"Time for Tea" by Helen Exley

by jptanabe

A delightful book in the Helen Exley little gift book series, "Time for Tea" contains quotes about the joy of tea and tea drinking. It's the perfect gift for tea lovers!

As soon as I saw this little book "Time for Tea" I knew it was for me. Yes, I'm a tea drinker, an avid one. I believe that tea makes the world a better place; it certainly does for me. As the quote from George Orwell says, tea makes you "feel wise, braver and more optimistic after drinking it." How true!

This book, in the Helen Exley Gift Book collection, has many, many lovely quotes about tea and the culture of tea drinking.

Lovely Quotes about Tea

Tea culture is not limited to the British, or the Japanese with their tea ceremony, or the Chinese with their philosophy about tea; people all over the world enjoy tea, alone and in the company of others. Although there are plenty of quotes from British authors, enough to satisfy the British tea drinker for sure, this little book satisfies the British tea drinker and world tea drinker alike. Here are some of the topics and quotes I particularly enjoy:

The beauty of tea is that it not only warms the body and soul when drunk alone, but also is wonderful when shared with a friend:

"A joy worth repeating, again and again, warm conversation, tea, and a friend."

It's funny how people recognize the wonderful effect of tea to be similar to the contentment you feel listening to a happy cat. Here the book quotes Agnes Repplier:

"In the hissing of the kettle - a tranquilizing sound, second only to the purring of a cat."

And tea is truly the drink for every situation! Here is a quote that explains it: 

"If you are cold tea will warm you - if you are heated, it will cool you - if you are depressed, it will cheer you - if you are excited, it will calm you."

And the amazing thing about this book is that just reading these inspiring little quotations is almost as good as drinking that cup of tea, enjoying that conversation with a friend, relaxing in the warmth and comfort of that amazing drink.

So, are you ready to buy the book yet?

Buy a Copy as a Gift or Get one for Yourself

I did both!

This book is great for any tea drinker, and a perfect gift for a friend.

So don't you just want to buy this book and enjoy more of the quotations? I know I don't regret buying it, and it's been a wonderful source of inspiration and comfort to me over the past few years. The only problem I have is that I wish there was a second one with more quotes about tea!

To enjoy with the book

You need a nice cup or mug to drink it from. Personally I prefer a mug, more tea than a dainty cup!

And I love this color changing cat mug, with the tail as a handle!

Of course you need tea!

And the best tea is served from a teapot. And if you're a cat lover as well as a tea drinker, like I am, get a cat teapot!

On the other hand, if you're not such a fan of actually drinking tea, you might prefer another book by Helen Exley.


A friend brought me this variety pack when I invited her for tea. We enjoyed sharing over different styles of tea, and then I got to drink the rest later!

This pack contains English breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey and Irish Breakfast teas. I have to say the Lady Grey was delicious!


Tea and cats are my favorite things, so what could be better than a teapot that is a cat!

I don't know if this delightful cat teapot makes the best tea, but it certainly looks the best.

Although, since you take the cat's head off to put the tea and the water in the pot, I wouldn't want my cats to see me use it!

Another "Little Book"

Tea with friends is always the best. This little book brings the joys of friendship, even when friends are absent.

Helen Exley always finds the best expressions of her topic, in this case friendship. This is another delightful book to read and re-read for inspiration, a laugh, a moment of heartfelt connection to a dear friend, and for just plain enjoyment.

So if you liked "Time for Tea" why not enjoy this little book next, or give it to a friend.

Are you a tea drinker?

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Updated: 12/31/2022, jptanabe
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jptanabe on 04/17/2015

Ah, yes a novel full of tea! I'm working on one that features tea, but it's not really deeply involved in the world of tea. Maybe in the future!

Mira on 04/17/2015

I, too, drink tea daily... and am interested in tea quotes. I wish someone wrote a novel that was deeply involved with the world of tea. I thought this book was just that when I clicked on the image. I enjoy reading about tea.

frankbeswick on 01/19/2015

The restaurant is in the converted stables. Often I have gone for a cup of Earl Grey [my favourite] and a cake after a walk in the extensive, lightly wooded,deer park. Fine tea in a place with real, traditional character.

jptanabe on 01/19/2015

Hot peppermint tea sounds like just the thing!

Digby_Adams on 01/19/2015

I always know winter has arrived when I crave really hot peppermint tea all day long. I love the mug with the cat on it.

jptanabe on 01/19/2015

Indeed! I'd love to go that restaurant at Dunham Massey, and drink tea of course!

jptanabe on 01/19/2015

That sounds like how I enjoy my tea. Except I also drink tea while reading books!

frankbeswick on 01/19/2015

I am British. How can I not be a tea lover?

I think that Earl and Lady Grey are teas whose delicate flavour is best tasted when they are not allowed to be too strong. As a matter of interest the Grey family dwelt at Dunham Massey, in whose parkland I went walking with my wife yesterday. The restaurant there makes a point of serving Earl and Lady Grey teas.

WriterArtist on 01/18/2015

I am a fan of tea and my day starts with tea. I will often have tea when I am watching TV, chatting with friends and writing on Wizzley. This book certainly qualifies for tea lovers.

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