Oktoberfest: A Celebration

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Oktoberfest is a good opportunity to attend a festival, or to have a fun with a private party. It can be a fun time with good food and music.

Oktoberfest dates back to 1810 when Prince Ludwig, later Ludwig I, married Princess Therese. The celebration initially was a sixteen-day celebration of the wedding. It became an annual event starting in September, and ending on the first Sunday of October. Later, to include German Unity Day, which is October 3, if the first Sunday of October is before October 3 the celebration is extended to end on German Unity day, October 3. So, despite its name, it is more in September than October.

While the main celebration is in Munich, Germany, and it is a Bavarian celebration, there are celebrations elsewhere.

Local Oktoberfest Celebrations

Oktoberfest in the United States

In the United States it often occurs where many places where people can trace their ancestry back to Germany.  Recently, on a visit to Fredericksburg, I asked if there was a celebration of Oktoberfest, and was told it is a large celebration.  Their claim to have the largest in the United States might be true, or might be an exaggeration by one of their local residents.  Perhaps one year in the near future I can find out for myself how large it really is.


The New Orleans area has a German heritage group that holds an Oktoberfest annually.  But, the local celebration is only on Friday through Sunday for three consecutive weekends.  Last year the three weekends were all in October, so the idea of having a September celebration was not done.  I attended, and had no problem with the slight change of time.  I have also attended an Oktoberfest in a small community about sixty miles to the west of New Orleans, but in a large venue that was designed to draw people from a wide area.  

Local Oktoberfest

What Can Be Expected

From my limited experience Oktoberfest should have a band playing traditional German music, and might even have German dancers.  German food is present.  At the New Orleans area Oktoberfest I enjoyed a meal of German food.  One could eat sausage, there was a choice of three, sauerkraut, potato salad, and I believe beans.  Chicken and pork are also usually served. 


The decorations were in the blue and white diamond pattern of the flag of Bavaria, and the red, gold, and black of the German flag. 


Booths sold German related items.  One booth sold German pastries, another has German cheese in many varieties.  We bought at these two, and took the items home for later enjoyment after enjoying some at the site. 


Of course beer was available.  


One thing I doubt is prevalent elsewhere was a small fenced in area.  It was for the races, and as I left I passed at least one of the racers going in.  The race was for dachshunds.  

Oktoberfest Music

Play at Your Celebration

Personal Celebrations of Oktoberfest

Have Your Own

You can join the festivities at home with a party.   You could enhance things with Bavarian themed decorations and serving pieces.  The colors are blue and white, and the use of small diamond shapes is the design.


You may also want German music playing in the background.


And, if the date of your celebration is slightly off, so what?  There is no time limit on having fun.

More Oktoberfest

My Other Article on Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest is a celebration that starts in September, and ends early in October. It is a festive time in Bavaria.
Oktoberfest Home Décor is easily provided, and can be eloquent for formal dinners, or casual for a gathering of friends.
Oktoberfest is a celebration, and we can all participate with our own smaller versions. What a wonderful opportunity for a party.

Serving Oktoberfest Food

Enhance Your Oktoberfest Party

The food is relatively easy.  German sausage such as bratwurst, is an easy to serve item.  Just cook a large batch and place them in a platter for your guests.  Potato Salad and Sauerkraut can be served in serving bowls.  And, you can have chicken for those not with a palate for German sausage.   


You might even have a platter with German cheese, or even better you could have blocks of cheese on a cheese board so your guests can cut their own.


Of course Bavarian chocolate cake is a good choice for dessert.  But there are so many other choices.


And beer is the drink for adults.  But do have other items available, especially if you include children.


Oktoberfest Serving Trays

Use to Serve Food
Oktoberfest Paper Serving Trays

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