Memories Of Molly

by SidewalkPhilosopher

As I pulled into the section designated for parking, I saw a thick, grey cloud of smoke begin to rise.

As Sophia on the Golden Girls would begin, “Picture It”...Sunny Florida, Space Coast Credit Union, Indialantic, July, 1998, parking lot a block off the beach and 100 degrees!! Just staring in amazement, at first, I could not move! Until this day in July, she had never missed a beat or failed me even once!

Preparing For A New Friend

Have you ever owned a car that, for you, was special?  I did once and this is the story of Molly…and the only time she ever let me down in the almost ten years we were together.

I remember just how determined I was to find the right car. Automobiles, in my family, were a huge part of our lives because my father owned a business that surrounded us with them! When I was a little girl, I could tell you the make and model of any car on the road!

So, when we decided to trade our old, 1978 station wagon, Sophia, in 1991, it was serious business. With four children, new (or new to us) cars were few and far between.  I had seen a specific Grand Marquis around town that was just the color and detail that I wanted and was determined to find one like it.


First, talking with my father, he had not only recommended the 1989 Grand Marquis as a good, safe car but also told me how much we should pay for it.

The Perfect Choice

After saving enough money to pay cash, my husband and I began our search for the perfect car. However, after looking in three towns in one afternoon for the one I wanted, by five o’clock, we were ready to give up and head home.

On the way, we passed the only dealer ship we had not checked (of course, the one closest to our house). We didn’t even attempt to stop because it was getting late. As we passed by, I looked out across the lot and there, in the center of the mass of cars, was my Molly. I grabbed my husband’s arm and just pointed!

The closer we got to her the more I was certain this was the one for me. She was beautiful,


the color and detail I wanted and the right year as well. The ticket price was a little more than we wanted to spend but, after an hour, we managed to talk them into our price. She was ours and, after saying our farewells to Sophia, we were soon driving Molly home to meet the family.

A couple of years later, when we took a family trip to South Carolina, my father met Molly for the first time. Unknown to me, the price he had quoted me for the car was with no bells and whistles. He turned to me, laughing out loud with pride, as he said,

“Gal, this car is an LS and top of the line…you took the man’s money!!”

Our Afternoon Adventure

By 1998, Molly was beginning to show her age mechanically with almost 140,000 miles to her credit. But I still adored her and refused to give her up. Until this day in July, she had never missed a beat or failed me even once!

As Sophia on the Golden Girls would begin, “Picture It”...Sunny Florida, Space Coast Credit Union, Indialantic, July, 1998, parking lot a block off the beach and 100 degrees!!

Molly and I turned into the parking lot, intent to pay a bill and be on our way quickly. However, I noticed the right blinker, which I had just replaced, was not working. As I pulled into the section designated for parking, I saw a thick, grey cloud of smoke begin to rise from under Molly’s hood.

I pulled slowly into a space away from other cars, left the motor running, and, intelligent person that I am, raised the hood!

Just staring in amazement, at first, I could not move…Molly was on fire!!!

Running back to the open car door, I quickly turned off the motor, retrieved my purse and, of course, my coke! Hey! It’s 100 degrees…besides, that coke cost me a buck fifteen!!

I began to walk quickly (a woman of almost 48 and my size has no business running) to the building. Suddenly I heard someone calling “Mam!” So, I stopped and turned as a young man asked, “Mam, do you know that your car in on fire?” Well, at this point, I wanted to say, “Duh! Ya’ think?!”…however, I didn’t take the time. He then ran passed me and inside where six bank employees began to search for a fire extinguisher that not one of them is sure exist or has a clue as to where to look for it! Minutes later, it was found and poor Molly’s alternator was relieved of flame.

Once the fire was out, a fire truck and twelve firemen hit the parking lot along with two police cars, each holding one policeman. Now, I have fourteen men standing around Molly’s hood discussing the disconnection of her battery, which I could have already done if they weren’t in my way!

In the meantime, I am standing in the Florida Sunshine “glowing profusely” and answering a million questions presented to me by the older policeman…thank goodness, I spent that buck fifteen on my coke!

As I look over at the thirteen grown men surrounding Molly’s open hood, it strongly reminded me of a Pollock joke and I had to stifle a giggle.

By this time, I am receiving more sympathy for the “poor female” than I can stand. However, not one of them offered to go inside and pay that bill for me!!! Definite insult to injury!!!!

Once the policeman released me, I stepped over to the car and caught a conversation between two of the firemen. Evidently, one was training the other and he was saying, “In circumstances like this one, you get all of the information for your form from the victim.” Well, it was out of my mouth before I could stop it. “But the victim can’t answer your questions!”

The man nearest me turned and said, “Excuse me?” and so I repeated myself. He looked perplexed so I pointed to Molly and said, “The victim can’t talk!” and presented him with a quite serious expression.

Suddenly the older policeman caught on and began to laugh out loud, soon followed by everyone else.

The next thing I know, all of these grown men were patting Molly’s hood and fenders and telling her that she would be quite all right and I would take very good care of her. She would be good as new in no time. It was priceless!!

They told me to let them know if I needed a tow truck or anything to help get Molly where she needed to be. But, ya know, not one of those nice, grown men offered “ME” a ride home!

As they all left the parking lot, I just watched and laughed! They may have been afraid of this crazy lady who talked to her car!!!!

Time To Say Farewell

Molly and I remained constant companions for only a few months after that because we felt it was time to let her go. But I will always remember our adventures and the years of service she afforded us the day we bought ourselves an automobile that was built with our family in mind. That and ten years of memories packed away among the leather, metal, rubber and carpeting of my friend, Molly!

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Updated: 05/08/2013, SidewalkPhilosopher
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SidewalkPhilosopher on 06/10/2022

Derdriu, Molly was a 1989 Grand Marquis. Before Molly was Sophia…after Molly was Callie. I sold my Avalon, BlueBell, in 2018 after13 years and replaced her with Cassie Lou. My granddaughters named this last one. The younger of the two wanted Cindy Lou Who but they compromised,. It all started back in 1972 in Greece with a 1959 VW Bug named Chugs. The children loved the names and now the grandchildren are chiming in. LOL

DerdriuMarriner on 06/10/2022

SidewalkPhilosopher, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.

It's not unexpected that people have names for, and personal relationships with, their vehicles since the latter may be described as successors to the family donkeys, horses and mules.

What kind of car was Molly's successor, and what was that successor's name?

SidewalkPhilosopher on 05/12/2013

Hahahahaha! Thanks, Cathy....I think??? LOL Yep, we have definitely had fun!! Love you, too, Girl!!!!! :)

Cathy on 05/12/2013

No I have never had a car I named. YOU are the only person that I have ever known that named her cars and had a personal relationship with them. So I guess you ar???? HaHa, for people who don't know you let me just explain thats just Jeanie. She talks to them and they listen, just like her children and animals do. We have had so much fun through the years laughing and plotting and shopping and just being sisters that God put together when his timing was right for both of us. Love you so much.

SidewalkPhilosopher on 05/07/2013

Thanks Michey...glad you enjoyed meeting Molly! :)

Michey on 05/07/2013

Hi! Some how I find out that you like cars... now I have that proof and I know why!
A pleasure to read!... and I like the car.

SidewalkPhilosopher on 05/07/2013

Thanks Mira...she was a beauty!!! :)

Mira on 05/07/2013

Nice read! And the car looks GOOD :)

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