Natural Black Hair Growth Tips

by bloggerpepper

Quick tips for the fastest and most economical way to grow out black hair.

Natural black hair care has been taking Youtube vloggers by storm. There are several popular vloggers that have documented their journies of having natural hair that they are in the process of either trying to make healthy again or to grow the hair out. Here are a collection of tips that are some of the best advice available to you from those youtube videos (I'm just saving you the time from having to watch hours of videos to get to the juicest parts of them.)



Beat The Heat

The first step that is pretty significant for hair growth is to cut out using any heat appliances on your hair. That means do not use any hair straighteners on it, so no straightening the hair, no curling it by using either hot rollers or a curling iron. You can curl your hair by using linen or cloth ties or velcro rollers.

Do not use a blow dryer on your hair since blow trying it can cause heat damage. Just air dry your hair or if it's cold outside, use a diffuser to reduce the direct heat from penetrating the hair.

Wear Your Hair In Protective Styles

Wearing your hair in protective styles means you are preventing to do things to that would ordinarily pull or tug on the hair. For example, wearing the hair down and natural is preventative unless you have hair that tangles up easily. Wearing your hair down when it's windy outside or while you sleep can create tangles.

Some of the best ways to wear a protective hairstyle is to wear it in twists, braids, a loose pony tail, a scarf over it or a bandana. Of course wearing a scarf or a bandana isn't always the most elegant looking thing but for a day out with the kids running errands, it's not so bad.

Some people will say that any hair style that helps you tuck away the ends of the hair are considered to be protective hairstyles. Surprisingly, some feel that hair weaves and black hair extensions are protective styles but I don't see how those methods which do put some pull and pressure on the hair can be all that protective.

No Relaxing or Hair Coloring

To maximize your hair growth goals you should think about ellminating relaxers and hair coloring since both are chemical processes that increase damage done to the hair. If you find that you must relax or color the hair then please do only one. Either dye your hair or relax it but it is strongly recommended to not do both.

Do Oil and Deep Conditioning Treatments

If you are looking to either style the hair via braids, twists, want to use a hair flat iron or even want to incorporate the use of black hair extensions then you will definitely want to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. Preferably with both an oil and a deep conditioner.

DIY Hot Oil Treatment

You can make your own oil treatment rather than buying a hot oil treatment that is sold in a beauty supply store. Just get a good extra virgin olive oil and warm up just slightly in the microwave. You can also opt not to warm it up since the heat from your body can also heat it up.

Work the oil into the hair and comb through to remove any tangles. Let the oil sit overnight so it's best to do this step just before bed. After you have removed the tangles and combed through the hair using a wide tooth comb, then you can wear a processing cap and place a satin cap over it. Be sure to place a towel over your pillow in case any oil seeps thru.

The next morning, comb through the hair again making sure it is still tangle free and then gently rinse the oil out in the shower. Be sure not to scrub the hair since that can create more tangles.


Deep Conditioning Treatment

Now for the easy part. Buy a good quality deep conditioner of your choice. Work into the hair gently so to avoid tangles and let the conditioner stay in for as long as you prefer. The usual recommendation is between 15-30 minutes. Rinse the hair with cool water.

Now you are ready to style your hair. To maximize your hair growth, remember to wear the hair in a loose style and avoid chemically treating the hair. Do your deep conditioning treatments as needed and be patient. You will see your hair grow significantly faster but it is still a slow process overall so don't think it's realiztic to wake up with long hair in 3 months. With proper care and nutrition, you will see a few inches of growth after about 6 months.

Updated: 12/06/2011, bloggerpepper
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Imani Jones on 08/11/2016

black castor oil for hair is the best .its the best alcohol free styling gel .

Natural_Skin_Care on 07/12/2013

Olive oil is my favorite all-around beauty product. Great for moisturizing everything.

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