A Cat Lady's Wizzography: Maren Elizabeth Morgan

by MarenEliz

Learn about yet another member of the Wizzley writing community! I sing, do folk dancing and play many instruments, love my cats, create with paint and plants.

Lissie is my hero

..or SHE-ro, as the case may be

Like Lissie, I have had jobs.  They have their good points - steady predictable income - but for someone reason, I have less and less tolerance for baloney the more I live.  Amazingly, I have been in jobs with lots of baloney.

Also, I have been possessed with the notion that there were a few bits of wisdom that I did not pass along to my sons or nieces and nephews.  I regret that.  Therefore, by publishing my impressions from life, perhaps I can help the caregivers and family of other young people. Likewise, I am sure that the global "village" lent positive contributions to my family members.
(Please now replay in your mind the theme music "Circle of Life" from the movie The Lion King.)

I am a mutt

meaning I am a mixture of many small experiences & talents

Spiritually-religionly speaking:  I was raised in Protestant middle-class congregation churches but my family was not "churchy" that I knew of.  I am one-eighth Jewish by heritage and I married a Jewish person.  It didn't last, but I am delighted with what I now know about Judaism and I celebrate many of the holidays along with Christian ones.   Plus, I had the privilege of teaching in some Roman Catholic schools and I am grateful for what I have learned from their religious perspectives.

When my sons were born, a war raged in Afghanistan.  This troubled me deeply because I didn't bear these precious little fellows to go off and be killed or to kill someone else's precious little fellows.  This led me to the Quakers.  Not only are they pretty big on "War is Bad," but they also are very accepting about mixed religious marriages, tolerance, and respect for an individual's path.  Not to worry about me proselytising for the Society of Friends, though.  Proselytising is also against their beliefs.

Work experience: I've done corporate administration, teaching, childcare and typing for pay.  Oh, and I have been paid a pittance to sing at older folks' communities.  And once, I got $15 for acting a small role in a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta!

Location experience: not all that much.  I have lived most of my life in Pennsylvania.  I have vacationed in some of the UK and some of the Caribbean.  However, Americans are SO insulated from a world view (bad thing, this), that my first trip to another continent (Wales) changed me forever - in a very positive way.  I wish I could somehow share this with my fellow countrymen.  It's not our fault as individuals.  We get fed the supremacy baloney (there it is again!)  Why, our schools don't even let on that the US owns territories like the Virgin Islands, Guam or Puerto Rico.  Sadly, many Americans do not know that the people of Puerto Rico are US citizens.  This causes problems in my area.

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I am opinionated

yet open to listening to new ideas

One of my college professors pontificated that anyone reaching age 50 ought to have opinions.  I guess I meet his expectations.  Nonetheless, I do not wish to be a fossilized old person, so I try to learn more.  I will listen to other views and, if they make sense, I will grow.  A huge example of this is my evolution on gay rights.  In the 1970's I stayed close to what I thought was the Biblical "gay is wrong" opinion.  However, a college friend came out of the closet and a few others in my life were revealed.  Two older friends' children came out.  These women had to struggle with"Do I stop loving my child becuase she is gay?"  The answer is of course not!  As a parent of newborns, I realized that I would love them no matter what.  Thus, a new position was born in me.  Sometimes, I move into advocacy aboutgay rights because even more people I love and admire are being hurt and treated as second-calss citizens.  Generally, I hate when one group of people decides that another group is sub-human.

Two of our 3 Cats

Sammy and Fritzie
Maren E. Morgan

My Cats

are trying to train me, whilst I, in turn, am trying to train them

Stay tuned for these adventures!

Unusual gifts for persons who live with cats

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Some of my plants

Summer flowers
Summer flowers
Maren E. Morgan

Hard knocks gardening

(not to be confused with extreme gardening)

I live and learn in the world of plant parenting.  If I choose to ignore the conventional advice and suffer for it, then so be it.  There's always next year.  And one WONDERFUL thing about plants is that they don't talk back.  They may die on you, but they don't talk back.  :P

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MarenEliz on 11/29/2011

Whooa, Lissie. We are even more sympatico than I realized. Yes, it does take a little bit of training to do the hour of sitting! :)

Lissie on 11/29/2011

You know my father was a Quaker when he was with his first wife, and was a conscientious objector in England during WW2 (probably because his father suicided in the 20's after not recovering from his experience's on the Western Front). My 1/2 brother is a Quaker in Australia.

I'm no a Christian but I have a lot of time for the Quaker's - though being still would be a bit of a problem for me :-)

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