Panasonic Bread Maker

by jptanabe

Love freshly baked bread - try the Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker. You get all the advantages of baking your own bread, without all the hard work!

Don't you just love the aroma of freshly baked bread? It's really something special. Opening a store bought loaf, even if it's one of the healthy loaves made with all sorts of good stuff, just isn't the same - it doesn't have that newly baked smell.

But baking bread from scratch in the oven is a time consuming business, not to mention hard work - all that kneading! I did bake my own bread for a while, and it turned out pretty well most of the time. But somehow I always felt it wasn't quite worth the effort - almost, but not quite.

Then I discovered the Panasonic Bread Maker! This was many years ago so the model I have (SD-BT55P) is no longer for sale. You can still get parts for it, which I guess goes to show that I'm not the only one who loves their machine and that they last for years and years.

Improved model

I found the current version, Panasonic SD-RD250, has all the same great features mine has with one wonderful improvement. You see, the only problem I have with my machine is that it makes only one size of loaf, and it's a bit on the small side. It's not enough to get me to abandon my machine though, I just get to have freshly baked bread a bit more often than if I could make a bigger loaf! This newer incarnation, however, makes different sizes of loaves. And, amazingly, it doesn't have any changes that are dis-improvements on my model!

Advantages of the Panasonic Bread Maker

There are many advantages to owning one of these machines!
  • A great loaf of bread every time.

It's so reliable, as long as you follow the recipe the result is always wonderful.

  • It is so easy

You just put all the ingredients in the nonstick baking pan - doesn't really matter what order - put it in the machine, add the yeast in the dispenser, push a couple of buttons, and in a few hours your bread is ready. The machine goes through all the stages of bread making, mixing, kneading, rising, and baking all by itself. It knows when to add the yeast. And it beeps when it's done.

  • There are plenty of choices

Choose from three loaf sizes up to 2-1/2 pounds. There are different crust colors (light, medium, or dark). Select white, whole wheat, multigrain, and French breads, and add fruits or nuts. You can make bread without yeast, like banana bread, or pizza dough without baking. Set the timer up to 13 hours in advance to have that freshly baked bread ready when you are. The possibilities are almost endless!

  • No mess

The baking pan is non-stick so the bread comes out very easily and the pan just needs a quick wash or wipe and it's ready to go back in the machine. It even has a handle so you can use an oven mitt to lift it out when the bread is cooked - yes, it's an "oven" so it's very hot!

Photos of bread from my Panasonic bread maker

I took these photos when I made my last batch of bread - I can still imagine the delicious aroma!

And if you think it doesn't look like a perfect loaf - well that's because it's not store bought but home made!

Just out of the oven, well bread maker, and it smells so good! Can't you smell that freshly baked bread aroma?
Just out of the oven, well bread maker, and it smells so good! Can't you smell that freshly baked bread aroma?
Jennifer P. Tanabe
It's out on the bread board. Isn't this a cute loaf of bread?
It's out on the bread board. Isn't this a cute loaf of bread?
Jennifer P. Tanabe
Almost ready to eat! Got the bread knife ready ... just need it to cool a bit more.
Almost ready to eat! Got the bread knife ready ... just need it to cool a bit more.
Jennifer P. Tanabe
First slice, I can't wait to taste it!
First slice, I can't wait to taste it!
Jennifer P. Tanabe

More products to help you make (and keep) the best bread


Yes, yeast is an absolute necessity in making bread!

A jar of this Fleischmann's Yeast for Bread Machines goes a long way and keeps for months in the refrigerator.


For the more ambitious bread maker, here is a book with so many recipes for different kinds of bread to make in your machine.

Personally, I haven't even made all the kinds in my manual! But I'm planning to move on to more advanced recipes in the not too distant future.

Bread Keeper

Now this is a good idea! A place to keep that delicious loaf of bread after it comes out of the bread machine.

This one adjusts to get just the right amount of fresh air to keep your bread in peak condition.

Updated: 02/25/2023, jptanabe
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Veronica on 01/30/2016

I have ad a bred maker, a different type for years and I absolutely love it . M husband does himself a rye loaf once a week. Sometimes, I just do mthe dough in mine the get it out and add to it and shape it Very elegant.

I bought one for my son and daughter in law and their toddler has grown up with good brea that they make every week.

Thank you for posting this. Lovely

jptanabe on 01/30/2016

Sorry to hear you had bad luck with your bread makers. I think Panasonic is a great brand, and I've certainly been lucky with mine!

jptanabe on 01/30/2016

I agree! It's really quick and easy to make the bread and clean up, and of course you choose all the ingredients.

frankbeswick on 01/30/2016

The problem that I find is getting the quantity of yeast right, and I suspect that the quality of the yeast on sale might be variable.

dustytoes on 01/30/2016

I used to use my bread maker all the time to make pizza dough, but I have horrible luck with bread makers. I've owned 2 different ones that began to burn up - one when it wasn't even being used. However, neither one was a Panasonic.
Now, I don't eat much bread, but if I did, I would definitely make my own.

Tolovaj on 01/30/2016

I use a bread maker for almost a decade now. It is great addition to my home and i love to know what is my bread acttually made of - it only takes three minutes to prepare it and about twice as much to clean everything when it's done. The bread, made this way, is also significantly cheaper, not to mention ability to make bread with oatmeal, sunflower seeds etc.

jptanabe on 01/30/2016

Yes, Panasonic bread makers are well worth they price. They last a really long time!

Mira on 01/30/2016

I found 4 bread makers from Panasonic at a local store. They're not cheap but as soon as I can, I'm buying one :) To me making my own bread would mean a lot. And this machine makes it so easy.

Mira on 01/30/2016

This is a great idea! I'm never happy with the quality of supermarket bread. I love to bake bread using all sorts of ingredients, but this would make it all so much easier, as you say. Thank you for the inspiration :)

frankbeswick on 01/29/2016

I also love my bread maker. I relish the smell and taste of home-made bread.

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