Meet Internet Marketing Master, Ewen Chia

by Ex-hubber

As one of the most well known Internet Marketing Masters on the planet, Ewen Chia teaches his students the best methods of making money on the Internet. Find out how he started out

Ewen Chia
Ewen Chia

Who Is Ewen Chia?

As a person with very little Internet or computer knowledge until a few years ago, I had no idea what an Internet "Guru" was or that there was such a thing. The more I dove into the possibility of starting my own Internet business, the more familiar I became with some of the more popular names of people who would give free information to help people like me, newbies to the Internet. Some of these people were obviously giving just to make money because there always seemed to be a catch involved to get the free info. Then there were a few others stood out as being people who had an intimate knowledge of the business and were willing to share their information without it seeming they were trying to sell me something. I know now that no good marketer in the world gives something without the expectation they will receive something in return but I didn't know then and a few of the stand-outs helped me tremendously. One in particular was a man named Ewen Chia.

Now Ewen Chia may not be a household name that everyone recognizes but if you do a search on him on the Internet you will find hundreds of thousands of websites about him or his products. To put it simply, this guy is the real deal!

In 1997, this graduate from the University of London was struggling so much to make ends meet that he began to experiment with Internet Marketing to make some extra money. Sound familiar to anyone? I thought so...He spent his days working a full time sales and marketing job and then came home to run his Internet business from 11:00pm - 3:00am. Dedicated to make his dream of being an Internet superstar, he stuck with it for five years before he actually began to make some real money and he hasn't stopped since.

The Student Becomes The Teacher

Ewen's passion to give his family a better life, to pay off his debt and to live a more comfortable life made him the successful entrepreneur he is today. But he also understands the importance of giving back to the industry that has given him so much. As a result, Ewen now teaches Internet Marketing to people all around the world. Using the same drive and passion that got him where he is today, he teaches as if he wants to personally coach every person to be the most successful marketer on the planet.

If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, take advantage of it. He has won numerous awards for best speaker at some of the biggest Internet conferences in the world. His speaking accolades include: Best Speaker: World Internet Summit 2007 in Australia and Best Speaker: World Internet Mega Summit in Singapore.

In 2009, Ewen was finally able to publish his very first print book titled "How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too." This book is said to be responsible for bringing Internet Marketing into the mainstream. Amazingly, the book was the first in Internet Marketing history to make the Main #1 Bestseller list for both Amazon and Barnes and Noble at the same time. Even more amazing was that it did so in just 24 hours!

One of Ewen's biggest accomplishments was an award he won in 2006 at the World Internet Summit in Singapore. The award was the first ever "World Internet Challenge". In front of an audience of some 1000 people participating in the three day event, Ewen was able to set up a business from scratch and generate an astounding $80,000 in just three days. It's no wonder why he is considered the "Secret Weapon" for so many Affiliate Marketers across the globe.

Learn From The Master

I don't know about you, but I know that I would much rather learn from someone who is considered the best of the best than to take my chances with someone who has no proof he is what he says he is. There are thousands of people all over the world who pretend to be as good as Ewen Chia is. The problem is they don't have anything other than some made up screen shots to prove their claims.

To prove my point, all you need to do is to do an Internet search for Ewen Chia and find out if anyone has anything bad to say about him or his teachings. In my search on Yahoo using his name in the seach bar, I checked the first 15 pages of results and couldn't find one. That's because it's hard to talk trash on a man who is perhaps the World's #1 Super Affiliate.

I would love to tell you that everything I know about Internet Marketing I learned from Ewen but I can't. For years I searched for answers that were right in front of me the whole time. If I had only taken the time to stop and listen to what Ewen was trying to tell me so long ago, I might be in a better financial position today. If only I had listened...

You too have the opportunity to stop chasing the dream and actually do something to capture it. All you need to do is commit a little time to listen and learn from the Master, Ewen Chia. So stop searching for answers to questions that are right in front of you. If you ever wanted to learn Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, List Building or anything else that has to do with working in Online Marketing, do yourself a big favor and sign up to be one of his students.

Because Ewen uses Clickbank to promote his services, I am not sure if I'm allowed to directly link to his website so you can learn more and actually sign up. I have been banned on other writing websites, which will remain un-named.  Anyway so here's the link to learn more:

As always, I wish you nothing but success and hope I can play a small part in it. God knows it won't be my knowledge that helps, just my knowledge of Ewen Chia.

Updated: 03/24/2020, Ex-hubber
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Ex-hubber on 06/26/2011

He really is the master when it comes to teaching. There are some very good marketers out there who give excellent information but Ewen seems to be the most open when it comes to sharing the important information people are looking for.
Since you are new to marketing, let me give you one bit of advice that Ewen shared with me just today. Don't try to go in a bunch of different directions. Pick one way of making money, follow a proven blueprint that you know works and stick with that blueprint until it pays off. People get into trouble trying a bunch of different ways and never give their work a chance to pay off. Making money through online marketing takes time before you see results. Don't give up too early.
Thanks for reading my page, bolillie. I appreciate it.

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