Extreme Stress Reducing for Females

by MarenEliz

A period of working out of town with split shifts & other demands taxed my mental health. Here are the extremely juvenile things I did to keep stress from driving me bonkers!

A recent period of working out of town with split shifts and other demands taxed my ability to recharge my mental health batteries (ha – yes, I assert that I occasionally possess that!) I surprised even myself with how low I devolved to keep my grip. We are not talking DRUGS or BOOZE (although a trifling dribble of wine did pass my lips), but

truly juvenile strategies.


My EXTREME Comfort Games


Salty & Sugary & Mocha-y


My normally veggie- and fruit-seeking diet is intended to sculpt a buffer bod.  That’s the goal, anyhow.  Despite this, extreme stress on the job took me back to my teen days when I joyfully and unconsciously had a higher metabolic rate and could eat junk with impunity.  As I spent time on a work assignment without my usual family, friends, and extra-curricular hobbies, I went for the comfort of fast food which I enjoyed in high school so many times packed in a car with my gang of friends. 

Arby’s.  Spicy curly fries and a jamocha shake.  To savor it,

I ate s-l-o-w-l-y.


Tom and Jerry.  While flipping through channels, my eye caught this cartoon and I actually stayed on the channel.  All right, I was reading a book, kind of, but it gave me great peace to see the familiar two-dimensional cat and mouse out of the corner of my eye.  That’s when I knew that I was seriously stressed out.

Good Cartoon Book

(I know the author - fabulous gal)
At a Crossroads: Between a Rock and My Parents' Place

After graduating from college and spending a magical year abroad writing our best-selling A Year in Japan, Kate T. Williamson felt ready for anything. But, like many a ...

$5.19  $14.5

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I am a pretty good sleeper most of the time.  I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.  This out-of-town work environment had me off duty for the night shift unless there was an emergency.  As it was a very loud environment, I used my “airplane ear plugs” to be able to fall asleep.  They did the job without incapacitating me, so I did waken in the middle of the night when I was needed.


This was not a manicure, but a do-it-myself job.  I wear nail polish about three times a year.  Here, for some reason, I felt compelled to buy pale pink glittery stuff and while I was “on call” I put it on my fingers.  And toes!

Stress Reducer?

Pink Nail Polish
Pink Nail Polish
Maren Morgan


OK, walking to reduce stress is not juvenile.  It actually is a very sound strategy.  I managed to squeeze in two 2.5 mile walks, but I could have used one daily.  When one can’t engage in her customary activities to relieve stress, watch out.  Look for a troglodyte where a human used to be. 


Lots of adults chew gum.  It is the new cigarette for us orally-fixated folks.  However, I gravitated back to childhood; to bright pink silly gum with a comic strip inside the wrapper.  (Is there a theme developing here?)  Comfort, comfort, comfort…

More Good Books

Books for ROGLMAO fun
How I Got This Way

Patrick McManus, the bestselling author of such hilarious books as A Fine and Pleasant Misery and Never Sniff a Gift Fish, now offers readers solid thoughts on the qualities ...

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The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir

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Suggestions Welcome

If you have additional ideas for anyone finding herself in my position, please feel free to share them.  The comment section below is waiting for your brilliant strategies.

Treat Yourself

Click here for Coffee Mugs for you.
The angel has the face of a precious kitten. Adorable!

Updated: 03/10/2012, MarenEliz
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MarenEliz on 03/19/2012

Thanks, Angel. Any de-stressors that are not too expensive - and the sillier the better - work for me!

Angel on 03/10/2012

It is crazy some of the things we do to reduce stress. I end up playing with makeup and trying to create new looks. Nail polish is another method as you noted. I usually find a crazy color that my daughters wear and put it on for fun. I always end up laughing with my girls after putting it on. I do my toes too. I like to put on some older music from my teen years and sing really loud. Always works to destress me and puts me in a good mood. Thanks for sharing your ideas.. great article.

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