Outdoor Summer Fun: Cooking Outdoors

by blackspanielgallery

Outdoor activity that involves outdoor cooking is a normal form of entertainment for many people, but it can be enhanced with the right items.

As the weather warms it is natural for people to seek outdoor entertainment, and often eating is part of that entertainment. Whether it is just a backyard grilled meal, a picnic, or a larger gathering, the outdoors beckon during warm weather.

Cooking for such an event can bring about problems. Food is often grilled, a wonderful way to obtain a flavorful meal. But, after the meal is complete waiting for hot coals to cool enough to be disposed of safely can cause problems. One alternative, using gas, means transporting gas filled containers, which can be explosive in an accident. But, the rewards are great.

Consider an Electric Grill

Grilling the Easy Way

Electric grills have neither problem mentioned above.  If cooking in a backyard it is likely you will have access to electricity.  Just check the weather, and if there is any danger of rain insure your grill is located where it will remain dry.


An electric grill can also be used for a picnic, provided electricity is available.  Usually parks have shelters with at least one outlet.  For picnics it is necessary to allow a grill to cool before loading it in a vehicle, but the cooling time is much shorter than waiting for coals to cool. 


However, a balance between capacity of the grill and weight of the grill must be considered.  You do not want to cook all day, but you must be able to handle the grill in transport.

Electric Grill

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Have Good Cooking Tools

Grills require long handle utensils.  Standard tools include a brush for adding sauce, a fork, and a spatula.  The handles are long to keep your hands away from the high temperatures a grill can produce.

Grilling Baskets Are a Better Option

Grilling baskets remove the need for the fork and spatula.  Baskets usually come with long handles and allow for flipping multiple pieces in a single motion.  The exception is the vegetable grilling basket, which must be grabbed and shaken.  Use protective oven mittens for vegetable baskets and all will be well.


Stay Hydrated

Keep a source of water, or water based drinks, cold and available during an outdoor event.  Now, decorative inflatable coolers can add to your event.  Simply inflate a cooler, fill with ice, and add drinks.  Your party will take on a new meaning.


Be Safe

In summer months thunderstorms can occur with little warning, and after the passage of such a storm people naturally want to get back to whatever they were doing before the storm came.  Lightning can strike even before a thunderstorm is over you.  I recall one such event where a student at the university where I was teaching  was killed by lightning as a storm approached.  I heard the thunder, the first of the day, and went to the faculty break room to look out because it was extremely loud.  Three students were struck, one did not survive.


Fortunately, lightning can give warning.  To receive such a warning it is necessary to detect electric fields, which can be accomplished with a lightning detector.  This is a must for people who are often outdoors during all weather conditions.  And, personal lightning detectors are not that expensive.


Lightning Detector

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Updated: 04/19/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 04/20/2017

Here large gatherings are possible outdoors, but in the middle of summer it gets too hot and humid. Every place has its own climate. One thing I like about Wizzley is that if I think of something out of season, say an article like this in the fall, it would be appropriate in Australia. It is spring ere, but fall elsewhere. Wizzley has such a great reach.

dustytoes on 04/20/2017

We do a lot of cooking outdoors, on the grill, but mostly eat inside.

frankbeswick on 04/20/2017

To some extent we in Britain have not got ourselves into the habit of eating outdoors, as the times of year when you can plan for it are few. It is April now, a Spring day, but there is no way that I would eat outdoors today, as it is so chilly and wet.

blackspanielgallery on 04/19/2017

Hot and wet here. Often too hot and humid.

Veronica on 04/19/2017

I love eating outdoors when we have the chance.

ha .. we just don't get those chances often enough. WE LOVE IT HERE but .... heck .. it's cold and wet :)

blackspanielgallery on 04/19/2017

Here ut is normal. Thanks for the comment.

Veronica on 04/19/2017

Eating out is a lovely idea ... and these are interesting additions.

But of course ... :) here in NW England ........ ! we're not able to eat outside often :) ..... much as we would love to.

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