Toast It Coasters

by jptanabe

Toast It Coasters look like slices of bread. They come in a set that is packaged like a loaf of bread! What a fun gift idea.

My daughter gave me these great "Toast It" coasters for Mother's Day. I really thought she was giving me a loaf of bread! Then I opened the wrapper and found that the "slices" of bread are actually cork coasters. What fun!

They come wrapped just like a loaf of bread, so they're fun even before you actually put them out to use. In fact, my daughter said she kept thinking she'd left a loaf of bread lying around when she had them in her apartment waiting to give them to me.

Don't eat them!

Of course, I didn't tell my husband what they were - until he had picked one up and was almost going to eat it. (Maybe I should have let him take a bite, just to see ...)

Anyway, I stopped him before he put it in his mouth, and told him it wasn't bread. He was totally surprised, and couldn't believe he'd been taken in by it so completely. He was really impressed.

They really look like bread!

I have to say that these coasters look so much like slices of bread that even though I know what they are, I keep seeing them and wondering who left slices of bread lying around on the coffee table.

Or who put a cup on a piece of bread when we do have coasters, somewhere.

Great conversation piece

Yes, it's a crazy silly idea, but what a great gift! I think all my friends who've visited since I put them on my coffee table have been fooled by them. Definitely one of the best conversation pieces I've had for a while.

And who doesn't need a new set of coasters every so often, so it's the perfect fun gift for basically anyone.

More fun coasters to add to the collection!

Cute Animal Coasters and Fruit Slice Coasters!

How about these cute, smiley animal coasters - they even have cute little feet!

Totally silly, just for fun, but good for a few laughs! These fruit slice coasters will brighten up any gathering.

Retro Coasters

Something a little bit different!

I love this idea!

These Floppy Disk coasters are a great conversation piece - that's where the "save" icon comes from on your office programs. How many (younger generation) people knew that!

Vintage Record coasters - how many of your guests remember playing these? And they are actual vintage records, so that's great recycling!


Unique Smiley Face Coasters

Beautifully handmade braided cotton coasters - what's not to love!
TAOPE Funny Coasters for Drinks with Holder, 6 PCS Handmade Braided...
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jptanabe on 01/04/2017

Thanks. Mine are still functional and fun!

katiem2 on 01/03/2017

Toast coasters are a really fun idea, love it.

CruiseReady on 11/01/2015

How cute! We use plenty of coasters here in humid Florida, and these would be a lot of fun

candy47 on 10/31/2015

The Toast It Coasters give new meaning to a New Year's toast or wedding toast!

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