Oktoberfest Home Décor

by blackspanielgallery

Oktoberfest Home Décor is easily provided, and can be eloquent for formal dinners, or casual for a gathering of friends.

Oktoberfest home décor can be used to give the home a festive look during the Oktoberfest season. It can even be used later in October, but many people will switch decorations to Halloween after Oktoberfest passes.

In Louisiana, cultural celebrations are for all. One culture might promote something like Oktoberfest, but other cultures certainly join in. What is needed is an willingness to have an enjoyment of a festive gathering, large or small.

Indoor decorations for a home might be for a party, or a special dinner. It need not be elaborate, but it should be decorative.

The Oktoberfest Colors

The Oktoberfest colors are blue and white.  The diamond shape blue and white is from the Bavarian flag.  The German flag is black, red, and gold stripes, which can also be used, but Oktoberfest had its origins in Bavaria, a specific part of Germany. 


Oktoberfest Stein

Oktoberfest Home Décor Tree Decorations

An artificial Christmas tree need not be stashed away most of the year.  People in this area have long ago figured out how to go through different seasons by redecorating a Christmas tree.  It might go from Christmas to Mardi Gras, then to Easter, or might have a sports team theme.  Oktoberfest falls when the Christmas tree is not normally in use.  It is convenient because it can remain for much of October.  True, Oktoberfest is a September event that culminates early in October, but the local German cultural group celebrate for three weekends in October, going well after the official season has ended. 


Surprisingly, there are glass ornaments that can be hung from a tree.  The variety is great.  Many are tasteful enough to also be used at Christmas to show a heritage.  There are Christmas ornaments for most heritages, but the abundance of Bavarian ornaments is unusually large.  Remember, Bavaria is a state, or part of a country.  It would be like finding an abundance of Sussex ornaments, which I doubt exists.

Table Oktoberfest Home Décor

Oktoberfest home décor can extend to the table.  The likelihood of a person celebrating Oktoberfest is there will be a special meal. 


There are two places to provide attention to a decorative table.  The table should have a covering, and an elegant table should have a table runner. 


The second part of decorating a table is a table centerpiece.  Completement your Oktoberfest home décor with a classy centerpiece.  A centerpiece could be a basket of theme ornaments shown above.

Mood Oktoberfest Home Décor Lighting

Subdue the harsh lights with colorful hanging lanterns.  Blue and white paper lantern can add much to the decorative scheme.  Just find a way to hang paper lanterns and enjoy the ambiance they provide. 


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Oktoberfest is a celebration, and we can all participate with our own smaller versions. What a wonderful opportunity for a party.
Oktoberfest is a good opportunity to attend a festival, or to have a fun with a private party. It can be a fun time with good food and music.
Oktoberfest is a celebration that starts in September, and ends early in October. It is a festive time in Bavaria.

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blackspanielgallery on 07/01/2019

I assume you are referring to Fredericksburg and New Breuffels. I probably got the spelling wrong. No, there is no connection. A wave of Germans came to Louisiana in the 1800s. One branch of my family was included, a migration from Bavaria. I suppose if I were accurate my ancestors would be from Prussia, which is how the Texas Germans define their heritage, but it would be a separate group.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/29/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practicalities and products. Are many Louisianians of German descent specifically of Bavarian origin?
In a different but somewhat related direction, are there cultural impacts from the 19th-century Adelsverein colony of central-southeast Texas, despite the distance, in Louisiana?

blackspanielgallery on 06/29/2019

Ornaments come in many styles, and international ornament themes are easy to find. I have seen British red phone booths, the Eiffel Tower, and so on.
I thought the table runner looked nicer than the tablecloth, which is also available.

Mira on 06/29/2019

Interesting that one can find Oktoberfest Christmas ornaments. Also, I noted that tablecloth with a runner: I like the look!

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