Mary Kay Skincare for Men

by jptanabe

Mary Kay is not just for women! There is also a whole line of amazing skincare products designed just for men.

If you've heard of Mary Kay products you probably think they're for women. Well, of course the large majority are! But that's not the whole story. We all have husbands, fathers, brothers, or other men in our lives - and they have skin too! But men's skin (like the rest of their bodies) is somewhat different from women's. So Mary Kay developed a whole line of skincare just for men. And my husband loves them!

Shave Foam

This was the first produce in the Mary Kay for Men line that my husband tried. I originally bought this for him to help my daughter with her Mary Kay business. At first I thought it was expensive compared to the usual stuff I bought at the drugstore or grocery store. But as soon as he tried it we realized it was good value.

This shaving foam is quite concentrated, so you only need a little to create enough foam to shave. So it lasts for months! Added to that was the fact that he said it was really good! 

MK Men Shave Foam
MK Men Shave Foam

This foam goes on so smooth, and makes the shaving experience very smooth. I found out it has lanolin and glycerin, both of which soften the skin and beard. And then it also has botanicals -  aloe and cucumber extracts, which are both great for soothing the skin. Yes, it's a great product! 

MK Men Cooling After-Shave Gel
MK Men Cooling After-Shave Gel

After Shave

Next, came the after shave, of course! My husband had been using this cheap after shave. It was a blue liquid that looked quite nice but honestly had an unpleasant smell! I told him many times it was not in any way attractive, but he thought he should use it up before trying something else.

Well, again in support of my daughter's business, I decided to try out the Mary Kay version so I bought him one. Funnily enough it's also blue! But this is a gel, and it smells really good! It took a while before he tried it. And in the end I threw away the nasty cheap stuff and put this opened on his shelf - of course he never looked back! 

The after shave is really a good cooling product - gels are good for that. It contains aloe leaf juice to soothe and calm the skin after that razor does its job. It also has glycerin that softens the skin and also has something called allantoin that conditions the skin. And it smells good!

Face Bar - Soap!

Once I got my own Mary Kay business started, I decided my husband should try more great products! So naturally the first thing that comes to mind is washing the face - with soap! And indeed Mary Kay for Men has this amazing bar of soap.

Again I thought it was rather expensive, until he tried it. And this is one of my funniest stories about Mary Kay products. I told him I was buying him more Mary Kay products, and I had shown him the box the soap came in. Of course he didn't actually use it until I took it out of the box and put it in the soap dish in the bathroom!

MK Men Face Bar
MK Men Face Bar

Then one morning I passed the bathroom and looked in and saw him with his whole face covered in foam! I laughed at him, or course, and asked why he had put shaving foam all over his face. Turned out, it wasn't shaving foam it was the Mary Kay soap! This stuff really lathers up - and I mean like foam! So you only use a very little, and that means this bar of soap lasts and lasts. Really, that same bar of soap has been in its dish for months!

And it's nice soap - gentle on the skin, and doesn't smell weird or "fragranced." It gets my vote, as well as my husband's!

Unfortunately, Mary Kay decided to retire the soap bar, so there are only a few left for purchase. But, they have replaced it with a great new "Facial Wash" for men. My husband has yet to try it, but I'm sure it will get positive reviews!

MK Men Advanced Facial Hydrator
MK Men Advanced Facial Hydrator



After washing the face the next step is to use a moisturizer, or hydrator. It goes on as a lightweight cream that feels so good, skin feels refreshed and not sticky. And this Mary Kay for Men facial hydrator isn't just great at hydrating (for 10 hours no less), it also has other goodies that reduce fine lines and wrinkles and protects the skin from signs of aging.

Also, it has sunscreen, SPF 30. Now this is a great thing for husbands who don't like to wear sunscreen just to go outside - it goes on automatically with their morning routine!

Learn more about Mary Kay Ash

Miracles Happen is the story of how Mary Kay Ash created her dream company after retiring from her job in direct sales with a company run by men. She wanted to create an opportunity for women to succeed, based on their own abilities and interests, not by competing with men on men's terms. She believed that women can be successful in business, supporting each other as they do it. Her company grew beyond anyone's expectations and her legacy continues to grow as women around the world come to believe that miracles happen. 

Mary Kay soon found that men loved their women's products too, and so the Mary Kay for Men line of skincare was developed. 

Updated: 01/26/2024, jptanabe
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