Life Has Lots Of "Firsts" To Celebrate

by JoellieGirl

A plate full of number one shaped cookies is sure to be a big hit at the next first birthday party, or in honor of your munchkin taking first place in her track meet!

If you have a little person that's competing than you more than likely will be celebrating a few big wins. Having the right tools on hand, such as a Number 1 cookie cutter or a few customizable banners can make any last minute event a special event.

Baby's First Birthday

If you're about to be hosting your baby's first birthday party then there are a whole world of ideas that I'm sure you have considered, but here's one that I wish that I had thought of- Themed sugar cookies instead of a massive cake. 

I spent two days making a three layer half sheet cake complete with fondant jungle creatures for my little man's birthday party. He was expecting over 30 guests- we needed a LOT of cake!  That said, cookie cutouts would have been so much faster and easier and every bit as cute as my masterpiece of slave labor. If I had used my monkey face cookie cutter and my number 1 cookie cutter then I could have focused on a small smash cake and not messed with the endless hours of baking and the gallons of frosting. 

And, truth be told, aren't we all a little tired of flour flavored chocolate cakes with endless food colored goo stuck to it? 



Cookies Crumbs Are a Welcome Break From Mushed Cake

Cleaning up after 4 or 5 toddlers who have just finished up massive slices of cakes is no fun. Cookie crumbs and a bit of icing is a much happier solution and the kids will be just as happy- especially if you personalize the children's cookies with their own names! That way everybody gets something special. 

Your Little Athlete Will Appreciate Some Extra Congratulations

Your little girl scores a home run for her softball team or kicks that tie breaking goal for her soccer buddies. Doesn't she deserve a special treat for that?  Going home to a special banner and cookies just for her could make any small achievement seem really big.  

Or what if your little man comes in first on the sprint at the track meet? Or maybe he scores 1st place in a music competition and you want his Grandparents and friends to get together and congratulate him? Having Number 1 cookie cutters can do more than just give you the tools for the perfect cookies- you can also use them for decorating the tops of cakes or cupcakes with sprinkles or powdered sugar. 

Creating Impromptu Events Requires Having The Right Things On Hand

Some things just want an extra party, and having the right tools and recipes on hand can make a party come together in a snap. If you know that something coming up in the week may leave you wishing you had had friends and family over for a treat, then plan ahead and be read to go at a amoments notice!

  • Freeze cupcakes that are ready to be frosted. 
  • Make some vanilla cream sugar cookie dough to leave in the fridge...just in case. 
  • Stock up on cookie cutters and remember that they are good for more than just cutting out sugar cookies- they work great for fondant and as stencils for drawing, for cake decorations and for cutting out paper shapes for fun toddler projects. 
  • Have Banner Making Kits on hand for customizing for any reason. 


Buying cookie cutters in sets is the most cost effective way to collect them, but a lot of places also sell individual cookie cutters in case you only want one specific cutter. 

Updated: 06/05/2012, JoellieGirl
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