Halloween transform into the angry vicious super hero by trying on the hulk costumes. These cute and awesome Hulk Toddler costumes will make your baby look cut and fierce at the same time. Little boys will enjoy all the attention and love they will get in these costumes.

Adult Hulk Costumes can easily be made at home. You can either paint your self green and wear a pair of shredded trousers or get green shirt to go with the trousers. As hulk is transformed from a human to a monster so he doesn't really have time to change clothes! (the reason the clothes are shredded)...

Hulk mask will help you complete the look. You can buy the electronic mask which comes with a voice changing gear. This will look awesome with your suit and will definitely help scare innocent bystanders ;)

Hulk Masks for Dress Up

Voice Changing Electronic Maks
Hulk Electronic Voice Changing Mask 2003
Only $89.99
Hulk Mask
$39.99  $2997.11
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