New words Added to Dictionary 2011

by PamelaA

Shocking but true new words added to dictionary 2011. Each and every year new words get added. I am going to discuss soe of the new words added to the dictionary in 2011.

New words Added to Dictionary 2011 - A Few Shocking Words and What it Says About our Society

The Shocking Truth about New Words Added to Dictionary 2011

Each and every year new vocabulary words are added to the dictionary.  Sometimes these new words are based on  necessity and other times new word additions are based on culture.   Read on to find out about the new words added to dictionary in 2011.

There are around 22 new words added to dictionary recently and there were quite a few of them that really surprised me.   Sadly these words did not surprise me in a good way and I have a feeling many who will read this are going to feel the same.

Lets discuss the word "feature phone"   As a cell phone owner I can say with certainty that all cell phones have features.  Why is there a need for this word.  How many times have you used the word feature phone?

The next word that really should not have been added to the dictionary is onliner.   Onliner is a new term that refers to anyone that uses the internet.   We have an abundance of words that already describe this and we are all onliners today's society.

Scareware is yet another word added to dictionary that we already have other words that mean the same thing.  Words such as spyware, malware and adware mean the same thing.  Sometimes I feel as though society we are degrading the value of the English language.

This year it seems like it was the year of abbreviations and slang terms  as far as the new words being added to the dictionary.  One example of this is tbh which most of you know means "to be honest".   Why do we need to add abbreviations to the dictionary?  How hard is it to say to be honest?.  It seems along with dumbing down the English language the dictionary is now catering to the lazy. 

"Tmi" was another addition to the dictionary. This is a perfect example of people being lazy.  I understand the use of words as "tmi" and "tbh" for texting purposes but this does not necessarily mean we need to add them to the dictionary.

Another slang term that was added was the word woot.   Do we really need to add this word?  I think like some of the other words it really has no place in the English dictionary.   We have so many words that express something exciting or great that the word woot is not needed.

Even more surprising about the new words added to dictionary in 2011 is the number of words that are nothing more than misspellings.   An example of this is "prolly" which is short for probably.   When i see words like this added to the dictionary it upsetting because I feel as society we are really falling behind in education as it is and by added words like this we are sending a clear message that it is acceptable not to speak and write properly.

Sammich is another word that was quite shocking to see in the dictionary this year.   As many of you know this is a redneck term for the word sandwhich.   Since we are adding redneck terms to the dictionary why not add Ebonics and the other various slang dialects.

The last word and probably the most appauling word added to dictionary is "bromance"  Apparently the people responsible for adding new words to dictionary felt a need to add popular words from pop culture.  For those of you who do not know bromance references a non sexual relationship between to unrelated males.   I don't know about you but when I hear the word bromance I get a little sick to my stomach because it sounds like the direct opposite of the definition.

These are only a few of the new words added to dictionary in 2011 that were shocking to say the least.   As a society we already have fallen behind from an educational standpoint compared to other countries and by adding these words we are only lowering the standards for our future leaders.

If we continue down this path we may someday live in a world where writing and speaking properly is the exception instead of the rule.

If you would like to see more new words added to dictionary then see my links and resources at the bottom of this page.

Words Lead the Path to Higher Learning

Words Lead the Path to Higher Learning
Words Lead the Path to Higher Learning

Did any of the new words added to the dictionary shock you?

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No - not really
cgreen7090 on 10/11/2011

Undeniably ridiculous

Neelabh on 09/20/2011

The additions are cool. Sometimes we need to see these words in dictionary for their meaning. Sammich, prolly and tbh are words and abbreviations that sre needed to be added. In the past, a word "sepoy" was added.. in Hindi(an Indian language) its called 'sipahi' and it means an indian soldier of the police community. Words like that have kept on adding into the dictionary. Another word is 'dekko' which means 'to look' maybe into 'the matter' or any place. It is from Hindi 'dekho' which is like commanding to see somewhere or something or noticing something. So additions have been going on like that. Its not a surprise I think.

Ralpapajan on 09/19/2011

Not really. As you say Downgrading the English language. Many so called words should be added to a Dictionary of Slang. Of or Texting. As a writer I was told by a Publisher that "Your English is too good. While it is too difficult to write in the dialects in use today and no-one would understand it you should learn to write so that a foreigner can understand what you are writing." My own opinion is that most foreigners can speak and write far better English than English speakers do. And the foreigners I know have supported this.

Yes - I am quite shocked
Thamisgith on 03/25/2012

"sammich" ? I really don't think that we need that. Language is constantly changing of course - and we should welcome that. Even so, some of the slang terms could be left out I think.

Michey on 10/05/2011

In a way I am shocked that abbreviations on txt messages become over night "dictionary words". In another way I agree that a dictionary must be dynamic, we have to add to it... as our society is dynamic in nature...

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