Meditation Sanctuary

by marciag

A meditation sanctuary is a quiet space where you can practice meditation without being disturbed, and where you can completely relax and enter the zone.

Both meditation and Yoga require a quiet area in which you can relax and focus on the techniques which will help you be ready to face life’s changes and challenges. For a lot of us finding the space is harder than making the time.

The wrong space for these activities can’t provide you with the atmosphere you need to be successful with your techniques and this may well discourage you and lead to you giving up, which would be a great shame. This article presents you with a way to create your own space dedicated solely to your peace of mind.

Tips For Creating Your Own Meditation Sanctuary In Your Garden

Creating a sanctuary for meditation in your home is simpler and cheaper than many people think. You already have the space, and simply have to personalize it to get the right benefit from it. A spare room in the home can work well for such a sanctuary; however an area outside of the home is better.

Garden sheds are an ideal space for sanctuaries, as they are empty areas waiting to be filled. You have to make the effort to head out to it, which will encourage you to make the time for your meditation, and you are surrounded by nature. This has a very soothing effect, but you are still protected from the elements, so there’s no excuse - even if it’s raining outside.

  • De-clutter your garden shed by finding other homes for what you are currently storing in there. It may well need a quick sweep out, then place a large fleece blanket on the floor, and a floor cushion or two for extra comfort.
  • Take a portable CD player into the shed with you and play some soothing music or a guided meditation CD. Some days you will want to listen to them, some days you may prefer the quiet. It’s good to have the option, though.
  • The space in front of you can be personalised with images that help you relax and focus. These can be pictures of vast landscapes, flowing waterfalls, important quotes from idols or a family picture.
  • Consider adding some scented oil or scented candles to your sanctuary. Lavender, sandalwood and camomile are notorious for their calming effects on our psyche.

The main thing to remember when creating your meditation sanctuary is that it is your sanctuary. There can be as much or as little extras to make it more comfortable as you like. No-one else needs to approve of your sanctuary.

An Example Of A Meditation Sanctuary - Mayu

Meditation Senctuary At The Omega Institute

Chalice Well meditation sanctuary
Chalice Well meditation sanctuary
Meditation sanctuary
Meditation sanctuary

Do You Believe A Sanctuary Space Is Necessary For Meditation?

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Not really, but it's a nice thing to have
PeggyHazelwood on 05/16/2013

Probably not. I think it's a very nice idea if you can indulge!

Meditation Sanctuary In The Smoky Mountains National Park

A Beautiful Spiritual Journey
Sanctuary: Meditations From The Great...

How To Create Your Own Yoga Sanctuary

Can Also Work For Meditation

If you enjoy yoga, then this garden shed sanctuary can be created for you, too, with a few simple changes.

  • Instead of the blanket on the floor, staple a white bed sheet to the floor. This gives you some protection for your bare feet and a wider area for more complicated assanas.
  • Vast landscapes can once again serve as inspiration and support to focus, but you can also consider some pictures of assanas to guide you.
  • A mix of some basic assanas, such as Sage Twist and Balasana, which you wish to perform on a regular basis, as well as some assanas which you wish to aspire to, like Ardha Chandra Chapasana are a great help at keeping you on the right track.

Place your yoga mat on the shed’s floor and enjoy your time in the sanctuary for as long as you like to be there.

A Yoga Sanctuary Garden

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Do You Have Your Own Meditation Sanctuary?

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WriterArtist on 08/20/2013

I couldn't agree with you more, creating a special place for meditation goes in a long way. The vibes are positive and they spread. In addition; because the place becomes like a sacred place it is a place when you can easily calm your mind. If you keep it pure, you can experience it faster and better.

PeggyHazelwood on 05/16/2013

No, but I don't meditate. I probably should because when I've tried, my mind goes a mile a minute. It might help me quiet my mind.

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