My Favorite Footed Fleece Pajamas

by Ramkitten

Get cozy, warm and super cute in onesie PJs for men and women, in prints and solids, with and without those handy rear trap doors.

Nothing says, "Aaahhh," quite like slipping into soft, warm, footed fleece pajamas on a chilly evening.

Okay, except maybe a hot bath or shower. But you'll need something to put on afterward, right?

And footies aren't just for kids. I've been a fan of these one-piece jammies for years, and I haven't been a kid (size-wise anyway) for a while now. They're super soft and comfortable, and they're as great for lounging around the house on a gray, chilly day as they are for sleeping.

Here, I'll show you my top picks and favorite styles for both men and women,with or without those handy rear "trap doors." I don't know about you, but there's just something about fuzzy onesies that makes me happy.

And this is my happy fleece-loving buddy, Steve, who's a bit skeptical about these PJs. He's going to be joining us.

C'mon, dear!
Steve, the footed PJ skeptic
Steve, the footed PJ skeptic

Why Fleece?

You'll find plenty of sleep- and loungewear available in cotton flannel, but I recommend fleece for it's warmth and long-lasting durability.

Why is it so warm? Well, the pile surface on both sides of the fabric leaves space for air pockets, which holds in the heat.

These also double as great long underwear. Because the material is moisture-resistant, it can keep you warm even under extreme weather conditions.

And Why Onesies?

Turn the heat down and wear warm onesies instead.Well, for one thing, you can actually save money by wearing these around the house. Did you know that you can save about 3 percent on your heating bill for every degree that you set back your thermostat? So, turn that thing down a bit and put on a pair of footed PJs instead, and you'll stay warm from head to toe even if the house is on the cool side.

Not to mention that there's no need to wrestle with a bunch of blankets if you wear these to bed ... meaning no more getting annoyed if your significant other (or the dog) steals the covers, since you'll be snug as a bug in your fleece.

And they're super cute and comfy too. Some might even call them sexy in a sweet and slightly goofy sort of way.

Convinced yet?

Real Men Wear Fleece Footed Pajamas!

That's what I've been telling Steve the sourpuss here.

Well, I'll just have to buy him some, and he'll see what I mean. After all, he sleeps in head-to-toe fleece during the winter, anyway -- from socks and pants to pullover -- so why not make it one-piece fleece?

Hm, he's not looking too excited just yet, is he?

Well, check these out....

With snowflakes, igloos, and penguins on snowboards, this cozy number is covered with symbols of the winter season. But don't let that stop you from wearing them any time it's chilly.

Warm onesies are great for those lazy days and evenings at home, lounging in front of the fire with a good book or watching your favorite shows.

Here's a Fun One....

The whole family can match with this design, which is the case with many of the PJs you'll see here and lots more where these came from. Believe me, I speak from experience when I say that wearing matching jammies is a real bonding experience, and you can't help but smile when you see your significant other and kids wearing the same jammies.

Footed Pajamas Winter Wonderland Adult Hoodie One Piece

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Some Tips for Sizing and Care

  • When choosing the size for footed pajamas, you should base that decision primarily on height. So, if you're buying for someone other than yourself, make sure you have a pretty accurate measurement and, if anything, err on the side of going a bit too tall. This should be a loose-fitting garment so the person wearing it can curl up without it feeling tight.
  • With fleece garments, it's best to turn them inside-out before washing and zip or button them up.
  • Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Fleece will be even softer after a washing.
  • For best results, air-dry or set the dryer on no-heat or at least low heat.
  • If you actually want to shrink the pajamas some, wash them in hot water.

Okay, how about something more subdued: a fleece onesie that's also a hoodie

And these even have removable feet.

I love this pajama set, which has a drawstring hood and those handy deep pockets. The removable, zip-off feet are great because you can take them off if you're too warm, to let your tootsies air out and cool down a bit.

This is a popular style -- a bestseller for good reason -- with lots of five-star reviews for comfort and quality. This is also a pretty studly style for men who really want a onesie but aren't quite ready for the goofy prints.

I bought these for a very manly man I know, and regardless of the fact that he won't let me take his picture and show it to the world, he says he can vouch for how comfortable they are.

Besides black, these come in several other colors and prints.

Del Rossa Men's Fleece Hooded Footed One Piece Onsie Pajamas

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Footies are Hot!

Or, well ... warm

What do you think, Steve? You want this one? You'd look like a cool dude in this retro '80s pop music print.

This is a popular brand when it comes to footed PJs. All PajamaCity styles have the roomy pockets in the front and a full-body zipper, so you won't have to contort and wiggle yourself into or out of them. And they fit loose enough that you can do somersaults or break dance without them feeling tight. Nice huh?

These way cool PJs feature a neon print of mutli-colored turn tables, keytars and microphones with musical notes in the mix against the black fleece background. They've also got deep pockets for all your junk. Uh ... stuff.

Well ... ?

PajamaCity 80s Pop Music Print Black Polar Fleece Butt Flap One Piece Pajamas for Teens and Adult...

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Want to Blend In Instead?

Camouflage print pajamas make a great gift for the outdoorsman in the family. I mean, he needs them for bedtime in the cold tent, too.

These awesome jammies button all the way up the front, and they have rubberized non-skid soles. There's also a drop-seat secured with Velcro.

Oooh, and Steve, these were in the 2006 Oscar party goodie bags! Oo-la-la.

I'm honestly partial to the hoodie PJs above, but if you like these, I'm totally agreeable.

(Okay, looks like he's seriously considering it now.)

Options in Camo Fleece Footed PJs

Camo jammies come in a variety of different color combos and patterns, for blending in to various environments of course. And if you'd prefer not to have rear access (or egress rather), you can get these without the drop seat.

My brother-in-law has this onesie--or one very similar--and I saw him wear it on a family camping/hunting trip. In fact, on one really cold morning, he put his coat and boots on right over the top and went out scouting.

Big Feet Pjs Green Camo Micro-polar Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas with Drop Seat

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Or Would You Rather Stand Out?

Feeling bold and brave? Then how about a superhero in polyester-fleece?

These are footies with a twist. Or a cape rather, but it's removable in case you get an unexpected visitor or need to run to the mailbox and want to tone down the look just a bit. The feet are removable too.

It probably goes without saying that this kind of pajama makes a great Halloween costume too, so you can go straight to bed without changing when you get home from the party or trick-or-treating ... or saving the world.

Please, just don't try to fly off the roof.

DC Comics Superman 1 piece Footed Onsie Adult Blue Pajama with Cape (Adult XX-Large)

"Up, Up, and Away!" Take over the world and fight all evil with this Superman onsie pajama!

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You'd Be Smiling Too If You Were Wearing Warm Fleece Footies

That's is the one you want, Steve? The camo pajamas way back up there?

You're sure? You wouldn't prefer something a bit ... brighter? Like ... ohhhh, how about these!

See how happy this nice man is in this sunny yellow onesie with the big boy fire truck print? There are also fire hydrants, red flames and police cars (or maybe those are for the fire marshal?) in the mix.

Not to mention that wearing a bold, fun and goofy print is a sign of a strong, confident man who hasn't lost touch with his inner child. Believe me, those are very appealing qualities.

Oh, and these have thumb holes to keep the sleeves down and a left shoulder pocket too, for your hanky or phone or whatever.

Jumpin Jammerz Yellow Fire Trucks Footed Pajamas

Yellow Fire Trucks Footed Pajamas features:Thumb holes, Front pockets. 100% polar fleece, preshrunk, fully machine washable. See size chart for full sizing details, Get Your Jam...

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Welcome to the Jungle

Might want to pick up a matching set in this monkey print for the lady in your life, or she might be borrowing yours all the time and swinging from the chandelier.

Oh, I see ... you like that idea. Well, anyway....

Are these cheerful or what? Actually, the company that makes these -- Jumpin' Jammerz -- is responsible for THE adult feetie pajama phenomenon. Their popular creations are known for being super comfortable and not itchy at all. (I've experienced the onesie itch factor and, believe me, it ruins the whole experience.)

In fact, Jumpin Jammers is in the Guiness Book of World Records for hosting the world's largest footed pajama party. Check it out....

Jumpin Jammerz Retro Monkeys Drop Seat Hoodie Footed Pajamas

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Who Needs Lingerie?

What do you think, Steve? Should I get this one for me? It's super soft and cozy with hearts all over.

What, you like these for YOURSELF?

Well ... they DO come in unisex sizing for both adults and kids, so ... I guess it would be okay.

You sure you wouldn't rather have those camo pajamas you were looking at before?

Well, if you like this feminine style, take a look at these. You'll find lots of other prints available, too, like cupcakes, hearts 'n' skulls (nice combo, eh?), zebra stripes, pink hearts on pink fleece, and more.

Footed Pajamas Hearts of Love Adult Fleece - Medium

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Fleece PJ's Are Nice Enough To Wear To The Office!

Well, the home office anyway.

Don't you think so, Steve?

... Steve?

Hm, he must have gone to the boys' room. Well, I'll keep browsing while he's gone.

Oh, look at these over here....

Del Rossa Women's Fleece Hooded Footed One Piece Onsie Pajamas

Women's microfiber fleece footed pajamas from Alexander Del Rossa. Polar fleece fabric is extremely soft and lightweight, yet has a high insulating ability. This pajama set feat...

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What could be cuter and mushier than a couple in matching footie pajamas? Is that romantic, or what?

These here are covered in fuzzy sea creatures, like octopuses (or is it 'octopi'?), starfish, other fishies, and lots of bubbles. But there are all kinds of other patterns to choose from that come in men's and women's sizes and cuts.


Yep, his-and-her matching pajamas are IN.

Speaking of "his," where IS Steve? I didn't bring my wallet today.

Well, anyway, aren't these two cute? I think Steve and I should have matching PJs. And these have the handy trap door. I'm kind of partial to that feature, myself.

Adult One Piece Pajamas Aquarium Fleece with Butt Flap

How are these aquarium drop seat footed pajamas supposed to fitsLoose enough that you can curl up in a ball and have them still not feel tight. All of our polar fleece drop seat...

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Oh, here's Steve now. Finally!

You did what? You bought two of EACH? Oh ... well ... good.
Fleece footed pajamas
Fleece footed pajamas

All Things Fleece .... And a little more humor too

Funky and Funny Fleece Hats

Whenever I put on my silly fleece hat, I feel ... well, fun. Not to mention that my head is warm, which makes the rest of me feel warmer, too. And if I'm a little down, I can put on my goofy hat, look in the mirror, and can't help but smile...


For The Love Of Fleece: Soft & Warm Clothing And Accessories

If you peek into my closet and go through my drawers, you'll see a LOT of fleece -- pullovers and pants, fleece socks, fleece mittens and hats, fleece scarves, and even a homemade, red fleece serape (pictured here). I have a big pile of fleece PJs....

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