Oktoberfest Party

by blackspanielgallery

Oktoberfest is a celebration, and we can all participate with our own smaller versions. What a wonderful opportunity for a party.

It is getting time to celebrate with an Oktoberfest party. But, a fun party requires festive decorations. The problem is that Oktoberfest starts in September, and since Halloween has a more general participation the decoration space in many stores is filled with Halloween items. I saw many Halloween items on display in a major store, but no hint of Oktoberfest.

While Oktoberfest had its origin in Bavaria, there is no need for only people of German or Austrian descent to participate. Having fun is universal, so we should use this as an excuse for a party. I am not suggesting a multi-day celebration as one would find in Bavaria, but a fun get together.

In my case I can trace my ancestors, at least some of them, back to Bavaria. So, I am particularly interested in Oktoberfest. But, while attending a large celebration last year, I noticed no one cared if a participant was of German or Austrian heritage. All were welcome.

When Is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest starts in September, and ends in October.  In 2019 Oktoberfest begins on September 21, and ends on October 6.  The length of the celebration is determined by exactly how the first Sunday of October falls.  Some years have a longer celebration.  But, a home party does not need to last so long.  A one-day party is adequate.  Or, perhaps several people can each host a party on a different day.  And, even a German Heritage group in New Orleans celebrates well past the official end of Oktoberfest. 

Why Was Oktoberfest First Celebrated?

Oktoberfest was a celebration for the people to participate in the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princes Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. 

The Colors of Oktoberfest

While it might seem appropriate to use the German flag colors of black, red, and gold, or the Austrian flag colors of red and white, the color scheme for Oktoberfest comes from the flag of Bavaria, blue and white diamonds.  We must remember that at the time of the first Oktoberfest Bavaria was part of Prussia. 

Oktoberfest Decorations

There are some decorative pieces you can find.  Paper hanging balls in Oktoberfest colors are available.  Also, it is possible to find balloons specific to Oktoberfest.  And, hanging strings of Oktoberfest flags can really add to the atmosphere.

Oktoberfest Party Pack

Themed party packs are available for an Oktoberfest party.  This serves several purposes.  The plates, napkins, and even the cups match.  Just add tablecloths and Bavarian flag cupcake picks. 


Be aware of the number of guests expected, and buy enough to supply their needs.


Remember, the party pack will add to the decorations while serving a useful function.

Oktoberfest Party Favors

Party favors are a good idea of there will be children present.  Some simple ideas are items that can also be used as table scatters.

Oktoberfest is a celebration that starts in September, and ends early in October. It is a festive time in Bavaria.
Oktoberfest is a good opportunity to attend a festival, or to have a fun with a private party. It can be a fun time with good food and music.

The Timing Is Great

Late September and early October are when the temperature cools from the oppressive heat of summer.  It is a time before the cold of winter sets in.  This is a great time for a party, especially if it is an outdoor party.

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blackspanielgallery on 09/08/2018

At the one in New Orleans that I have attended twice they alternate German and Bavarian flags. I am less interested in the decor than the food.
As for the couple who started this, Ludwig eventually became Ludwig I when we became king.

Mira on 09/08/2018

I may have seen the blue-and-white diamond pattern. I didn't know what the flag of Bavaria looked like. We'll have Oktoberfest in Brasov this year, and looking now at images online, I see they, too, have personalized their beer mugs with the Bavarian flag. This year it runs from Sept. 6 to Sept. 16. I wasn't aware that Oktoberfests actually start in September! Also didn't know how they started as a celebration. Thanks for this. Pinning it to several of my Pinterest boards.

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