Modest Swimsuits for women

by MuminBusiness

For modest swimsuits for women and girls. You do not have to bare all to look good.

As the weather brightens and the sun comes out to play, time to consider getting bathing suits, Swim suits, swim wear or whatever you call them. If like me, you have a few problem areas that you would rather not expose to the world then you might be on the lookout for modest swimsuits. If this is you, then you are definitely in the right place.

Finding swimsuits that cover one up can be a bit difficult so I am trying to put a group of these kinds of bathing suits all in the same place. Unless you are one of the more fortunate mothers out there, you may be struggling to regain your pre-pregnancy, pre-children figure. Exposing yourself in public is one of the last things you would like to do. What is you have a child that loves to swim but is too young to go on her own? Yes, you need a swimsuit that you can feel confident in.

Even if you are not a mother, you just might be a lady that wants to be modest, finding a less revealing costume should not be so difficult.

Take a look around, I am sure you will find something you like.

Slimming Blue SwimDress

Slimming Swimdress

Being a woman of color, swimming is not an activity I relish (It always leads to bad hair days!).  However, being a mother, I have young children who love to swim so swimming is now on the agenda.

When I started to look at swimsuits for women, I realised it was not simple to find something that made me feel a little covered up and still be nice looking.

My stomach being something I like to keep covered and the top of my legs as well, I happened to see a friend in a swimdress and quite liked the look.

Here is a slimming blue swimdress. It helps pull in your tummy and waist. It comes in a variety of sizes and looks really nice. I love the pattern in the top half and the fact that it covers you up very nicely and still looks great.

Black SwimDress

Sport Swimdress

Here is another Swimdress. This one comes in black. It is a lot more sporty looking and yet still holds in the problem areas so you look good whilst wearing it.

 If it were white then it could pass for a dress to play tennis in. As we all know black is slimming and so with the support lining for your stomach sewn in, it really does manage to help you look good while having a swim.

Miraclesuit Swimdress

The wonder of Miraclesuit

Made from a material called miratex, these miraclesuits help you look a lot lighter than you actually are.  Handy!  Every little helps.

Here is a swimdress from Miraclesuit which looks pretty good and can be obtained in sizes 10 - 18.  A lovely addition to the collection of modest swimsuits, I think. 

Patterned Swimdress

Swimdress with a flower pattern

This costume looks pretty nice with the pink flowers splashed across a black and white patterned bathing suit.  It is made by Fit 4 u and called the garden of Eden.

It is a charming costume and readily available from Amazon.  There is even a plus size that runs from size 16 to 24 and that looks lovely too.  

Plus Size SwimDress

Plus Size Swimdress

Jessica London Swimdress

Another nice plus size swimdress. This comes in turquoise with a white band.  It also has a tummy control panel helping you look nice in your costume and sizes start at 14.

Turquoise Tankini

2-Piece Sporty Swimsuit

I love the fact that this is not fitted at all so it skims over any trouble spots.

It also has a skirt at the bottom.  So it is modest and yet is conveniently a two-piece so using the bathroom is not too difficult.  

Tie Boyleg Swimsuits for women

Tie Boyleg Suit

Here is a rather nice Tie Boyleg Costume. The Boyleg bit is pretty nice and a bit of a throwback to earlier fashion trends.

Very nice indeed.

Check back frequently.  I will keep adding more modest swimsuits for women as soon as I come across any that I like.  Feel free to suggest below.

Updated: 04/13/2012, MuminBusiness
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Businessessale on 12/28/2012

Really a wonderful Sweamdress for girls

MuminBusiness on 06/12/2012

Yep, they are cool.

modest swimwear on 06/12/2012

Loved the Turquoise Tankini.. Seems fantastic and very comfortable.

MuminBusiness on 04/18/2012

Too true! I have never been one to bare all and even less likely to do it now that my body has been ravaged (lol!) by childbearing. Thanks for stopping by!

sheilamarie on 04/17/2012

You've given us some great choices here. It's nice not to feel you have to be practically bare in order to swim. These swimsuits are pretty and practical.

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