Movie Review: Stage Fright (2014)

by StevenHelmer

A review of the 2014 thriller/musical starring Allie MacDonald and Meat Loaf.

Synopsis: Ten years after her mother was brutally murdered following the opening night of the Broadway musical "Haunting of the Opera," Camilla and her twin brother, Buddy, work in the kitchen of a failing music theater summer camp run by their mom's former producer/boyfriend, Roger McCall. When McCall decides to have his students perform "Haunting of the Opera" in a desperate attempt to return to Broadway, Camilla sees an opportunity to follow in her mom's footsteps and, breaking camp rules, auditions for the lead role. She's given the opportunity to perform. However, history repeats itself as a killer dressed as the musical's bad guy, Opera Ghost, begins murdering the students.


I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie when I added it to my Netflix list a few days ago. But, a slasher film/musical sounded unique so I decided to give it a try. My wife and I did just that last night and, overall, I thought this was a decent film.

I'll start out by saying the film is much more musical than it is thriller. Other than the early scene with Camilla's (MacDonald) mom (Driver) being murdered by the Opera Ghost, there isn't even an attempt a killing anyone until later in the movie.

That being said, it turned out that wasn't that big of a deal because, as a musical, this movie did not suck. The song and dance numbers were entertaining (with some of the songs managing to stick in my head) and there was quite a bit of drama from Camilla trying to find a way to audition and, when given the opportunity, having to face plenty of obstacles ranging from a rival (Melanie Leishman) to a lustful director (Uranowitz).

When the killing does begin, those scenes were just as entertaining, especially since they too were often done as part of a musical performance. Plus, in keeping with the slasher genre, there was plenty of blood and gore (but not too much).

My only real complaint about this film is it isn't overly difficult to figure out who Opera Ghost is. To be fair, the movie does make an effort to throw the viewer off the trail by introducing other suspects such as a scary-looking custodian (Greg Dunham) to a would-be suitor (Kent Nolan). However, with a little thought, it's not overly difficult to see past the red herrings and realize there's really only one person with the means and motive to be the killer. Fortunately, even though that part was predictable, I still enjoyed the film.

Stage Fright

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Final Opinion

It's definitely unique as far as movies go and surprised me a bit last night. It's probably not a film everyone will enjoy (especially if they don't like slasher movies). But, I found I liked it.

My Grade: B

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