Nail Dotting Tools make Nail Art EASY

by ThePartyAnimal

Nail Dotting Tools are used to create many fun nail art effects like dotting, marbling, placing glue for rhinestones and adding other decorative items on your nails.

Nail Dotting Tools

So what are Nail Dotting Tools?

not to worry I will tell you all about them...

Essentially Nail Dotting Tools were made to help make creating Nail Art EASY. The Nail Dotters have little metal balls at the end of what looks like a pen. Most of these Nail Dotters come two sided with different size dotting balls on each. You will have the tiniest of balls to create very tiny dots and large balls to make large dots and everything in between. Most Nail Dotters are sold in a set so you get the variety of sizes.

Years ago we all used Toothpicks to create dots on our nails which of course you can still do, but these Nail Dotters will give you a much better look and create a more well rounded dot/circle.

There are many uses for these Nail Dotters beside just creating Dots on your nails. They are great for making Eyes, Marbling, placing Glue for Rhinestones and other decorative items and you can even use them to add Stripes, Swirls, Letters etc...

Sometimes I find the Nail Dotters much easier to control than a Nail Brush when creating small designs.

There are so many fun Nail Art Designs you can do with these and I love my set. Funny thing is I was a nail biter until just recently because I was having too much fun doing my daughter's nails all the time I wanted in on the action. Crazy right? but true !!

To the right is a picture of my Polka Dot Nails I did for New Years. I just wanted something fun and whimsical. I did not take a picture, but I used the tools to create fun Zebra Striped Nails for my daughter.

To create my nails I just did a Base Coat in White and using a bunch of Bright Colored Nail Polishes I dipped my Nail Dotter in the Polish and added some dots to my nails using the different size balls. Of course I topped that off with lots of sparkles which you cannot see so much in the photo and then added a Top Coat.

I loved the way they came out and they took no time at all to do.

Polka Dot Nails
Polka Dot Nails

Have you used Nail Dotting Tools before?

There are 1000's of Tutorials out there showing you the many uses of Nail Dotters. It is truly amazing to see the Nail Art Designs people have done with these. Best part is that you can do it yourself which saves from having to have your nails professionally done.

It may take a little practice, but it truly is EASY - so give it a try !!

Some of my favorite Tutorials using Nail Dotting Tools

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Updated: 04/10/2012, ThePartyAnimal
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