Minnie Mouse Themed Party Supplies & Decoration Ideas

by Tehreem

Throwing a Minnie Mouse Party Never Was This Easy! Find Everything You Need To Plan A Minnie Mouse Themed Party.

Minnie mouse is a loved character all around the globe. Kids, Especially girls, love this cute little mouse with a bow on her head.Planning a birthday party with Minnie Mouse Theme for your daughters next birthday will make her happy beyond imagination! A Minnie Mouse Birthday Party will also give her something to brag about in front of her friends.

Throw A Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday For Your Little Angel

Make Her Party Full Of Joy!

This page will provide you with many ideas for throwing a perfect Minnie Mouse Birthday Party. Make your Minnie Mouse Party memorable by decorating with the right items. This page will tell you how to decorate your party place using Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Supplies. Different ideas for decoration and entertainment will provide you with the choice of selecting what you like best. You can find many items online or can buy things at your market. Whatever you decide, we will help you all the way through! :)

For a Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party, there is a complete range of Baby Minnie Mouse Supplies . Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Tableware, Candles, Invitations, Decorations etc are available on Amazon.

Start By Preparing A Checklist

Make Sure You Have Written Everything

Planning a Birthday Party requires a lot of focus and attention. You need to consider everything that you have to do like cleaning the house, making sure that breakable decoration pieces are way out of children's reach, setting the party place, inviting all guests etc.

The best way to remember all of this is to prepare a Birthday Party Checklist. You can find a great party checklist on RealSimple.com. This checklist is a perfect one and it will ensure that you don't forget anything while having so much things on your mind at once.

What you will find really useful, is this book on party planning. How To Plan The Perfect Party For Your Child provides you with many ideas for planning a successful party for kids aged 1 to 21. It is always handy to have a book at hand. But we are always here to help you with party planning.

Mickey mouse birthday party theme is always loved by children. Learn how to throw a perfect Mickey Mouse party! Find everything you need to know on this page.

Send Out Party Invitations To Friends & Loved Ones

Make Sure You Forget None!

Preparing Party Invitations will prove to be a lot of fun if you gather the whole family and ask them to help you out. Simple cardboard cuttings can be decorated with Minnie Mouse Stickers or printed images as Party Invitations.

Cardboard can be cut out in the shape of Minnie Mouse and colored or painted upon. The bow can be added by painting or seperately by cutting and pasting on the face.

Minnie Mouse Printable Party Invitations can be easily found online. They can be personalized and printed easily.

If you want some really cool Disney official Minnie Mouse Praty Invitations, you can find them on Amazon easily. Order them online and have them delivered at your doorstep without any fuss.

Party Invitations should be sent out with a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. This gives your guests enough time to prepare themselves for the theme.

The party invitation should tell all the details of the party. Party venue, dress code, timings and all other details should be clearly entered.

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies Are Necessary For The Theme

Minnie Mouse Tableware

Minnie Mouse Themed Party requires a complete Minnie Mouse Decor for the party room. The party table should be set with Minnie Mouse Tableware and decorations. Minnie Mouse Party Supplies are easily accessible online. Have your Minnie Mouse Party Supplies delivered at your doorstep by just clicking and paying through your credit card.

Some of the most popular Minnie Mouse Party Supply Packages are featured below.




The first one is Minnie Mouse Deluxe Party Pack. It is a party pack for 8 and contains most of the items that you will need for your party. This Minnie Mouse Deluxe Package includes

  • 8 sets of Minnie Mouse Invitations
  • 8 sets of Minnie Mouse party ware (includes lunch plates, dessert plates, cutlery and cups) 
  • 18 varied colored Minnie Mouse balloons
  • 3 rolls of curling ribbon
  • 3 rolls of crepe paper
  • Minnie Mouse candles
  • Minnie Mouse centerpiece
  • Minnie Mouse napkins
  • Minnie Mouse table cover
  • Minnie Mouse Mylar balloon

Other party packs are also featured so you can choose the one that meets your requirements.

The Minnie Mouse Deluxe Party Supplies Kit By Hallmark is a complete Minnie Mouse Kit. It is my personal favorite as it is really useful and won't even be heavy on budget with all its contents. This Party Pack includes:

  • 16 Minnie Mouse Lunch Plates
  • 16 Minnie Mouse Lunch Napkins
  • 16 Minnie Mouse Paper Cups
  • 2 Minnie Mouse Plastic Table covers (54 x 96)
  • 16 Plastic Pink Forks
  • 16 Plastic Pink Spoons
  •  16 Plastic Pink Knives
  • 16 Minnie Mouse Invitations
  • 16 Minnie Mouse Blowouts
  • 1 Minnie Mouse Banner
  • 2 Minnie Mouse Centerpieces
  • 20 Pink Balloons
  • 1 Light Pink Curling Ribbon (66ft)
  • 1 Pink Streamer (81ft)
  • 1 White Crepe Streamer (81ft)
  • 24 Birthday Candles

All this comes for $50!

Make your choice as there are many other things left to do!

Choose A Perfect Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Or Cupcake

Your Choice!

What is a party without a cake??!!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party would be so incomplete without a Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake. Minnie Mouse cupcakes would also look fabulous if you want them.

You can order your desired design of Minnie Mouse Cake in a bakery. Choose a cake you like and ask them to prepare it for you.

If you want to bake the party cake yourself then it won't be a problem at all. Mix up batter for your cake and pour it in a Minnie Mouse Cake Pan. Put in the oven and the cake is ready for icing and decoration. Wilton Minnie Mouse Cake Pan is a perfect choice for this purpose.

Another option is to bake a simple cake and decorate it with Minnie Mouse Cake toppers or candles. Edible Minnie Mouse Cake Images are also available for putting on the cakes. Just make sure that your child's party has every item with a Minnie Mouse on it.

Simple cupcakes can be baked and decorated with Minnie Mouse Cupcake Toppers for a Minnie Mouse Cupcake Tower.

Learn How To Make A Minnie Cake

This Video Tutorial Is Really Helpful For Minnie Cake Decoration

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Gallery

Choose your favorite design !
Minnie Mouse cake
Minnie Mouse cake
I Love Minnie Mouse Diaper cake
I Love Minnie Mouse Diaper cake

Minnie Mouse Cake & Cupcake Toppers

Take Your Pick For Your Cake Decoration

The Minnie Mouse Cake And Cupcake Toppers featured here will look beautiful on your Cake or cupcake. They are not at all expensive and can be re-used after the party for room decorations etc. The whole range of Baby Minnie Mouse Cake Toppers is also featured for a 1st birthday.

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Decorations

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Kit by Crispie Sweets - Sprinkles and Baking Cups Set

These adorable Cupcake Kits are pre-matched for you with deliciously sweet sprinkles that are perfectly coordinated to match the charming baking cups. Each Cupcake Kit ...

View on Amazon

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cupcake Rings Toppers

You'll receive 12 cupcake rings which kids can actually wear!

Only $9.99

View on Amazon

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Stand by Wilton

A party is always in the making when you have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcake Stand on hand. In minutes, you can create a bright and colorful 3-tier cupcake stand with a ...

Only $21.01

View on Amazon

Mickey Mouse Cake Decorations - MICKEY MOUSE PASTELS EDIBLE Candy Confetti Sprinkles for Cakes, ...

These mini shapes are assorted colors of pink, yellow, lime green and blue in the shape of Mickey Mouse head and ears. Easy to use, simply sprinkle on to tops of cakes, ...

View on Amazon

Minnie Mouse Party Decorations

Minnie Mouse Around The House!

A Minnie Mouse Birthday Party will look incomplete without Minnie Mouse Room Decorations. Your party place should look welcoming and attractive. Minnie Mouse Themed Balloons, Streamers, Hangings, Wall decorations will make your place look like Minnie's Den!

Different Minnie Mouse items that have to be used are:

  • Minnie Mouse Balloons
  • Minnie Mouse Ribbons
  • Minnie mouse Streamers
  • Minnie Mouse Wall decals
  • Minnie Mouse Hangings
  • Minnie Mouse Birthday Banner
  • Minnie mouse Pinata

These items are easily available in market and can also be purchased from online stores. Minnie Mouse Confetti can be sprinkled around the room and on party table for giving a complete Minnie Look. Minnie Mouse posters will look good on walls and a Minnie Mouse Party backdrop will give the ultimate look to the party place.

BUT! You don't have to buy all of these items. By using your creativity and skills you can throw the Ultimate Minnie Mouse party and decorate the room by choosing items sensibly.

Take in consideration some of the items we found for you.

Greet The Guests Warmly...

Make Them Feel Welcome

As the guests arrive, make sure you are on the door waiting for them. Make them feel welcome and give them their party hats.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Headbands will be perfect for this party. Boys can be Mickey mouse and girls can be Minnie Mouse. This will create excitement among them.

While the kids wait for other guests entertain them with a bunch of Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages. Prepare a crafts table for them and place some jars of cookies and lollypop for them to eat.

Place some Play Doh on the table for them to play with. keep them busy!

Prepare Fun games For Children

Don't let Them get Bored!

Kids look forward to playing games and getting gifts and prizes as winnings. Many Party Games can be organized for the children. Plan your games according to the Minnie Mouse Party Theme. The gifts to be handed out should also be Minnie Mouse Themed.

Some of the games which you can organize are:

  1. They can play Musical Chair to the tunes of Minnie Mouse Cartoons. Arrange the chairs and let the music play!
  2. A Minnie Mouse Scavenger Hunt can be organized by hiding different minnie Mouse items at different places. Minnie Mouse Stickers, Minnie Mouse candies, Minnie Mouse Toys can be hidden as treasure items.
  3. Pass The Parcel will be a good option for fun seeking kids. Take a Minnie Mouse Hat and put little slips of paper in it with tasks written on them. Kids will pass the hat around while Minnie Mouse Music plays. The kid having the hat when music stops will take out a task and perform it. If he succeeds he gets a gift!
  4. While blowing the balloons you can put little slips of paper with gift items written on them. Organize a balloon bursting event and give the kids the items written on their slips. You can call it The Balloon Bursting Game! =p
  5. Pin The Bow On Minnie will be a fun game. Make a red ribbon and ask the kids to pin the bow on Minnie head. A poster can be used as pin-up or you can cut out a Minnie Face from a cardboard.
  6. Coloring Games will keep the little kids entertained for hours. Organize coloring games for creative minds.
  7. Minnie Mouse Cartoons can be played for their enjoyment. Kids love to watch cartoons.
  8. Minnie Mouse Crafts will be a good choice for crafty kids. Set a table for craft makers with all the items placed on it.
  9. Plan a Face Painting session. Paint the kids faces so they look like mickey mouse and minnie mouse. They will look super cute with their headbands and noses painted black.
  10. End the party by Tearing A Minnie Mouse Pinata.

Minnie Mouse Party Favors & Thankyou Notes

Make sure your party is remebered...


Minnie Mouse party favors will make the guests remember your party and all the fun they had there. Make sure you put a Thank you Note in the favor boxes to thank them for coming. Minnie Mouse Party Take-away, Loot bags and gifts will be loved by all the kids who attend the event.

Minnie Mouse Party favor bags can be bought easily. there are Pre-filled party favor bags and empty loot bags. Filled favor bags will be a good choice as you won't have to buy separate items for filling them. but you can always get empty Minnie Mouse Favor Bags and fill them up with candies, key chains, stickers and many more items.

The purpose of favor bags is to thank the kids for coming to the party. Just make sure this purpose is fulfilled in a good way.

Check Out The Baby Minnie Mouse Range For 1st Birthday Parties

Aren't They Adorable!
Baby Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party Pack Supplies for 16 Guests

You will receive 1 solid pink tablecover, 16 dessert napkins, 16 dessert plates, and 16 cups.

Only $25.0
Minnie's 1st Birthday Molded Candle

Includes (1) molded candle.

Only $4.19
Minnie's 1st Birthday Centerpiece

Celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion with Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party Supplies! Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Party Supplies feature a pastel color palette and adorable ...

$6.49  $3.25
Minnie's 1st Birthday Cupcake Stand

Includes (1) cupcake stand.

Minnie's 1st Birthday Invitations (8 count)

Includes 8 invitations and envelopes. This is an officially licensed ©Disney product.

$8.01  $2.99
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