What Have You Done To Make Money Online Today?

by Ex-hubber

If you are trying to make money on the Internet, you must stay focused and avoid distractions. Learn the important factors of making money online and master them.

Continued Success Comes Only From Continued Work

Stop Searching For Answers You Already Have

If your goal is to make money online, there is one rule you need to understand and follow if you are going to be successful.  You will only make money by doing things that make money.  I know, it sounds kind of simple and obvious when it's worded like that but think about it for a second.  How much time have you wasted doing things that don't make money on the Internet?  What kinds of things could you be doing right now to make money online?  What have you done to make money today?  If you're like most people who fail in their online business attempts, you probably haven't done anything.  That's the problem with not having experience in this business, you think the work is over once you have your website set up.  But it's just not true.  What you need to learn is that once the website is up and running the work has just begun.

So why is it so important to continue putting in daily work and what kinds of things can you do to help you make more money?  Well if you have your own website, you need visitors, right?  Not just a few visitors but hundreds or even thousands of visitors a day.  The more people who choose to visit your website, the more opportunity you have to make a sale.  But how will people ever see your website?  After all, just because you have launched your website doesn't mean anyone will ever see it.  You have to create ways to lead people to your website.  You have to do the things that create the traffic to your site.  So stop sitting around reading articles, watching videos or chatting with friends on Facebook and waiting for the sales to come.  Go write an article, visit some forums in the subject your website is about and participate in some conversations with people or add a post to your blog.

As an experienced Internet marketer myself, I have lived through the ups and the many downs that come with the territory in this unforgiving business.  I set up my first website many years ago and quickly found that making money isn't quite as easy as some people would have you believe.  I remember night after night working until the early morning hours trying to figure out different ways I could make even one sale online.  Sadly, not too many came early on.  Later I realized it wasn't what I was doing that was causing the lack of interest in my promotions, it was what I wasn't doing.

Here's a quick story of my early online experience.  Let’s see if this sounds familiar to you…

I began searching for ways online to make some extra money and came across this guy who said I could pay $300 and he would set up my website for me on any topic I wanted.  All I had to do was tell him what I wanted it to be about and he would do all the technical stuff and have it ready for visitors in less than a week.  Less than a week later I had my website but it was far from ready for visitors.  I had to sign up for affiliate accounts and wait to be approved.  I had to get my website hosting set up and then I had to install all of the links to the products I wanted to promote.  Hardly ready for visitors, right?

As someone with no experience at the time, I had to learn a great deal in a very short time.  I was focused and driven to get the job done so I could just sit back and wait for the money to start pouring in.  But once I was done, nothing was happening.  I would get a visitor or two a day but there certainly was no money pouring anywhere, at least not in my direction.  I spent the next several days on the Internet, not doing anything to promote my website, but searching for answers to what I was doing wrong.

Did I find answers?  You bet I did.  The Internet is loaded with answers.  Thinking back, though, I kind of wish I hadn't...If I only knew then what I know now, I would have turned off my computer and gone to bed.  The problem was that I found so much information on so many different areas of this complex business that I lost sight of what I was doing.  By the time I was done following all of the new leads I had on this great information, I was more confused than ever.  This common occurance has even been given a name by the "gurus" of the business.  It's called "Information overload".  And what information overload does to you is it makes you lose focus on the important parts of making money online.  Those parts are...

1) Create a way to promote products or services online that people can buy from you.  It can be in the form of a website, blog or even a collection of articles.

2) Get people to see your promotions or articles.

3) Continue to generate interest in your promotions however you are capable.

4) Master one way of getting visitors before you try another.

Now there are a lot of technical things that come along with setting each of these things up but if you face each one individually and conquer it before moving on to the next one, you will begin see just how simple making money online can be.

There Is No Shame In Not Having Knowledge. But There Are Places To Gain Knowledge.

Get Help If You Need It

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Updated: 03/24/2020, Ex-hubber
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Ex-hubber on 09/30/2011

Thanks Sara. I'm happy to have some positive reinforcement on this one. I hope it will help people avoid making some of the mistakes I did.

sara on 09/30/2011

You share good ideas here. Its very easy to loose track with so many things to learn and implement. I agree with you on mastering one technique before trying another.

Ex-hubber on 09/28/2011

Thanks to both petunia and Michey for your support. Best of luck in all you do today and everyday and may it bring you the success and happiness you hope for.

petunia on 09/28/2011

Indeed, the learning never ends when one works on line! Focus and discipline are our constant lessons. Thank you for this great reminder and thank you Michey for posting this on Google plus --!

Michey on 09/28/2011

You have solid good ideas here, and I agree that doing activities which generate money is the perfect answer, plus hard work, consistency, and continue learning.
Today... I just start my day... but yesterday I learn about a great new plug-in perfect for monetizing Blogs, and I read about an application which can successfully replace squeeze pages and is more customer friendly...
Thanks for a great post

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