Menacing Glow in the Dark Costumes for Halloween

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Terrifying skeleton glow in dark costumes are favourite of kids, they have an element of surprise and they never see to be out of fashion.

A costume that lights up in the dark, a sandal that flickers in the night and a fur that twinkles in the darkness of woods are perfect accessories for the night of Halloween. Just right to unleash the terror and fright, it looks convincing especially when the last of sun-rays cease to exist.

So you think you are brave?
Can you say the same when the lights are out and darkness prevails?

The dark can make you nervous and hours of darkness without light can be un-nerving to even the bravest of souls. You have often seen neon lights and phosphorescence signs on the roads to give you directions at night. Have you ever wondered what makes them glow in the dark?

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Kid's Wizard Costume Set

Glow in the dark lightning bolts
Grim Reaper Girl Costume Glow in the dark for Halloween (X-Large( 1...

Skeleton Glow in Dark Costumes


The costumes that glow come with many themes but skeleton designs are the favourites of people. What other terrifying stuff than seeing your own bones as if your body has if under x-ray machine. Skeletons are always a subject of fright and nobody wants to see them except for the Halloween or under microscope for research and study.


Have you considered dancing skeletons sexy? Perhaps you have to change your mind?

The contour of your body with all the bones highlighted puts you in a different perspective altogether. Black outfits with the glow in the dark bones painted in a precise manner might reflect the dark side of your personality. You might still have a chance to freak out with the bold and courageous. Your girlfriend or boyfriend might not take a backseat and he or she might be ready to shake a leg with you as the shaking bones.

What Causes Glow in the Dark?


There are phenomena that may seem similar but the nature and origins of these luminous substances may be quite different and unique. We will explain the 2 popular occurrences that are reasons for the illumination.

Avengers Boys Glow in the Dark Muscle Captain America Costume with Mask

SHINYOU Girls Princess Dress Party Fancy Costume LED Light Up Chris...

Have you ever wore glow in the dark dress?

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Facts on Glow in Dark

Glowing in dark is a phenomenon that is loved by both adults and kids; it adds the extra hallucinating, illuminating effect in room décor. Think about the twinkling stars in the night sky. Some of them are dying suns just like ours which are far far away.



  • Glow in the dark is caused by the inorganic phosphors that absorb light in the presence of sunlight or other sources and re-emit it when it is dark.



  • The glow in dark substance is zinc sulphide or the latest material strontium aluminate which is brighter and glows for a longer duration



  • The new material strontium aluminate can glow up to whopping 12 hours whereas zinc sulphide fades in around half an hour.



  • The luminosity does not last till eternity. It ceases away when the atoms release all the energy in form of light.



  • The component of light that works best is the ultra-violet rays. It gets absorbed better and faster.



  • The stuff that comes with glow in dark is usually green. This is because the human eye is more sensitive to seeing green colour glowing in night. Now you understand why the dark vision goggles typically come in green.



  • Glow in dark substances are better perceived in complete darkness because the pupil dilates and you can see it brighter and clear.


Bioluminescence Phenomenon


Bioluminescence refers to the emission of light from living organisms. Perhaps you had a chance to take a vacation in the deepest levels of oceans or a tour to aquarium. You will see many different species that have the power of producing light in dark.

Most of the jellyfish species exhibit this phenomenon. They are bioluminescent; they contain fluorescent proteins which are responsible for glowing in dark or under exposure to ultraviolet light. 

The Effect of Phosphorescence


Simple enough, the phosphorescence is a phenomenon where energy is absorbed by specific substances and released slowly at dark in form of light rays. This explains the magic behind the materials such as face paint and costumes that are luminous in the absence of light and emit the energy once they are placed in darkness. Unlike fluorescence these substance take time to charge and re-emit the energy.

Widespread use of such substances can be seen in glow in dark toys, clock dials, speed breakers and neon sign-boards on road. The glowing cannot be present indefinitely, it fades out depending upon the energy absorbed and has to be re-charged.

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Were you aware why things glow in the dark?

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Mira on 10/18/2014

Nice bits of info. Pinning the Spiderman and Kid Wizard costumes onto my Halloween board.

Telesto on 10/18/2014

That is really interesting and informayive. But it still gives me the willies when I walk down the road at night and see a skeleton come towards me.

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