My Visit to Thailand

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Perhaps this was the first time I was planning a trip to Asia’s popular destinations with the family. Thailand was one of the countries I wished to cover.

My prior experiences of traveling abroad were while I was working and most of them were official tours. I had my doubts of the state of the country since the newspapers reported about the military coup which was approximately the 12th military takeover since the country embraced democracy relinquishing the absolute monarchy in 1932.

My apprehensions of visiting a country that was plagued by Militia takeovers were unfounded. There was no reason to worry and the country was as peaceful as ever. My advice to fellow travelers is about always checking the status with the travel advisory of the country. Unlike previous military coups that were prominently about the fights, this seizure was quite peaceful. I mean how otherwise it would be possible to travel in a country at such instances.

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Travel Planning

Ours was an organized group tour and the hassles of visa, booking tickets and hotel were already taken of.

I planned the trip well advanced almost 3 months prior to the visit and the planning actually paid of. I had to renew my passport due to some new rules and regulations introduced by one of the countries other than Thailand, even though my passport was valid.

The group tour at one point consisted of almost 60 people although it varied between 40 and 50 most of the time. The tour organizer hired a coach and we had excellent local tour managers who would give us plenty of information about the places we were about to visit.

Days were hectic and planned in advance with pockets of leisure imbibed during the excursions and meals. We enjoyed the company of many fellow passengers who were also taking the tour for the first time.

Glimpses of Thailand

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The Amazing Thailand
The Amazing Thailand

About Thailand

My family especially enjoyed the local tour managers from Thailand – Mara and Tida who in their typical Thai accent explained the history and the culture of Thailand. More than anything else, the style and the speech made it a very entertaining tour.

 The first word I learnt from this country was “Sawadekaa” which means “Welcome”; a warm welcome to Thailand, the culmination of ancient customs and rituals originating from Buddhism and Thai traditions.

The Alcazar Show

The first show that we saw on the first night we landed in Thailand was the Alcazar show. Beautiful dancers dressed in traditional dress showing “mudras” on the stage were mesmerizing. The light effect in the theater was lovely; we were seated in the front rows where the view was unobstructed.

The most astonishing thing about the Alcazar show is that the artists dressed in ladies costumes are not women. Most of them are men and some of them hermaphrodites. It is hard to believe that these dancers mimicking women can perform so gracefully, they all look gorgeous and it is difficult to identify them as men unless you know it already.

Would you want to visit Thailand?

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Yes - I am looking forward to
pateluday on 08/19/2014

Informative and Interesting Article. Thanks!

Tolovaj on 07/12/2014

I certainly hope so!

Traditional Thai Dancer from Zazzle

Visit to Nong Nooch Village


The Nong Nooch village is an amazing tropical island famous for its artistic gardens and cultural shows. One must reach on time for the popular elephant shows and the traditional dances from Thailand.



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Have you visited Thailand?

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Mira on 09/08/2014

I would love to visit Thailand one day. Thanks for this. Glad you had a grand time! :)

WriterArtist on 08/18/2014

Tolovaj - I think if you want to explore Asian countries, Thailand is a good one.

WriterArtist on 08/18/2014

KathleenDuffy - I was really surprised, the Lady boys were amazing, they were very beautiful and I found it difficult to believe that they were not women at all.

WriterArtist on 08/18/2014

@ologsinquito - I love Thai cuisine, especially soups and noodles. I did get a chance to try some of Thai dishes and I absolutely loved eating them.

Tolovaj on 07/12/2014

Not yet. One of younger generations in my college did that and they all said it was life time experience.

KathleenDuffy on 07/03/2014

So glad you had a lovely time. Those 'lady boys' are amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience.

ologsinquito on 07/02/2014

You must have had a great trip. I love Thai food, as long as it's not too authentic. Voted up and pinned.

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