Musical Instrument Ornaments

by sheilamarie

Music brings us all such joy! Honor the musician in your life with one of these Christmas ornaments with a musical theme.

Whether your friend is an accomplished musician or is just taking music lessons for the very first time, you may find the perfect ornament for celebrating their musical side on this page.

Music has always been important to me. Playing an instrument or singing -- even if only with the radio -- brings an element of joy to life as nothing else can.

I have gathered the best musical instrument ornaments I could find on this page. They would make a tree look festive either one by one or as a group. Is this your year for a musical Christmas tree?

An Ornament for the Musician's Christmas Tree

And for the Holiday Music Lover

Christmas and music just seem to go together. Whatever your taste in music, there's bound to be a musical instrument ornament to match it.

I love music and musical instruments, even though I'm not particularly accomplished as a musician. That's all right, too, however, as just being a member of the human race, I have an appreciation and love for the ways people make music from the time they are very young until they are a ripe old age. I have sung and played music with babies and seniors, and I am convinced that music is one of the things that binds us all together in the human family.

Music is essential to our worship and to our celebrations. One of the world's most popular songs, I've been told, is the "Happy Birthday" song, which lets us know how integral to life is our coming together to sing.

Music is one of the most universal ways of expressing our sense of beauty and truth. Music distinguishes the art and culture of every people on earth.

Music unites us behind a team or behind a nation.

Children can often sing words before they can even speak them. They memorize the alphabet and learn the states and capitals with the help of music.

And the smile on an elderly person's face when hearing an old favorite gives testimony to the power of music in our memories.

So important is our connection to music that Christmas would be unthinkable without its music. We all have pieces of Christmas music that we either love or loath, but the presence of music to this holiday season cannot be avoided.

And why should it? A musical instrument on the Christmas tree is as it should be. Even the angels were said to have announced Christ's birth with trumpets.

Grand Piano Christmas Ornament

For the Christmas Tree

Miniature Grand Piano Christmas Ornament 2.75" x 3.125"



As a little girl, I took piano lessons and still aspire to improving my musical skills on the piano. This grand piano miniature is a beauty and would be loved by any pianist -- professional or amateur -- who received it.

Handel's Messiah

For unto us a child is born

Violin or Cello Ornaments

Celebrating Stringed Instruments

Miniature Violin Christmas Ornament 4"



The Suzuki method of teaching music has made the violin a popular early instrument for children. Violin music ranges from the beauty and form of Bach and Mozart to the rousing reels and jigs of the Celtic scene. This instrument can be adapted to add color and depth to many musical genres.

It would look pretty on the tree, too.







Miniature Cello Christmas Ornament 4"




Cello music has that depth and richness that reminds many listeners of the human voice, with all the longing and emotion that resides there. A cello player will appreciate that you've chosen the instrument without the chin rest.

Do You Listen to Christmas Music?

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Carol/ Piece?
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I love Christmas Music!
dustytoes on 09/19/2012

Yes, I do love Christmas music.

Flute or Clarinet Ornaments

Wind Instruments

Miniature Flute Christmas Ornament 3"






Miniature Clarinet Christmas Ornament 3.125"


The beautiful sounds of the flute and the clarinet come into many musical genres. These are also popular instruments for children learning to play, not because they are easy to play, but because they are easier to carry around than some of the larger options. The melodies of the flute and the clarinet can be hauntingly beautiful.

Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker"

Saxophone or Trumpet Ornaments

I'm Dreaming of a Jazz Christmas!

Miniature Saxophone Christmas Ornament 3.25"



Sounds like a brass band to me (even though a saxophone is officially a reed instrument rather than a brass instrument). Any jazz lover would appreciate these Christmas ornaments.



Miniature Trumpet Christmas Ornament 2.5"

Do You Play a Musical Instrument?

Or Instruments? Vote for your main instrument, but let us know of others in your comment.

Drum Set Christmas Ornament

Miniature Drum Set Christmas Ornament 2.5" x 3"





One of my sons had a drum set just like this when he was a teenager. This ornament would be fun to put on the Christmas tree of a percussion fan.

Canadian Brass

Christmas (and Other) Music

Accordion and Banjo Ornaments

Lots of Other Instruments Are Available, Too!

Miniature Accordion Christmas Ornament 2.75"








Miniature Banjo Christmas Ornament 4"












I've added these two instruments to show you that even if you play a less common musical instrument, there may be a Christmas ornament available for you as well. If you click on one of these, you will discover other instruments on the Amazon site, including mandolins and every kind of guitar you could imagine. If you are interested, you may discover more instrument varieties on that site.

Thanks for Visiting My Musical Instrument Christmas Ornament Page

I've enjoyed sharing these musical instrument ornaments with you. I hope you've enjoyed browsing this page as well.

I think music is one of the gifts of the season, which makes sharing these instruments with family and friends even more fun. 

Even if you don't play an instrument, you can appreciate the sound each one offers and even the beauty of each instrument's form.

Leave me a comment below to let me know you've been here. 

Musical Instrument Ornaments on eBay

You May Find a Bargain Here. Be sure to compare to the Amazon price.

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sheilamarie on 01/03/2013

Yes, they make me think of Christmas concerts.

paperfacets on 01/02/2013

Musical instrument ornaments are so realistic. I would love them on my traditionally decorated tree.

sheilamarie on 10/06/2012

Thanks, Mira. I can't imagine Christmas without music!

Mira on 09/30/2012

Never thought of musical instruments on a Christmas tree, but you're right, these are great to celebrate music and people who value it, and Christmas is, after all, a musical time!

sheilamarie on 09/19/2012

Thanks for your comment, Sandy. I'd like to see them on my tree, too.

sandyspider on 09/19/2012

These would be sweet on my Christmas tree.

sheilamarie on 09/19/2012

That's true, Dustytoes. Music resonates within us even when we don't play ourselves. Thanks for your comment!

dustytoes on 09/19/2012

I am not at all musically inclined but my sons each play guitar and drums. My parents also played the piano and guitar. Even though I can't play, I can enjoy the music! These ornaments are really cute and look well-made.

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