Needle Nose Pliers Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A pair of needle nose pliers are versatile and useful, and come in a variety of designs. The five best needle nosed pliers, reviewed and compared.

A good pair of needle nose pliers will go a long way in the average professionals tool bag. Designed around cutting and gripping wire and small materials when either working in a professional environment or on hobby crafts and projects, they're a useful and versatile hand tool.

They're often found in the hands of electricians and jewelry makers alike and are generally a long, tapered tool, comfortable and relatively lightweight to hold. There's a variety of needle nosed pliers on the market, from short, mini pairs to long reach examples.

The five best selling pliers are featured below. They're all of a superior quality, highly popular and highly rated by previous purchasers.

Stanley 84-102 8-Inch Long Nose Plier

This is the best selling needle nose pliers hand tool - and it belongs to the Stanley brand name. Durable, manufactured out of forged steel, lengthy at 8" and good enough to meet strict ANSI standards, it retails at less than 5 bucks and is an all round awesome bargain.

It has an anti-corrosion coating, a double coated handled for additional comfort and grip and feels balanced and capable. It grips and cuts as you'd expect - with strength and accuracy and the chrome nickel steel blade edge is superior enough to make this a must-have tool for those in the electrical trades. Great quality, low on price, high on value, one to buy.

Stanley 84-102 8-Inch Long Nose Plier

84-102 Features: -Machined jaws for slip-resistant grip.-Double dipped handle for user comfort.-Hardened cutting edges for durability.-Chrome-nickel steel for a tough cutting ed...

Only $12.82

Vise-Grip 2078218 8-Inch Long Nose Plier and Comfort Grip

This is another five star rated pair of needle nose pliers, this time from Vice Grip. Like the previous product, it's an 8" pliers, user friendly with a nice, comfortable design, cushioned handles and a good overall balanced weight and feel when in-hand.

Manufactured from tough stuff - nickel chromium steel - with a cutting edge that has been through an induction hardening process to add to it's cutting power, strength and longevity, this is a pair of pliers that were built to last. They meet with ANSI standards, are up to pro-use and all for under 10 bucks.

Vise-Grip 2078218 8-Inch Long Nose Plier and Comfort Grip

Vise Grip, 8", Professional Long Nose Pliers, Meets &/Or Exceeds Industry Specifications ASTM/ANSI/DIN, Molded Pro Touch Grips Provide Durable Non-Slipping Performance,.

$11.99  $7.99

Klein D203-6 Standard Long-Nose Pliers Side-Cutting Yellow 6-Inches

These are the Klein needle nose pliers and considered by many professionals to be the cream of the crop. Another full five star rated product, Klein tools are known for their quality electrical tools, attention to detail and longevity. Available in three lengths - 6, 7 and 8", the jaws are knurled which makes them flexible - not only will they provide a superior grip and cut, they're great for looping, curling and wrapping wire.

They cut through 14 gauge wire with ease on testing and the cushioned curved handles felt pretty pleasant to hold - you kinda get the feeling that the pliers want to do the work for you, rather than have you doing the grunt work. Top quality, USA manufacture - if you want to be the best ... buy the best.

Klein D203-6 Standard Long-Nose Pliers Side-Cutting Yellow 6-Inches

2532-7529 Features: -Long nose pliers.-Induction hardened, long lasting cutting knives.-Knurled jaws for sure wrapping and looping.-Curved handles provides greater tool control....

Only $25.99

Klein D335-51/2C 5-Inch Long Needle-Nose Pliers-Extra Slim

These are the best thin needle nose pliers and again - a five star rating and from the Klein Tools range. They possess the same curved handle of the previous product, the same attention to detail - with a few extra features that the standard model lack.

The nose is longer and narrower, for extra close, detailed work and the jaw has a spring self-opening action that delivers precision results and an easier method of operation. The handles are curved, dipped for added grip and comfort and of course the jaws are knurled for wrapping and looping. A beautifully designed hand tool, worth every cent - all the usual superior quality you expect of Klein tools.

Klein D335-51/2C 5-Inch Long Needle-Nose Pliers-Extra Slim

Klein Tools D335-51/2C 5" Long Needle-Nose Pliers - Extra SlimKlein Tools, Inc. represents much more than Klein pliers. The company's product line has broadened to include virtu...

Only $43.89

Knipex 1301614 6-1/4-Inch 4-In-1 Electricians' Pliers for Strips 10/12/14 AWG

This is almost a needle nose pliers set, due to the four-in-one aspect that the pliers offer. They cut, crimp, strip and grip, which makes them a great all-rounder for the electricians tool bag. The induction hardened cutting edges deliver a precise cutting action - I cut through 16 gauge wire with no issues and felt as though the pliers would make short work of heavier gauge wire with the same attitude.

The capacity for wire stripping is impressive - 10/12/14 AWG - and the curved plastic coated handles are comfortable enough to use regularly across a working day. The head is manufactured from steel that's been both tempered and oil hardened, which makes for a very durable hand tool. The price reflects the quality - and you won't find them wanting.

Knipex 1301614 6-1/4-Inch 4-In-1 Electricians' Pliers for Strips 10/12/14 AWG

Pliers - 4-In-1 Electrician'S Plier Std Pk 6

Only $41.99
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