Metal Wall Art by Ash Carl

by jptanabe

Something unique for your room - Metal wall art by amazing contemporary artist Ash Carl!

I came across this amazing artist quite by chance. Ash Carl works in metal wall sculpture and his pieces are phenomenal! Some of the panels are painted, giving them additional color, but what really stands out is the way the light reflects. The artworks seem to move and glow as you walk past them! The art appears completely three dimensional, although it's really the reflections that give this effect.

I love this piece, and many more. Hope you do too!


This piece, called "Zion" is a 7 panel metal wall sculpture by artist Ash Carl.

The hand sanded finish creates a unique 3-dimensional effect whereby the metal reflects any light in the room, causing the artwork to seem to "move" as you pass by.

I Love this Tree!

This was one of the first pieces by Ash Carl I saw. The tree just captured my attention and made me want to know more about this artist - and see more of his work of course!

About Ash Carl

Ash Carl is an American artist whose unique metal artworks has been displayed, bought, and commissioned around the world. Over time he has developed his techniques - sanding, welding, cutting, and painting metal. Using different metals like aluminum, steel, stainless, brass, and copper he creates an increasingly diverse assortment of work.

Using different handsanding finishes he is able to create amazing holographic illusions and three dimensional effects through reflected light. Finally, paint applied to protect the metal also features an amazing array of colors and detail.

This one also spoke to me - I guess I really like trees!

Metal Wall Art! Handsanded Wall Decor for Modern Settings.

Abstract Designs

Ash Carl has a whole collection of amazing abstract designs

Yes, Ash Carl's sculptures are colorful! Here are some more colorful and beautiful designs. I find them quite mesmerizing, and that's just looking at a photo! In reality they are much much more.

Of course you'd have to be a bit careful that the colors match your own decor. But I'd be willing to change the room to match these wonderful pieces, wouldn't you?

Modern Decor - Gorgeous colors

Almost looks like a rainbow colored galaxy in space!
Abstract by Ash Carl Metal Wall Art in Multi - 23.5" x 60"

Not all Abstract

Ash Carl has a whole collect of less abstract designs too. I have to say "less abstract" since they are not exactly in the photographic realistic category.

But this city-scape is so fascinating, wouldn't you want it on your wall? 

Ash Carl also has a whole series of world maps, some with color, some just handsanded metal that reflects the light.          

Are you a fan of Ash Carl's metal art?

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Updated: 09/28/2022, jptanabe
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jptanabe on 01/15/2015

I love it! Wish I could afford to buy them all!

sandyspider on 01/15/2015

Lovely artwork. The panel wall art is so popular right now.

jptanabe on 01/06/2015

You're welcome! Yes, it needs space to really enjoy the beauty of his work.

Tolovaj on 01/06/2015

It's spectacular and I see some of the pieces are discounted at the moment, but unfortunately this art needs more space I have at the moment. Thanks for introduction!

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