Merida Costumes for Girls

by SusanVillasLewis

Dress in her every day green or her more formal blue with all the accessories you'll need as well!

She's not the typical Disney princess, but that doesn't make Merida any less royal.

Merida is the star of Brave, the latest movie from Disney Pixar. She's feisty, fearless and sure to be a princess you're happy to have your daughter dress up as. It's easy as can be with Merida costumes from Disney and others.

The costumes come in the every day outfit for Merida - a dark green dress - as well as the dress she wears for the archery competition - a formal blue gown with gold trim. Add in the archery kit and red wig and there will be no mistaking you for anyone else!

Merida Costumes - The Green Dress

Worn as her every day dress, especially when out shooting in the forest
Disney's Green Dress Costume for Merida
Disney's Green Dress Costume for Merida
Merida's Green Dress in the Movie
Merida's Green Dress in the Movie

Throughout the movie, we tend to see Merida in her green dress. It's a simple, sturdy looking dress, usually paired with a gray cape and her bow and arrows. Given the fact that when you pair "princess" and "costume" together, people expect glamor, Disney and other costume makers have dressed this outfit up quite a bit. Pretty sure your daughter won't care.

Disney Version

Adventure Brave Merida Costume for Girls

    • Merida cameo with dangling flower*
    • Bodice features velure, mesh and sequin accents
    • Long sleeves with ruffled trim
    • Lace trim
    • Glitter detailing
    • Four-layer skirt features satin and mesh underskirt and organza overskirt
    • Nylon / Polyester
    • Imported
Other Merida Costumes

Disney Brave Merida Hero Kids Costume

$39.99 at Costumes Express
Includes a dress and wig
Also in toddler sizes
Merida Costume for Girls
Merida Costume

$44.95 at Disney Store
Newest version straight from Disney

Merida Costumes - Blue Gown

Worn for the archery competition in which she shoots for her own hand.
Disney's Blue Gown Costume for Merida
Disney's Blue Gown Costume for Merida
Merida's Blue Dress in the Movie
Merida's Blue Dress in the Movie

Maybe it's just because it's already supposed to be Merida's fancy outfit, but the blue gown costumes are far closer to the movie version. With the exception of the Merida cameo on the chest and the length. Oh, and I haven't seen anything with the white headdress. Seriously doubt you'd get any little girl to wear that, though!

This is the dress Merida is wearing during the official ceremony where one of the young lords is to win her hand in marriage. She foils all that by participating in (and winning!) the competition herself. So there is one part of this scene where she is wearing her cape and, of course, shooting her bow.

The non-Disney versions are shorter and vary greatly in the sleeve styles.

Disney Version
Merida Costume for Girls

Brave Merida Costume for Girls

    • Merida cameo with jewel accents
    • Glittering gold trim on neckline, sleeves and attached belt
    • Sequin bodice with organza overlay
    • Tulle skirt features gold glitter, and satin ribbon on hem with royal mottos
    • Waist features glittering gold belt, attached
    • Polyester / Nylon
    • Imported


Other Merida Costumes

Wigs for a Merida Costume

Red, curly and wild fits the bill here

The odds are pretty much against your daughter already having Merida's hair. (And if she does, my sympathies!) So to keep this from being just any old princess, a wig is probably a good idea. If you already have on for Ariel, that would probably be good enough since it's pretty close to the same red. Just not quite as curly. Still, there are some options that have been designed just for Merida costumes.

Disney Version

Merida Hair Piece for Girls

  • One size fits most
  • Man-made materials Imported







Other Red Curly Wigs for Merida

Accessories for a Merida Costume

The most obvious accessory for Merida is her bow, arrow and quiver. It's a huge part of the story as well as her personality. 

Disney Accessories

Merida's a princess - of sorts. So of course, Disney has to give her a crown and glittery shoes. No getting around it, folks. Now, when Merida first has on her blue dress, she does have a slim tiara over her headdress.

Brave Merida Tiara

$12.95 at Disney Store
  • Glitter accents
  • Merida cameo
  • Combs for a secure fit
Merida Shoes for Girls
Merida Shoes for Girls

$16.95 at Disney Store
  • Merida cameo 
  • Glitter accents 
  • Self-stick fabric fasteners on back
  • Cushioned footbed

Brave Merida Archery Set

  • Bow, four arrows and quiver with belt 
  • Arrows feature suckers for harmless play
  • Quiver features adjustable belt 


Other Merida Costume Accessory Options

Bow and Arrow Set

$7.99 at Costume Express
Updated: 01/04/2017, SusanVillasLewis
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