Nautical Dinnerware

by CruiseReady

Choose some nautical themed dinnerware for a perfect nautical table setting. It creates a casual, yet elegant atmosphere, and pleases nearly everyone.

Nautical dinnerware - it's a natural to please just about everyone! Even better, it's ideally suited for a wide variety of decorating themes, from tropical to traditional or modern, and lots of things in between.

Whether you're planning for a family holiday gathering, a festive dinner for a landmark occasion, or just want something beautiful to make you feel special every day, a nautical theme certainly fills the bill.

You might want to use some sea glass as part of your dining room tale centerpiece, or serve up some coquina soup in some seashell dishes. This page will introduce you to sea glass and coquina soup, too.

Seashell themes are a fitting choice, and bivalve shaped dishes are especially attractive for either a nautical or a coastal decor. Bring the coast right on into your home with nautical dinnerware!

There are some great nautical dinnerware ideas here for your home or seaside cottage. You'll find complete sets, as well as plates, mugs, bowls, and even flatware, all in themes to delight seafaring ladies and gentlemen.

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Pfaltzgraff's Montego Collection

16 Piece Service for Four
Pfaltzgraff Everyday Montego 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware Sets

Dress Your Table in a Sea Related Theme

Nautical dinnerware can have a distinctive sea theme, like seashells, sea life, or symbols recognized by sailors and sea lovers. Or, it can just have a stripe around the outside that is reminiscent of themes, ropes, or colors typically found on ships or at sea. It might also be in a sea color that will coordinate well with sea themed table linens.

You're sure to find a design that's perfectly suited to the overall style of your home, even if that isn't a true nautical decor.


For Your Home, Boat or on a Picnic

 Whether your decorating is nautical, coastal, modern, or traditional, the set shown at right may be just satisfy the captain in you.

Elegantly understated, it says 'sailing' with an artistic touch - a line drawing of a sailboat.  It further distinguishes itself with the less common square shape of the dishes, making the set a natural for those who like to step out of the box a little.  

You can even take it on a picnic, use it poolside, or take it out on the water in your boat if you're fortunate enough to have one.  That's because this rugged set is break resistant and shatter proof.  

Look a little farther down the page to see the perfect companion flatware for this set!

Sea Glass Can Be Used in Your Table Centerpiece

It's Been Made into a Treasure by the Sea

Sea glass can be found on beaches all over the world, but some locations, including California beaches, and beaches in the north eastern U.S. yield up more on a regular basis. (Italian beaches are also good places to find sea glass.)

What is sea glass?

It's shards, or pieces of regular glass, that fell into the ocean, and got tumbled around until the motion of the sea and sand "weathered" it, smoothing the edges, and making the surface have a frosted effect.

 It's used in making jewelry, embedding in pottery, particularly pieces with a ocean or coastal theme. and some people collect it.

If you have a nautical or coastal decor, and prefer to make your own centerpiece, sea glass is a natural element to incorporate into it.

Video: Sea Treasure Quest

Looking for Naaural Sea Glass on the Beach

International Maritime Signal Flags

Are Decidedly Nautical

Ideal for homes with a modern or contemporary feel, this set sporting nautical flags is about as versatile as dinnerware comes.  The clean and fresh look sports a tasteful pop of primary color, courtesy of red, yellow, and blue nautical flags.

Pretty enough for company or special holiday meals, it's also durable enough for every day use.

Like the first set shown, it can be used just about anywhere, and also comes with a storage basket to make that 'anywhere versatility' really workable.

Regata Nautical 16-Piece Go Everywhere Dinnerware Set

Service for Four, Plus Serving Dishes
MB Coastal Designs Regata Nautical 16-Piece Shatter Proof Non-Slip ...


I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky.
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.
-  John Masefield


Don't Forget the Silverware!

If you opt for somewhat 'plainer' dishes, like perhaps some in a solid color reminiscent of the ocean, you'll want to accent those plates with something more obviously nautical.  

For example, you could flank each plate with flatware featuring a seashell or sailboat motif on the handle. 

There are some very attractive flatware designs available, including the one shown here, which is in stainless steel, from Towle Living.


Sailboats on Knives and Forks

20 Piece Nautical Flatware Set
Towle Living Everyday Nautical 20-Piece Flatware Set


There are three sorts of people;

those who are alive,

those who are dead,

and those who are at sea.

- Old Capstan Chantey attributed to Anacharsis, 6th Century BC

Tiny BiValve Seashells

Coquina or Donax
Donax ((Coquina)
Donax ((Coquina)


Coquina are Tiny Bivalves

Did you know that oyster shells, cockle shells, scallop shells, and even little coquina shells are the shells of a group of marine mussels called bivalves?

That means that the mussels live in between two shells that are "hinged" together. So, some of the seashell dishes you see here are patterned after one half of the original "home" of a sea creature.

Coquina- also called Donax - are bivalves, too. Like their better known and larger cousins, they're edible. Not the shells, but what lives inside of them. When I was a child, mom and her friend would take me down to the beach, and we would collect Donax to make soup. These bivalves are so little that it takes a lot of them to make a pot of soup, but it's worth it. I really liked it.

Serve some Coquina Soup

in a Sea Shell Bowl

It would be nice to serve Coquina Soup in a sea shell bowl.

It's quite easy to make, consisting mostly of washing, boiling, simmering, straining, and then adding butter. That's it.

You can add other spices, too, like parsley or cilantro, but that isn't essential.  Sometimes I add a little diced celery.  Some people even add other vegetables, but many people like it as just a plain broth. 

Eating coquina soup is very much a coastal thing, known to those who've been around the sea for a while, so you might say it's a nautical dish.

Here's a link that will take you to a page with a recipe for Coquina Soup.  

Seashell Bowls

From the Coastal Cottage Collection
Set of 4 Coastal Cottage Bowls

Have You Ever Eaten Coquina Soup?

Your Opinion, Please
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I like the delicate taste!

Before and After Dinner

Appetizer and Desert Plates

If dinner at your place isn't complete without either a starter or the perfect finishing touch, then you'll want to investigate the availability of nautical themed appetizer and desert plates.  Perhaps one of the sets shown above (four and six pieces, respectively) would work for you. 

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Are you a fan of nautical dinnerware? What motif is your favorite - sea creatures, shells, anchors, lighthouses, boats, or something else?

CruiseReady on 01/10/2016

A little touch of the ocean is always nice~

mihgasper on 01/07/2016

You made an impressive collection of nautical themed dinnerware. I haven't seen a sea for years, but thanks for those lovely photos, a piece of ocean atmosphere came to my place too.

CruiseReady on 09/19/2015

I am pretty fond of lighthouses, too.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/18/2015

CruiseReady, Thank you for the lovely combination of beauty and durability through nautical-themed table settings. Lighthouses are my absolute favorite nautical motif even though I appreciate anchors, sailboats, sea creatures, and shells.

CruiseReady on 09/18/2015

Wow -that sounds so neat!

blackspanielgallery on 09/17/2015

I remember a green depression glass gravy boat my grandmother had when I was a child, and it came open into the keel and the superstructure, including the stack.

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