My Top Ten Mary Kay Skincare Products

by jptanabe

Mary Kay skincare makes my skin feel healthy all year round! Here I share my favorite ten products.

Happy healthy skin is surely a good thing. Mary Kay skincare products are designed to keep your skin happy, healthy and young.

We all know that the sun's rays are harmful and we must protect ourselves. But there's more to it than that. After a day in the sun and wind, whatever the season, your skin needs lots of nourishing and rehydrating to keep it happy and healthy. And then there's all the pollution that is even more challenging for our skin. Staying inside doesn't guarantee protection either - having the heat on makes the air drier than a desert! And of course our skin, like everything else, ages with the years, not always in the most attractive ways.

Healthy skin makes you feel good and Mary Kay skincare collections have all the products you need! So here are my top ten Mary Kay skincare products. If you'd like to buy any of the products, just click the link under its image!

Why Mary Kay Products?

You might wonder whether Mary Kay products are really worth it. Maybe all you know about the company is that the top people drive pink Cadillacs! That was the extent of my knowledge until my daughter became a Mary Kay Consultant. As part of her training she needed "faces" to practice on, and of course mine was kind of available! I wasn't at all interested in buying any of the products when she started. I don't think of myself as a person who spends much time on skincare and make up. But when I tried them I changed my mind! I'd been using the cheapo stuff from the local supermarket or drugstore, or whatever anyone gave me as a gift. Not the best way to choose what's right for your skin!

I soon found that Mary Kay products are really not very expensive, especially since most of them last for months, almost a year even, with normal usage. So I stocked up on a whole collection. 

After 5 years of using the products I became a Mary Kay consultant myself. Now I'm excited to be able to take good care of my skin all year round with all my old favorites and a chance to try any new products that I fancy. You can read more about how and why I became a Mary Kay consultant in the following article.

Mary Kay may be known for pink Cadillacs, but there is a lot more to the woman and her company. This is my Mary Kay story.

1 - Time Wise Miracle Set 3D

This is really the cornerstone of Mary Kay skincare. Whatever the season this is what you need to keep your skin happy and healthy.

The set consists of 4 products: Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream, and Eye Cream.Together they have 11 age-defying benefits: Used on a daily basis the products cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, energize, hydrate, smooth, firm, soften, protect, and rebuild skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and brightening the sensitive skin in around the eyes. Not bad!


TimeWise Miracle Set 3D
TimeWise Miracle Set 3D

The Cleanser does the job of removing impurities and preparing the skin for the next step. It does all the cleansing, exfoliating, and freshening of your skin in one step. Mary Kay is all about being practical in how you take care of yourself - save time by combining several steps! It is part of the age-fighting collection, and being of that age when skin starts to look old even if I'm not really that old of course, I can relate to the concept! But for younger skin, like my daughter's, it's really great too. No reason to deny younger skin all the goodies it will really need in the future when it can start benefiting right away. I can say this products works for me. No harsh chemicals that cause allergic reactions, though I do avoid getting it in my eyes of course. And it definitely leaves the face with a good clean feel afterwards!

The Day Cream really is the best moisturizer I've ever used! Since I have that awful combination skin - dry on the cheeks so it gets horribly tight if I don't put lotion on it after it gets wet, and greasy on the nose and around the edge - I have trouble finding good moisturizers. Too greasy and my nose feels like its dripping oil; too light and my cheeks feel like they're about to crack.This Mary Kay moisturizer, also part of the age-fighting collection, is perfect. I hate to feel a heavy moisturizer on my face so I love the smooth light feel of this one. I just put it on and my face feels happy all day! And it contains an SPF 30 sunscreen so it not only moisturizes for 12 hours it also provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Of course I get the one for combination to oily skin type, but I hear the normal to dry skin type is also really great. 

The Night Cream is the other half of the Day and Night Cream pair. Together they give your face that youthful unwrinkled and hydrated look. The night cream prepares your skin for the stressors of the next day with a boost of bedtime antioxidants. I love a product that works while I'm sleeping!  It also moisturizes for the other 12 hours when the Day Cream has done its job! 

The Eye Cream is part of the Miracle Set 3D, although there are several other eye creams that are sold separately. This one is formulated to work perfectly with the other products in this Miracle Set 3D. It brightens the sensitive eye area and keeps it moisturized for 12 hours. That's important because eyes are sensitive and it is important to use a specially formulated product on the sensitive skin near the eyes, and keep that skin well moisturized!

Time Wise Microderm Abrasion Plus Set
Time Wise Microderm Abrasion Plus Set

2 - Microderm Abrasion

The Microderm Abrasion set was something I thought I didn't need at first, but now I really love it! I mean, all those 11 benefits in the Miracle set seemed like they should be enough for me.

But once I tried this, I was hooked. Even though it seems like a bit of an extra expense, I only use them once or twice a week, so they last a really long time.

Step 1 is called refine. It's a really really gritty exfoliator! Like rubbing fine sand on your face - doesn't hurt though, just a bit tingly! But make sure you wash it all off. There's nothing worse than finding the crystals making their way down to your mouth later. I use it in the shower and get a good rinse that way. The point of this exfoliation is to really get down to the lower layer of skin, getting rid of the dried dead cells and exposing healthy new skin for the next step.

Step 2 is the pore minimizer. This nourishing serum instantly helps calm and comfort skin, reducing the appearance of redness and soothe delicate skin. Perfect to follow the refine exfoliator, pore minimizer works immediately to reduce the appearance of those nice clean pores. And the results get better over time - your skin never looked so good!

3 - Satin Lips

Before trying Satin Lips I always had several Chapsticks around, one in my purse, one in the bedroom, the bathroom, by the front door, you name it! I applied it several times a day, and still felt my lips were dry and chapped whatever the weather. Then came the Mary Kay Satin Lips and everything changed!

Satin Lips
Satin Lips

The Satin Lips set consists of a Mask and a Balm.

The mask is used first to remove the dry, dead skin from the outer layer of the lips. Without doing this, the balm cannot penetrate sufficiently to provide a lasting effect. That's one reason all those Chapsticks need many applications every day! When you apply the Satin Lips mask it feels gritty and rather strange since lips are sensitive. But if you do it in the shower together with the cleanser it feels pretty good and washes off easily!

Applying the balm feels really good, like the lips are really soft. And the best part is they don't dry out for hours! I usually apply the Satin Lips Balm in the morning and I'm set for the day. That's a miracle!

4 - Satin Hands

Now for hands - this is a wonderful set that really does care for your hands! Not only does Satin Hands really work to make your hands smooth (and feet too if you want real luxury) the scrub smells of subtle white tea and citrus. I love it!

 And, for those who prefer no perfume, it also comes in a Fragrance-free version.

There are three parts to this set: Softener, Scrub, and Lotion.

Satin Hands
Satin Hands

First, is the Hand Softener, a really thick goopy cream, that you apply all over the hands. Just remember not to have any jewelry on when you do this!

Next, comes the deliciously scented (or fragrance free) Hand Scrub. This comes in a pump dispenser, called "convenient" but actually the top of mine is hard to turn. And it's impossible once that Softener is on, so I have to remember to twist the top to unlock it before putting that on! The scrub is really gritty and you just rub it all over your hands. Then, you wash it off and your hands feel oh so smooth.

The final step is to apply the Hand Lotion. This also smells of gently of white tea and citrus, so the delicious aroma lasts. The full Satin Hands treatment is necessary only once or twice a week, but I also use the Hand Lotion on its own on a daily basis to keep my hands soft and hydrated.

5 - CC Cream

When I first became a Mary Kay consultant I learned that foundation is actually part of skincare. You spend all that effort cleaning and nourishing your skin, and then go out into the world without any protection! Well, I'm not one for any kind of heavy foundation, even the liquid foundations were too much for me. So I was delighted when CC Cream came along.

This is a "complexion correction" product with 8 benefits that gives really lightweight coverage, leaving your face really natural looking, minus a lot of the blemishes and redness that you don't want! 

CC Cream
CC Cream
Time Wise Repair Eye Renewal Cream
Time Wise Repair Eye Renewal Cream

6 - Eye Renewal Cream

Like everyone else I know I get bags and dark circles under my eyes, and there are also those signs of aging - you know, the lines, sagging skin. Mary Kay has several products to help with these problems. The first one I tried, in the Time Wise collection, was Firming Eye Cream. Somehow it just wasn't working for me, and it even made my eyes sting when I put it too close to the eye - not good! Everyone else seems to love it though.

Then, last year a new product in the Volu-Firm TimeWise Repair line of skincare products appeared - Eye Renewal Cream. This one works! Not only does it have a formula that doesn't irritate my eyes, does reduce bags and circles, moisturizes beautifully, it also has the best applicator. The metal tip is perfect for massaging the cream, and it actually helps reduce puffiness.

7 - Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

When this brush first appeared my daughter and I were like "let's get it!" And we were not disappointed. The brush gently massages your skin (make sure it's wet first of course!) while doing a great job of cleansing. 

Even though my favorite Mary Kay cleanser has exfoliating beads, I can imagine that my usual method of just washing my face with it lacks the real effort needed to get a proper clean. And now I have a lovely brush to do it for me! It's battery operated, and the handle is designed to close so tight mine hasn't had any problems with water getting in. 

Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush
Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

8 - Body Toning Lotion

This body toning lotion is designed to fortify the skin, toning and firming it, to energize the skin cells, and to minimize damage from UV exposure and protect the skin from future damage. It also smells delightful! I just love this product because it does the job of multiple products all in one, and by the time summer rolls around it's definitely time to speed up and simplify the process!

Body Toning Lotion
Body Toning Lotion

9 - Mint Bliss

I just can't leave "Mint Bliss" out of this list! This is really a special treatment for the feet, and feet deserve to be pampered - they work hard and get so tired and that just makes you feel tired. "Mint Bliss" is called an energizing lotion, and it's light and refreshing, not heavy and greasy. Just a little perks the feet right up The mint fragrance is really nice too!

I find I can use it when I want to wake up but my feet are tired, or equally when I go to bed and sleep because somehow it helps my feet relax and all their stress just disappears. On hot sweaty summer nights it makes my feet feel cool and refreshed, much easier to sleep! It also helps to hydrate feet in the dry winter months when an extra dose of lotion is such a joy.

Mint Bliss
Mint Bliss

10 - Sun Care Lip Protector

Remember how I always had Chapstick in my bag? Well, even though Satin Lips is absolutely wonderful, there are times when you need to protect your lips from the sun. You don't ever want to experience sun burnt lips! This is not just in summer, winter sun can be really strong too. And don't tell me you can put sunscreen on your lips - that tastes terrible!

This product gives SPF 15 protection, is tasteless and invisible, and keeps lips soft and protected from the drying effects of sun and win. This lip protector is part of the Mary Kay sun care collection (and I love all the products), but it's really the only "don't leave home without it" product for year round use.  


Sun Care Lip Protector
Sun Care Lip Protector

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jptanabe on 02/18/2016

As an update, Linda, I recently found out that Mary Kay is a founding member of an International Outreach Consortium that has been educating the Chinese government that alternative testing methods ensure safe and effective products. The expectation is that as a result of such efforts on the part of the Mary Kay company and others, the Chinese regulatory authority will soon end the requirement of animal testing.

jptanabe on 04/16/2015

Interesting! Their statement reads, "We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to do so on our behalf, except when absolutely required by law." My understanding about the animal testing is that it is only done in China, where it is required by Chinese law. Since they have a processing plant in China they comply with that law. One could suggest moving the plant elsewhere ....

LindaSmith1 on 04/15/2015

Use to love her products when she was alive. Son has taken company in direction that she said she would never do.. Recently, I found out that animals are used for testing their products. I will never buy Mary Kay again.

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