The Best New Our Name Is Mud Coffee Mugs

by MugTreasuresByBrenda

Whether or not your name is mud, you are going to love these attractive and often times humorous coffee mugs by Lorrie Veasey and Our Name is Mud.

Our Name Is Mud Coffee Mugs
Designed by Lorrie Veasey

Our Name is Mud coffee mugs are designed by Lorrie Veasey. The company produces a very attractive, often times funny, brightly colored and SAFE coffee mug choice.

Our Name is Mud coffee mugs are made in China but they are all tested and pass the tough toxicity standards of California.

All of these mugs should be hand washed (unless stated otherwise) and are not really intended for the microwave but are safe in the microwave. I would say you could gently reheat a cup of coffee in them but I would not cook anything in them. Of course, anything put in the microwave gets hot and this can be especially true of the handle on a mug so be careful removing yours from the microwave.

She Who Must Be Obeyed

Coffee Mug by Our Name is Mud

This mug is the one for me ask any of the three men that live in my household who "wears the pants" or "must be obeyed" and you will see that this mug really is for me.

Mr. Right or Mrs. Always Right?

There is no question in my mind that this fantastic pair of geometric blue and cream colored coffee mugs are amongst the best of the Our Name is Mud collection but I am wondering which coffee mug is BETTER, Mr. Right or Mrs. Always Right but I expect the answer is dependent on who YOU are... Personally, I would say that it is Mrs. Always Right...but what do you think? Which is the TRULY SUPERIOR mug?

Which Mug Is Superior, Mr. Right or Mrs. Always Right?

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Of course, neither is really superior and both are great. I think the pair of mugs would make a fantastic gift for a happily married couple.

Our Name is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Wicked Monkey Mug

It would be WICKED to own one of these mugs!

Our Name is Mud's Wicked themed mug is without question the best-selling Our Name is Mud mug on Amazon, partly because of the huge popularity of the movie The Wizard of Oz, partly because of the book and the broadway production of Wicked and partly because it is such a fun mug.  

The front of this cup shows the wicked witch perched upon her broom; the back reads, "Don't make me call the flying monkeys."

I love this green and purple cup, too, and think that it would be positively WICKED to own one of these. As Amazon says, this coffee mug would be a wickedly funny gift...Our Name is Mud "knows that sometimes finding the perfect gift can be a real witch."


Our Name is Mud by Lorrie Veasey Wicked Monkey Mug

"Don't make me call the flying monkeys."
Our Name is Mud “Wicked” Stoneware Mug, 16 oz.
Enesco Gift
Only $19.99

There's at least one young man in my house who uses the very popular phrase 'whatever' periodically. I am hauling out my dictionary (yes the paper one) to see if the word appears in it. My guess is that no, it does not...but I am wrong.  The Concise Oxford Dictionary includes whatever but their examples give it a slightly differently slant than the spin our younger generation is putting on it. The dictionary sites these examples: whatever I have is yours, whatever happens and whatever he may be.


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Whether or not your name is mud, you are going to love these attractive and often times humorous coffee mugs by Lorrie Veasey and Our Name is Mud.
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Coffee Mugs Available Through My eBay Store

All of my mugs feature free shipping in Canada and to the United States.
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MugTreasuresByBrenda on 05/10/2013

I don't have it and I checked and, too. If you're on eBay, I'd suggest setting up a Saved Search and eBay will let you know when someone lists one for sale. I'd use the search words "Our Name is Mud Whatever Mug" without the punctuation. That will bring up the black and white one but I think I would not risk putting blue in the search terms because a seller might not use that word in their listing. Good luck!

Michael on 02/04/2013

Does anyone have an Our Name is Mud "Whatever" coffee mug that is Aqua colored? They have the black and white one but that is not the one i need to replace :-/

terrilorah on 03/23/2012

I like the whatever mug!

sandyspider on 07/17/2011

These are fantastic coffee mugs.

bev-owens on 07/12/2011

I bought the "Work With Me People" mug for one of my clerks for Christmas. It was just sooooo him! He loved it!

Dianne on 07/10/2011

These are great mugs! I'd never heard of Our Name is Mud mugs but I love them. I can't choose a favorite!

kimbesa on 07/09/2011

I like the Miracle Worker, but it's a tough choice!

MugTreasuresByBrenda on 07/09/2011

Carma, that's funny...

tandemonimom on 07/09/2011

I want to give "Work with Me People!" to the director of our homeschool theater group.

ohcaroline on 07/09/2011

Great designs for coffee mugs. They are irresistible.

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