Modern Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Are Popular Right Now

by Lolly

Use these modern master bedroom decorating ideas to transform your room into a sophisticated space.

Many modern master bedroom decorating ideas provide both homeowners and designers alike with inexpensive and innovative ways to create fresh, clutter-free and inviting spaces.  The most common modern trend is to place organization and clean lines above all else.  Unlike the angular and often harsh Art Deco style popularized by the 1980's, however, the master bedrooms of today are a minimalist take on traditional bedroom designs.

Feng-shui has actually had a large impact on the way we think of interior design today. Simplified, uncluttered, but lots of textures are very common in modern room design these days. Even window treatments, which used to be multi-layered and full of flounce are streamlined.

The future will bring even more technical attributes into the world of interior design. Glass walls, and smart appliances aren't that far off!

Choosing The Right Colors

Your color palette is the most important factor in creating a modern master bedroom. Natural colors, metals, and shades of white are great starting points. Negative space is just as important here as the things you have in the room. You want to give the room as spacious a feel as possible.

In order to create the illusion of wide open spaces, many people opt to color their walls with white colors in muted tones.  Varying shades of cream can provide a roomy feel to smaller areas, making the master bedroom seem massive in spite of an average square footage.  To enhance the appeal of the room and to set the stage for all other design elements, people will often incorporate a contrasting color into the trim such as black, charcoal or chocolate brown.

An eye-catching detail that can be added in order to make the contrasting colors really pop is the incorporation of an accent wall.  This can be dark blue, crimson, deep mauve or any other color that sets the desired feel and tone.  Colors to avoid are generally olive green, yellow and beige as these do not provide a significant amount of contrast.


Many furnishings that are used in modern master bedrooms tend to be square or rectangular in shape, rather than bearing the round plush appearance of the furniture of some years ago.  Innovations in furniture design such as the incorporation of space foam and other deeply comfortable cushioning allows these items to remain exceedingly comfortable in spite of their angular appearance.  Large, custom-designed loft beds or platform beds tend to be popular as people are commonly eschewing the large, ornate headboards that were once in style.

Triptych Modern Art

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Accessorizing The Space

As the goal is to create a clean look for the master bedroom, it is best to keep accessories to a minimum and to make each one count.  Your picture frames can hang on the light colored walls in the room, but can bear the same colors as your accent wall.  Lampshades that are best for using in this space will be light and airy, such as lantern-style shades that are designed in traditional shapes, spheres or which rest inverted on the lamps and throw the lamp light towards the ceiling.

Updated: 01/16/2012, Lolly
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/31/2022

Lolly, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
The modern geometric designs in that very cool room that makes one dizzy are perhaps quite endurable in different, more soothing colors.

What is the trend in terms of bare floor versus area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting and of closets?

Lolly on 01/23/2012

Katie, thanks ... I love redecorating, and modern is definitely my favorite style right now. Hopefully I will get some more articles posted about it soon.

katiem2 on 01/23/2012

I love your modern bedroom decorating ideas, I'm working on a few myself, children's but oh how exciting the new options in home decorating. I look forward to sharing more ideas back and forth. :) Katie

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