Montreal Smoked Meat-Deli Sandwich

by VincentMoore

This tasty delight is one of Montreal's landmark sandwiches. So many tourist's who visit this fine Canadian city rave about the flavor.

Montreal is a diverse city. One can walk the streets of Old Montreal and find so many craftsmen, artist's and foods of every ethnic.Two of Montreal's favorite foods are their smoked meat sandwich on rye, with a thin layer of mustard applied. A dill pickle served up on the side of the plate to add to the fabulous flavor of the smoked meat. Another favorite of the French Canadian diet is their delicious finger licking poutine. Layers of curd and gravy smother fresh cut french fried potatoes. After eating a healthy helping of this amazing delicacy it's time for a siesta.Montreal Smoked Meat being the premier deli sandwich in Montreal ranks very high on the menu choice of fast foods in this thriving Canadian city in the Province of Quebec Canada.

Schwartz's Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

Simply the best
Smoked meat sandwich
Smoked meat sandwich

Montreal's Secret Sandwich

Okay so you're planning a visit to Montreal. You call your local travel agent for advice and you ask where are the best places to eat in Montreal. The agent asks you to elaborate and maybe narrow it down a bit since there are thousands of restaurants in this vibrant city located in La Belle Province De Quebec. You rub your chin, move in your chair and start to think about what you like to eat. You blurt out, well I have heard from some friends about some kind of meat they serve up between two slices of a rye bread with mustard on both slices and a Dill pickle on the side, what the heck is that all about? And the word smoked comes to mind.

Well here is a lesson on Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches. Funny you should ask, because my
mouth just started to water thinking about having one. Here on the Prairies you will never find the
real deal. There is ONE and only ONE place on this planet that I am aware of that is famous for it's
smoked meat sandwich. I will let you in on my dirty little secret, are you ready?

I grew up in Montreal and spent 23 glorious years there, almost from birth you are weaned on two
mouth watering foods, that all Quebecrs love.The number one choice is the Montreal smoked
meat sandwich. Second choice steamed hot dog and the newest attraction,poutine.The winner bar
none is the smoked meat sandwich and all visitors to Montreal must have one before they leave, just to experience the wonderful flavor and aroma and mouth watering taste of this deli sandwich. You may even leave with the purchase of a brisket, it's very tempting.Growing up in Montreal, I was often taken uptown by my parents or relatives to two of the old establishments that serve up this fine sandwich. Ben's Deli off St. Catherine's St and Schwartz's in the east end. Ben's use to be open 24 hrs and may still be. It caters to the after hours crowd of shift workers, artists, musicians, poets and those who are leaving the bars with a hunger for MEAT, but not any kind of meat.

When you entered either establishment you were greeted with a warm friendly smile and escorted to a table. The server usually was dressed in white shirt, black bow tie, white apron and a pencil and pad in there hand ready to take your order. So if you didn't already know what you were going to order, you had a glance at the colorful menu.Pictures of different brightly colored smoked meat sandwiches stared back at you in all their splendor crying out choose me choose me. So you choose the house special and the waiter takes your order and asks the magical question, do you want it lean? You look at your partner in bewilderment. Fatty or lean? You leave it to the waiter to decide because your a newbie. The waiter then asks do you want a cherry coke with it? Yep you reply, sure sounds good to me.

In about 10 minutes or less the waiter arrives with your wonderful aromatic dish. Placed delicately down in front of you is a very piled high thick sandwich of this delicious reddish dark spicy meat enclosed by a soft thick rye bread with mustard applied between both slices. Beside this watering deli sandwich is the famous Deli pickle. No sandwich is served without it. If you ordered some french fries or poutine they definitely would be an aside to the sandwich. The sandwich is the KING and takes it's prominent position on your white plate.

You pick up your sandwich with both hands, your mouth approaches it wide open and you delicately chomp down on your very first taste of Montreal smoked meat. Now your are in heaven, your eyes roll, the hair on your arms stand up, you get this delightful tickle in your stomach as the flavorful meat slowly slides down. The taste of the meat is accented and followed up with a loud crunching bite of the pickle. Like I said you can't eat a smoked meat sandwich properly without the added flavor and crunch of the pickle.

So now you have had your first Montreal smoked meat sandwich. Are you happy and content and feel that now you can go back to the city you came from and actually say, I have eaten the famous sandwich of Montreal along with the pickle. Your friends look at you kinda weird, but what, you and only you have discovered the dirty little secret that is held very close to the hearts of all Montrealer's, it's their world renowned smoked meat sandwich. I hope you enjoyed this post, now go find yourself that delicious, mouth watering, aroma filled delectable sandwich. Just remember, the real deal is only to be found in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


© Copyright 2011 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


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VincentMoore on 12/27/2012

Welcome EdFisher aka ahorseback my fellow poet and scribe. I have been here for awhile, pulled my poetry out as I was not getting many comments. Hubs is by fart the better place to publish poetry. This site is great for those interest in writing articles and increasing their odds of earning more dollars. I am a poet, so mainly I am at the Hubs or my own site. I published these last year so I've left them here.

VincentMoore on 03/06/2012

Your welcome Debbie, I'm certain you would enjoy it very much. Probably even order up a brisket to take back home with you. I've enjoyed this sandwich most of my younger life and am thankful for being exposed to it's tremendous flavor.

DebbieBrooks on 03/05/2012

mmm. I want to try this sandwich.. Looks wonderful.. I would love to visit Montreal .. Thanks Vincent for sharing this..

VincentMoore on 03/05/2012

Heck my Lord, would be my pleasure to escort you and Martie around the East end to Schwartz's for a deli sandwich. We then can walk about St. Denis and St Laurent streets and listen to the ghosts recite poetry. The likes of Leonard Cohen who is still with us, often penned many of his earlier works in cafe's on and around that neighborhood. Mordecai Richler as well. Ben's is now gone, torn down and replaced. It to was a frequent stop by many moonlighting artist's. They had an array of black and white photos on their walls of them any stars and some became ICONs who frequented to Ben's for a late night sandwich after their gig or stage presence had ended. I often ate there as a boy and teen and later when I went back for visits to La Belle Province du Quebec. Montreal is where a lot of my history is buried.

Joseph De Cross on 03/05/2012

This a perfect snadwich after visiting downtown Montreal. "Ben's Deli off St. Catherine's St and Schwartz's in the east end."
That dirty little secret is out now...Lol! I wonder if Martie Cotsier would go with one.
The Mustrard on botrh sides of that rye ...and those crunching pickles! Omg! Vincent, now I got you hungry ...Thanks for the lttle tuoristic ride. Mon Sir! merci!

VincentMoore on 03/05/2012

Well hello there katiem2 my friend, hope your injuries are healing and improving with each passing day. Yes for certain, if you visit Montreal. Please do yourself and your family a huge favor and go to Schwartz's for their smoked meat sandwich and don't forget the pickle on the side. Whenever I visit home from the Canadian Prairies, I go for a feast at Schwartz's, so enjoy and stay safe out there and have a great Canadian rail adventure. We to have a beautiful country from the East to the West coast. Hugs

katiem2 on 03/05/2012

What a great review of a amazing sandwich. Sandwiches are no doubt one of the greatest foods every created. I grew up on sandwiches and love the feeling you get setting down to a great sandwich, chips and pickle. I will keep the montreal smoked deli sandwich in mind as we plan on taking the old train experience there in Canada very soon, maybe this summer.

VincentMoore on 03/04/2012

Mladen when you get to Montreal go to Schwartz's rest, it's the best place for Montreal smoked meat. Thank you for your comment.

@Angel yes you are a long way from Montreal. Every city seems to have a favorite dish. Smoked meat happens to be theirs, yes you would definitely enjoy it should you ever have a chance. Thank you as well for the read and comment.

Angel on 03/04/2012

You have made me so hungry. I am a long way from Canada (In Virginia) so I guess I will have to eat something else. If I ever do visit I now know what to eat. Thanks for sharing!

Mladen on 03/04/2012

First thing I am going to do when I visit Montreal is that I am going to ask for Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich. This looks delicious.
Great article. I need to grab something to eat now. :)

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